4/22 Five for Friday: Awesome Seating Displays You Don’t Have to DIY

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Affiliate Disclaimer NewIn my other life — er, one of them — I’m a day-of coordinator in North Texas. And I talk to couples a lot about wedding logistics — how to make their day go smoothly so it’s not a stress fest. And invariably, one question that rears its head is whether they’d like to have a seating chart or escort cards for the reception. Many of my couples opt out — because you don’t really need it — but some are all in because sometimes, though it may be a logistical nightmare to figure out, it can also save a lot of hassle especially if you’re having a large wedding (over 150 guests). There are pretty much two ways to tell your guest to have a seat: Either by table, and let ’em choose where to sit once there, or by assigned seat at an assigned table (warning: this option is best left to those among us who have a bit more need for control over details). And once you figure out who goes where, you gotta tell ’em — and this is where you can either take the time to (painstakingly) DIY or … just go all in and have someone do the hard part for you so you can focus on more important tasks (like cake tasting, because: cake). Whichever option you choose is rad, but in case you’re leaning toward the latter, I’ve found five awesome seating displays you don’t have to DIY:

Etsy IDoItYourself Retro Airplane Seating Chart

Retro Airplane Seating Chart, $65 from Etsy seller IDoItYourself

For the travel-themed wedding or just those that are aviation-obsessed, this old-school blueprint-like airplane seat display is a super fun way to show your guests to their seats.

Etsy RedLineCS Underground Map Seating Chart

Underground Map Seating Chart, $57.93 from Etsy seller RedLineCS

This subway map-style seating chart is perfect for city dwellers and public transport lovers to find their own way.
Etsy PrintMyWedding Map

Wedding Map, $87.34 from Etsy seller PrintMyWedding

Don’t just leave it at table numbers and done! Give a little direction to what’s going on where for the whole wedding … and drastically cut down on other signage needs!
Etsy RedLineSC Matching Lines Seating Chart

Matching Lines Seating Chart, $57.93 from Etsy seller RedLineCS

Why make it easy on them? Have your guests follow the line from their name to their seat in this super fun, visually creative seating chart.
Etsy WeDoInvites Map Seating Chart Display

Map Seating Chart, $42.42 from Etsy seller WeDoInvites

Whether you’re having a destination wedding, have guests coming from all reaches of the planet or you just really love travel, this map of the world seating chart is a great way to display the who-goes-where at your wedding.

Are you using a seating chart? How are you going to display it? Tell us in the comments!

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