8/16 DIY Or DIE Guest Post: A Louboutin-Inspired Petal Sandal

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Maegan over at Love, Maegan might not know it yet, but she is my new best friend. Her site is a phenomenal resource for fashion, fun how-to’s and girl-crush worthy style, but what makes Maegan so irresistible is her down-to-earth warmth. We asked her if we could share a couple of our favorite DIY projects of hers with y’all, and this one is perf! For all you Louboutin lovahhhhs out there (and I knows y’alls out there)… grab a pair of old strappy pumps and some spare fabric, get your craft on, and redirect that $6 hundo into something else (or save it altogether). People, with DIY as easy peasy lemon squeezy as this, you can afford to make ’em in every color your heart desires!

Christian Louboutin Petal Sandal

What you’ll need …

DIY Christian Louboutin Petal Sandal in black, Louboutins, Christian Louboutin's, Do it yourself shoes, DIY accessories

…I am so in love. I think the only thing they’re missing is the red heel. I cannot wait to wear them! {…ps: because they are removable, I can also wear them as bracelets/cuffs, hooked onto my vintage chain necklace or even in my hair …I know!}

Thanks, Maegan!

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  • Reta

    These are great! You did a wonderful job! I actually like them better than the Louboutins.

  • bienliving

    Love this! I have a pair of hideous black heels that could use this treatment! 😉

  • nichewhite

    Oh mylanta! I agree with Reta, I actually like the DIY version BETTER than the Louboutins. Amazingly creative.

  • This is an awesome DIYoursefer! Very fab.

  • that is fabulous! but if you do end up painting the sole red, do note, Louboutin has a trademark on the red sole. His lawyers will probably hunt you down. I'd so do it anyway.

  • Rhonda

    Sera, it is okay to paint anything any color you want, trademark or not, if it is for personal use. You just can't do it for resale/profit. So, paint those soles red, girl!

  • brideandjoy

    Excellent post, I love this look!

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  • Though I don’t agree with you in details, your post is insightful

  • Love how cute those are! I actually saw this done in a magazine, I forget which one it was, but I've been meaning to try it. This article breaks it down and makes it much easier to follow though.