1/12 Fishing For Budget Decor Has Never Been Easier

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I get loads of questions from brides seeking guidance on budget wedding planning, offbeat or green wedding decor, and I can relate! I had many a stressful day pondering how to not only afford decor that would pack a punch, but not lose my limbs paying for it, and still manage to make a statement with it.  But let me tell you, sisters, if you get yourself a roll of fishing line and turn on the creativity…. there are loads of unique wedding ideas, affordable and simple opportunities to spruce up a space with little money, little effort, but MAXIMUM flavor, yo! Let me count the ways….. Let’s take a walk off the beaten aisle for a moment, shall we?

Clear out the clearance rack at your local post-holiday sale, and string up a dazzling and reflective curtain that’s as festive as it is adorable….

Christmas Ornament DIY

Its raining baubles!

Christmas Ornament Decor

Clearance Ornaments + Fishing Line = broke-ass brilliance!

And use your leftovers to line your aisle, pile into glass vessels for centerpieces, and make a whimsical winter wonderland of it! Wouldn’t it be dreamsicle to hold your ceremony in front of such a shimmery sight?

Hit up your local craft shop and go craft pom wild! String these babies up for a light and easy beaded curtain backdrop and give your wedding a modern take on retro design flare….

craft pom wedding DIY

Its the POM diggity!

For a tutorial, click here. And for more pom decor ideas, check out this post!

For the music loving couple (c’mon rawkstar brides, put your hands up!) How about an edgy and modern (but romantically twinklingly loverly in candlelight) recycled compact disc chandelier or curtain?

Cd curtain at the Sci-port in Shreveport.

Compact Disc DIY

DIY CD craft

colorful compact cuteness

Tutorial here

Whew! That was easy, wasn’t it? And that’s just the beginning – all it takes is a step outside the box and a little fishing line, yo! The best part is, there’s no special DIY talent necessary.  What kind of unusual or found objects will you incorporate into your bad-ass, broke-ass design?

The Broke-Ass Bride
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  • Great idea…so dazzling!!

  • this is awesome. i can't even begin to tell you how many items we have re-purposed to craft with. old cd jewel cases we made into lantern boxes, old CD sleeves we made into orgami cranes, old t-shirts for handmade flowers, black and white photos to hodge podge on the side of vases, shoes boxes, wine bottles, pickle jars – and we SO hit up the after xmas sale at michaels. like HARD. i got some tin lanterns with snowmen on them & covered them with old piano sheet music. i'm a crafting wizard!!

  • Theresa

    I'm running out to a second-hand store to pick up old, clear drinking glasses to use as short, small vases for the flowers that I won through your giveaways. The glasses will vary in height, width, and maybe even tint, and I hope it'll make an eclectic centerpiece without being too overwhelming or expensive. 🙂 I've also gone overboard with paper materials to DIY as much as possible. 🙂

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  • Amber Mullen

    {LOVE} the christmas ornaments! Definitely should have done that! hahaha Probably too late now though…

  • Dana, Great DIY decor ideas! If you're looking for old treasures, I just stumbled upon estatesales.net which can alert you to estate sales in your area. Could be fun to poke around a house filled with items for sale & see what wedding ideas you can find!I think the more time brides allow themselves, the more money they can save with DIY ideas like these, and the less stressed they will be trying to get it done themselves too late in the process. When people get stressed, they often just throw money at something to get it handled! Start early and enjoy these kinds of projects… More importantly, don't feel like your wedding has to be PERFECT or as handmade or color-coordinated or theme-driven as someone else's. Chose ideas you love and when your wedding day comes you'll look around and see genunine expressions of the two of you…

  • This is a wonderful idea! Post holiday sales are fabulous! Before my wedding, I found four big gold letters, "L-O-V-E," for $3.00/each when they were originally $12.00. I used them for my wedding, my friend used them for hers, and now they sit on the mantle of another friend's home! Talk about spreading the "LOVE!" heeheh!

  • I love the CD idea!! That looks awesome! And especially great because CDs are pretty much dead now…

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  • Love the Christmas ornaments and the CD's…WOW what gret ideas!!

  • Hot Diggety Dog……AWESOME ideas…… Broke-Ass, Australia needs you…….we need you!!!

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    I'd like to exchange links with you to help spread some traffic around between each other. Please let me know if this is possible. Until then, keep up the good work.


  • Dissapointed Bride

    this website sucks. it's confusing, too many ads and the DIY is just not helpful. CD's? really???

    • Yep, CDs! People love 'em. BYep, CDs! People love 'em. Better luck on another site. Thanks for visiting!etter luck on another site. Thanks for visiting!

  • Yep, CDs! People love 'em. Better luck on another site. Thanks for visiting!

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  • smithelizabeth

    This ideas would be nice during Christmas time.

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