9/17 Eleanor At The Expo

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I am not a huge fan of wedding expos. We went to one at the Millenium Biltmore (fancypants) early in our engagement, to see what they’re like. Meh. It was ok. They feel slimy and pressuresome (is that a word?) and I’m not a fan of the “hard sell”. I especially loathe the plastic surgery/lipo/laser booths that suggest you should surgically prepare for your wedding. I mean, come on! Talk about parasitic sales, yo. Humph. Anyway….

There were two good things that came out of going. One was our decision that a photobooth was, indeed, something we wanted. Not from the overpriced company that was presenting there, but that’s another story.

The other was the discovery of a cool company called The Eleanor Group. They offer spa gift cards at 70-80% off, as a way to promote new local spas and salons in California and Nevada. Each card has 4 included services – from facials to massages, back polishes to reflexology… dependent on the specialty of whichever spa you choose. The cards are valued at over $300, but Eleanor Group sells them for $65 each! They were running a promotion: by 3 get 1 free. It was close to Valentine’s Day, so Hunter took them up on the offer as a gift to us both.

Since then, we’ve enjoyed several massages, facials and other yummy treatments. Having those in our back pocket has been a real treat… whenever life or wedding planning gets too stressful, we have something pampering to look forward to! Our cards are about to run out, but I got an email from the Eleanor Group announcing a sale… so we might just keep the good times rolling a little longer!

From now until Sept. 26th, they’re selling cards for $39 each (if you buy at least 2)! That’s less than $10 per treatment! Even a broke-ass like moi can rationalize that expense. Its for the greater good, yo! Use code TEGsummer at checkout to redeem.

Go forth and pamper, I say! Its a great gift anyone, but especially yourself 🙂


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  • PR Gal

    Thanks for the tip lovely lady! I just stocked up!!! 🙂

  • Guilty Secret

    Have a great time at the wedding!

  • thatdisneygirl

    hope you had fun at the wedding!

  • Megan

    what an outstanding deal! (hi, i found you through weddingbee, love it!) it sounds like you've already cashed in on a couple of the card's services, is that right? it seems to be too go to be true & i want to make sure it's legit before i shell out. any comments are much appreciated, thanks!

  • Broke-ass Bride

    Yup – totally legit. No problems whatsoever 🙂