7/18 Guest Post: DIY Wedding Bouquets from ElsieCake!

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The most-fabulous Elsie, who you might better know as ElsieCake, or A Beautiful Mess, or from Red Velvet Shop… was kind enough to let us share her DIY bouquet tutorial from her incredibly awesome wedding… so here it is! Enjoy, ladies, and try to keep the drool from hitting your keyboards.



When I started planning our wedding I knew right away that I wanted to make my own flowers. I love creative flower arrangements. I wanted something different. I also knew that if we chose not to hire a florist that we’d save thousands of dollars (hooray!). What I didn’t know was how much FUN I would have with my bridesmaids making our bouquets. It was so so much fun and didn’t take much time at all!

If you’re considering making your own bouquets, read on! I can tell you from my personal experience that this was one of the simplest DIYs that we tried (along with the DIY Boutonnieres and DIY Corsages too!) I’ll share some tips with you …


I loved what each of the bridesmaids created! We had a bouquet making party after the rehearsal dinner. Each of the girls made their own bouquet. They each had special details like the bird charm hanging from Holly’s bouquet and Katie’s berry branches. I liked that they were all a little bit different.

Rachel snapped this photo on the morning of the wedding.

DIY Wedding Flowers

Make Your Own Bouquet

Step 1: Collect Supplies. For my wedding bouquets I used fresh flowers, handmade velvet flowers, berry twigs, feather birds, feathers and vintage brooches. I also used some family heirloom ribbon (vintage tatting) and velvet ribbon that I found the first month we were dating. Choose accents that are personal to you!

Step 2: Start from the center and build the floral base of your bouquet. Work your way out by adding more and more flowers.

Step 3: Wrap the stems with floral tape. Use as much as you need to make it feel secure. The floral tape should go where ever you plan to wrap the ribbon. The ribbon will eventually hide it completely!

Step 4: Add accent piece such as feather birds (they have wires underneath that can secure them onto blooms) or feathers.

Step 5: Wrap the base of your stems (over the floral tape) with a pretty ribbon. I also tied some lace on mine as an accent.

DIY bouquet
Ta-Da! Here’s a finished bouquet.

Jeremy & Elsie

Have fun creating your own pretty bouquets… XO! elsie

Photos by Arrow & Apple, DIY pics by Emma & I.

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