3/30 DIY or DIE: Easy, Rustic Thank You Cards

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Thank you cards are an essential part of the wedding process — people give you stuff, you say thanks. But man, it’s a daunting process, too. This DIY or DIE tackles the thank-yous in a whole new way — make ’em yourself! We love this idea for a MOH or bridal party who want to give their to-be-wed friend a gift that truly means something. Assemble these beauties ahead of the bridal shower and have the guests each write their addresses on the envelopes, then gift the stack of cards to your nearlywed friend. You’ve just decreased her stress and leveled up your awesomeness.

Shopping list:

the tools

Kraft paper cards and envelopes

Ink Pad in your color choice — remember the darker, the better so the stamp shows up

Rubber Thank You stamp

Hole Punch

Ribbon — I used a variety pack for this including twine, ric rac and braided yarn, but any thin ribbon will do.

Step 1:

View of Full Card

Cut Card in Half

Lay out your cards and envelopes. If  you want to get more bang for your buck, cut the cards in two — keep in mind, you’ll need more envelopes if you go this route.

Step 2:

Stamp in InkInk up your stamp. It’s a good idea to practice on scrap paper a couple of times before diving into your thank you cards — this will give you a better idea of how much ink and pressure you’ll need for the desired effect.

Placement of StampI chose the far right bottom corner as placement for my stamp.  Of course this is your design, so you have free range.

View of StampSlightly faded look, which gives it a more rustic feel

Step 3:

hole punch thank u

After the stamp dries (it takes like a second or two, nothing crazy long), get out the hole punch. I punched two holes on the side and just chose the middle area of the card. No specific measurements, just wing it.

After Hole punch

Step 4:6 inch ribbon measurementMeasure your ribbon. No more than 6 inches is needed per card. Pro tip: Choose ribbon that matches the color scheme of your wedding — twine and ric rac are great for a rustic wedding while satin and grosgrain might be more suitable for a fancier bash.

Step 5:

ribbon through holePlace all 3 ribbons through the first hole on the front of the card, then thread the ribbon through the second hole so the excess ribbon is poking through the back of the card.

Even RibbonEnsure the excess is even in the back, then criss-cross the ribbon and thread it through the opposite hole to the front of the card.

Cross Cross Ribbon

Ribbon In Hole

Backside View Thnk UWhen complete, the back of your card will look like this.
Front View Pre Cut Ribbon Thnk UThe front of the card will look like this and yes, your ribbon will look frayed.

Step 6:

Cut FraysScissors out– time to cut the frays away! We made the ribbon long enough to cut the ribbon back to make it no longer than the card itself. Frayed ribbon is OK — but if you’re hating on it, then dab some clear polish on the ends to keep it from unravelling.

And … Voila! You have a cute, budget friendly, rustic thank you card that most people will remember!  This is not your regular, store-bought thank you card — you actually put some time and energy into this bad boy.

Completed Thank you

Envelope and Card

I played around with a few different ribbons so you can get a good feel for how different types will look.

Katie's Thank you Cards

Change Ribbon Placement

I hope you have fun designing your own thank you cards. This was a very simple craft and you can make many cards in a very short amount of time. Pro tip: Set up an assembly line — cut all 3 ribbons in advance for the number of cards you will be making and stamp all cards first to make assembly a breeze.

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