5/1 Engagement Pics, Afros & Silverlake, Oh My!

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In February, we had an e-shoot with the lovely Dacia Lamb. We chose to shoot at our home and on a walk down to the ever-cool Sunset Junction shopping area (and home to the famous indie-rock festival) to keep the pictures homey and nostalgic for ourselves. We live in a rad part of LA with loads of artsy influence and cool urban landscapes mixed with soaring views of the city and mountains.

Having photo shoots before the wedding is a great source of practice for those of us who are (ahem) not the most naturally photogenic of people. This shoot really helped me identify some photo-flubs I regularly make. It also helped us understand that Hunter’s afro needed a trimming! Since I’m his personal stylist, its good to see when afro-puff becomes afro-overload!

Here are some favorites, and a bit of context for ya!

In front of the door at a local Indian eatery, Tantraz.

We have some awesome wall murals in Silverlake, but that doesn’t detract from my insincere smile and lazy eyelids 🙂


If you squint, you can see the famous Silverlake Lounge, a cool indie music spot just under the hill we live on.

Hunter’s true colors, shining through.

This is in our backyard, we have a gorgeous flower wall!

On our porch, enjoying some drinks in our Milwaukee Rep mugs. We met at the Rep, so we thought it would be nice to include the cups as a subtle nod to our “alma lover”. You can sort of see what a gorgeous view we enjoy every day. Since we live on a hillside, we get the benefit of a yard and a view. Its so bueno for the soul, yo.

We had lots of fun shooting with Dacia, and I love how the pics capture what we love about where we live, as well as our love for each other.

Anyone else out there keep their e-shoot closer to home?

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