7/17 Five for Friday: Beauty Splurges That Are Worth the Skrilla

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Guys, it’s not very often I’d advocate spending big bucks on something … unless I really, truly think it’s worth it. And every once in a while, I stumble across something in the beauty realm that really, truly knocks my socks off and if you’ve got the money to throw down, these are the things I’d recommend throwing down on. I totally get not wanting to spend on beauty products — oh boy do I get that — and it’s not often I do spend a lot of money on beauty, but when I get the opportunity to treat myself, I def. do so. Because I earned it. And well, darling, don’t you earn it too? I think so.

Murad AHA/BHA Exfoliating Wash

Murad AHA/BHA Exfoliating Cleanser, $36 at Sephora

This phthalate-free exfoliant has worked wonders on the hyper-pigmentation on my face. During warmer months, when I tend to be outside the most (yes, of course I wear SPF), my skin’s hyper-pigmentation acts up and I end up with a racing stripe down the middle of my forehead and a mustache-y line on my upper lip. I’ve found a steady regimen of alternating between this cleanser and using my Clarisonic has helped lessen the appearance, while also keeping my acne at bay. That’s a helluva win, y’all.

Chi Touch 2 Touchscreen Hairdryer

Chi Touch 2 Touchscreen Hairdryer, $189.95 at Ulta Beauty

This one was a hard pill for me to swallow, but after using the Chi Touch 2, I’m a convert. I had always known that Chi is like the Cadillac of hair tools, but I hadn’t ever actually experienced one of these wünderproducts myself. I only wash my hair once, maybz twice, per week, and didn’t own a hairdryer until this baby came into my life. I find it a little … overboard (?) that a hairdryer has a touchscreen, but I love everything else about it. It’s got super precise speed, easily manipulated temperature settings and you can even control the ions that are getting blasted into your hair. It’s pretty rad, y’all.

Lancome Vernis in Love Purple Fiction

Lancôme Vernis in Love Long Lasting Nail Polish, $15.50 (shown in Purple Fiction)

I know $15.50 isn’t like, a bajillion bucks, but it’s a lot of cheap beers-worth of something I paint on and inevitably end up peeling off. Except, with Lancôme’s polish, there are fewer chips and cracks and flippy edges that beg for the peeling. Because it’s quality. It’s one of those “you get what you pay for” situations, and in this situation, what you pay for is real big good.

Kate Spade Cedar Street Flamingos Ezra

Cedar Street Flamingos Ezra Cosmetic Case, $60 at Kate Spade

What’s the point of having great beauty loot if you don’t have something adorably chic to store it in? Our Lady Kate Spade makes the cutest cases (duh), and while they might be in the high-dollar range, they’re also high-quality. And I mean, c’mon, you guys … flamingos.


Lancôme Color Design 5-Pan Eyeshadow Palette, $50 (in Bouquet de Roses)

Yes, $50 is a holy shit ton to put toward makeup. But have you ever felt SILK on your freaking eyelids? Because that’s what this is like. It’s like tiny molecules of HEAVEN gracing your face, and staying put until the wee hours of the morn. Makeup is makeup, right? Yeah, right. And then there’s Lancôme makeup. I’ve never really understood the fuss, but there’s a very noticeable difference between this and say … the cheap $2 finds I normally use. For as infrequent as my makeup use is, why not make it awesome?

Do you have any splurges in the beauty realm that you treat yourself to? Tell us what makes you weak in the knees in the comments below!

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