3/11 Five for Friday: Rentable Bridesmaid Looks

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Affiliate Disclaimer NewHappy Friday, Broke-Asses! Let’s talk bridesmaids looks this week, shall we? We love our girls — love ’em so much, in fact, that we’ve asked them to stand by our side on our wedding day. Shouldn’t that love also translate into loving their bank accounts — no matter how empty they may be? We think so. Which is why we try v. hard to provide you BABs with tons of options under $100. And why we’re super stoked about one Vow to Be Chic, which is a total dream come true for those of us with Champagne dreams and PBR budgets. Similar to Rent the Runway, but specifically for bridesmaids (and those looking for a dreamy little white dress), Vow to Be Chic carries designer dresses by the likes of  Jenny Yoo, Theia, Donna Morgan and Jim Hjelm (to name a few) available for rent … and largely under $100. Like, you’re literally getting the look for less and aren’t saddling your homies with a spendy frock that they will very likely only wear once. Uh, that’s a huge win-win-win, if you ask us.

How does it work, you ask? Simple:

  • Go to Vow to Be Chic
  • Browse around
  • Select the dresses you dig for your gals (maybe ask their input)
  • Invite them to rent the dresses you’ve picked
  • Keep track of the orders via your dashboard
  • Party
  • Make sure everyone returns the dresses when they’re done.

Pretty simple, right? We thought so.

Here are five looks we’re super digging from Vow to Be Chic:

Lily Dress from Theia available at Vow to Be Chic

Lily by Theia, rent for $95, buy for $495

Phoebe Gown by JY Jenny Yoo, available at Vow to be Chic

Phoebe by JY Jenny Yoo, rent for $80, buy for $230

Union Dress by Joanna August, available at Vow to Be Chic

Union by Joanna August, rent for $95, buy for $225Courtney Gown by Donna Morgan, available at Vow to Be Chic

Courtney by Donna Morgan, rent for $90, buy for $290Ashley Dress by Jim Hjelm, available at Vow to Be Chic

Ashley by Jim Hjelm, rent for $75, buy for $190

What do you think, BABs? Would you make the bridesmaid dress process stupid-simple by renting from Vow to Be Chic? Which look is your favorite?

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