6/7 DIY Or Die: Hair Fascinators

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Today is awesome! Know why? ‘Cuz today, we get to introduce you to our newest member of team broke-ass…. its Maddie, our intern extraordinaire! Please join me in giving a warm welcome, and enjoy her sick, crafty skills! Maddie is a recent college grad and LA transplant by way of Iowa. She’s a fellow ginger (which makes her even more awesome) and she’s settling into her new life, living with her long-term boyfriend and making our lives brighter and better every day!

I love basically any sort of DIY project. If I buy a perfectly good dresser, I strip it, paint it, re-do the knobs and make it my own. If I buy a perfectly good dress, I rip some seams and add some new buttons and create a new look. JoAnns, Michael’s, Hobby Lobby, and Home Depot are my Mecca.

Recently I’ve been DIY-ing my little apartment and decided it was time to create something more fun and less functional. I discovered that if you ever want to concern your boyfriend, a good strategy is to leave bridal magazines lying around your apartment and then drag him with you to fabric and craft stores so you can makes birdcage veils and fascinators and run around the wedding section like a crazy person. Yea, he’ll think you’re just totally normal after that experience. It’s okay though because craft stores like Michael’s have fun kids sections too and if your boyfriend is anything like mine, he’ll be intrigued and delighted that you can buy things like toy helicopters to paint and dinosaurs to put together. So buy your man some ridiculous crap at the craft store and he’ll shut up about you wandering the wedding section for an hour.

Anyways, this weekend I decided that I needed a little sparkle and pizazz in my life, and making a new hair accessory was just the thing I needed. With a little time and craftacular shinanigans I ended up with this bit of bling to rock my ginger locks.

Oh yeeeeah!

But rocking the goods is only half the fun, won’t you join me on my crafting adventure…

I started out by choosing some silk flowers…. which generally run from four dollars and up, but it’s incredible how realistic they look. It’s always nice to use real flowers in your hair too, but then they die and the fun is over. I picked out a big blue rose and some pink orchids to play around with. I know that some of the flowers can look huge and ridiculous, but don’t be afraid to take risks and go bigger. Go find a mirror in the store somewhere and and stick the flowers in your hair to get a good idea of how they will look with your style and hair color. Play around with it and find something that you love.

I got all my craft supplies gathered all together! Silk flower, rhinestones, hair comb, and a fun feather piece!

I also bought some feathers and rhinestones (I love me some sparkle!) and for the orchids I bought some netting. You can use tulle or Russian netting for birdcage veils, and it’s fairly cheap so you don’t have to worry about buying too much if you are going to end up with extras. I also bought a cheap package of hair combs so that the fascinator stays in your hair and you don’t need to worry about messing with bobby pins. Every time I use bobby pins I end up using way more than I need just in case they fall out, and inevitably I leave a trail of pins behind me wherever I go. A hair comb will stay securely in place and will be way less of a pain in your bootylicious bum.

I got home from the store, laid all of my craft purchases out on my kitchen table and created a little workspace. I started with the blue flower first. For this project, I needed some hot glue and a a tweezer to pick up the rhinestones and iron them on. When you open up the rhinestones, be sure to do so forcefully so that they go flying all over the place. Nope, just kidding. That’s just what I did. I live in a small enough apartment though that they couldn’t have gone flying very far. I bought hot-fix (or iron-on rhinestones) as I deem them the easiest little nuggets to work with. Just grab your tweezers, and iron that sucker on there! I’ve even been known to attach the rhinestones with a flat iron for hair in a pinch when I can’t find a regular iron. Innovation, people! Also, I only rhinestone and bling-ify the outer three or four layers of the petals as they are the only ones that will show. Don’t waste your time or energy putting rhinestones in the center unless you know that your flower will lay flat.

Start out by taking the flower apart and gluing it back with hot glue piece by piece and put the glue in a little spot in the center

Pop the stem off of the back of the flower either with some scissors or simply by pulling it off. I like to take the flower apart in layers if I’m going to be adding rhinestones. I also like to glue it all back together piece by piece for extra staying power. Just dab a little bit of hot glue in the middle and be careful when you handle the silk flower as the heat from the glue will seep through. I burnt my fingies nice and good! Once you’ve glued all of the floral layers back together you can chillax. That sucker ain’t going nowhere! Glue the feathers in before finishing with your top layer of flower. This way the base of the feathers are hidden. Once you put the flower all back together with the hot glue, glue back on the piece of the stem to hold it all in place.

hide the feathers in between a layer of the petals on the flower

The plastic part of the stem will be easier to glue onto the hair comb than the silk flower as a whole. Now just attach the comb to your flower and stick that sucker on into a ponytail or a bun….wait for the glue to dry though!

Once you put the flower back together, just attach the comb.

Here's how it looks on

Now wear it some place fab...like in your bedroom with a purple t-shirt you bought at target.

Broke-Ass Bonus!:

I also made another hair piece using the orchids and some netting. In order to secure the netting, you’ll need a needle and thread. You’ll have to play with the netting a bit to really get it to look how you want, but you can scrunch it up as much as you want and never ruin it.

scrunch the netting together and hold it so you can sew it in place.

It’s very resilient, so don’t worry about being too delicate with it. Once you get it in the shape you want, pinch the end of it together where the flower is going to be and sew it tightly so that it retains the shape you desire. Then just glue on the florals and the comb and voila!

See how easy that was?

You have two fantastic hair pieces with one tiny budget. Make one for yourself or have all of your bridesmaids over for a DIY partay! Drink champagne, have some brunch, and make hair pieces…. it’s a perfect day with the girls! Don’t operate a hot glue gun while consuming champagne though. I can’t be held accountable for such things. Have fun!

And just for fun? Here's the craft that my boyfriend made while I was busy making hair things. He sure is

  • Nicole J

    Thanks for the walk through! I'm DIYing a number of these pretties for my girls, and it definitely helps. =D Eventually I'll also be attaching flowers and netting to two pillbox hats, too, so lets hope this goes well!

  • Beautiful – especially against the red hair!

  • Briana

    I love these, and you did a great job of making them seem do-able! Thanks! AND WELCOME!

  • This makes me want to haul my Broke Ass home immediately and start playing with netting and feathers and hair pins.

    My plan is to make fascinators for all of my bridesmaids, then make mine and my birdcage veil 🙂 when I get around to it, I'll post pics/toils on my blog 🙂

  • Yay! I feel in love with these after going to a wedding in England and all of my bridesmaids ended up wearing them. Looks great!

  • **oops – I FELL in love…

  • Looks gorgeous and very easy to make! Actually, I need something pretty for my hair for my friend's upcoming wedding, and I think these will be perfect. BTW, thanks for the tutorial. =)

  • Liz

    You realize you gave her two different names in the intro – both Maddie and Caitlin?

  • Wow! I can't say I've seen any of that before!

  • Wow! It is just so easy! And a great way to save money.

  • Lisa

    I cant see the pictures. Would love to see what u have done, My son is getting married in Sept so I'm needing ideas.

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