5/19 Fakey Cakes For Budget Brides

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Now this shiz is pretty frickin’ brillz if you ask me. You know how everyone suggests that using a styrofoam dummy cake can save you tons of money on your wedding? Well, I can do you one better! How about rental cakes? Have you heard of this before? It’s definitely the way to go for a chic, but secretly cheap wedding.

Companies like Cakes Confidential in New York, rent out pre-decorated styrofoam cakes, each with a special secret compartment filled with real cake and decorated to match, so you have something to cut into at your reception. The rest of the guests are fed from a matching sheet cake, hidden in the kitchen… and no one is ever the wiser! Talk about a bad ass budget wedding idea! At the end of the night, your fakey cake is taken away… to live on and brighten some other brides day! (whoop, I rhymed)

rental wedding cake

Schneaky hidden tastiness

According to their site, the benefits of rental include saving 50-70% (holla!), that dummy cakes hold up against heat for summer weddings, safe for outdoor use, and that the slices served from the sheet cake will taste fresher, since it won’t take days to decorate (as traditional cakes can).

Styrofoam wedding cake

You select from a variety of colors, tier numbers, and styles.

I’ve heard of subbing tiers of cake out with styrofoam and having your baker decorate them, to save money… but this is the first time I’ve heard of the cake rental concept. If you google it, you can probably find a similar company near you.

For couples to whom cake is a high priority, this might just make you cringe… so nod, smile and proceed to the next post. I understand. BUT, (and I cannot recommend strongly enough that you do a tasting before you buy in any case) but tend to I say….. if it tastes good, and looks good, and costs less… do a happy dance, pocket that 30-50% savings, and then keep your cake’s true identity on the down low, yo.

What do you think? Anyone out there tried this yet? Would you rent a dummy cake?

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