4/28 DIY or DIE: Concrete + Gold Leaf Centerpiece Ideas

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Hey you lovely Broke-Asses!

Wait! Is that really how I get to address y’all?
I think I’m gonna love this gig.

So let’s get right to it. I’m Tabitha and I like to make things from scratch.
Pretty things. Edible things. Cheap things. Awesome things.
And since I’m not currently planning a wedding, I was thrilled that Dana agreed to let me inflict my crafty ways on you folks. Muahaha. *Cue villain music.*


So are you ready to get crafty, the Broke-Ass way?
All you need are a few cheap and easy supplies, a little elbow grease and some wine.


Okay, okay … I admit it might take a lot of elbow grease to get these beauties out of their molds, but nothing that requires a gym membership. Just pour yourself a second glass of wine.


If easy and fancy had a love-child it would be these concrete containers. Which, are totally perfect for centerpieces at your wedding. They take very little skill (hoarding containers counts, right?) cost next to nothing (the 80 lb. bag of concrete costs $5.18!) and are sure to add some high-end industrial charm to your broke-ass shindig.

Be warned: they do take a few days to make from start to finish, but most of that is drying time, leaving you plenty of time to procrastinate other wedding related activities.
I promise.

So are you ready to get crafting?


A few tips and tricks:

In step four when you glue the shape in, if it’s a number/letter it should be glued in backwards. That is to say, if you hold the mold up out in front of you and use your super powers to look through the mold from the outside, you should be viewing your number/letter correctly. When you look down into the container, it will be backward.

Wanna keep these after your wedding and plant succulents in ’em? Or plant succulents in ’em for your wedding centerpieces? You should probably drill a few holes in the bottom for drainage using a masonry drill bit once they’re completely dry. That’s it, easy peasy!


Lovely meeting you all and I hope you enjoyed this little project! Let’s hang out again soon around these parts and get our hands dirty. (apologies, too many westerns). I’ll actually be traveling for the next few weeks, so if you have any questions about this project, you can email me at: hello@winstonandmain.com. You can also come visit my blog Winston and Main and/or  feel free to jump* in my suitcase as I eat my way across Japan on instagram.

See ya soon!

*metaphorically of course, I need all the room I can get in my suitcase for shoes!

Tabitha Johnson is an art making, food loving, DIY obsessed party stylist who works in the film industry and really enjoys a good cup of coffee. Or a Manhattan. Her work has been featured around the web on Style Me Pretty, 100 Layer Cake, Once Wed, Ruffled, Lover.ly and Weddingbee. Her other interests include old things, gold things, cat cafes, beautiful light, books, bicycles, travel, exploring DTLA, her cute boyfriend, her furry family and you! Part-time Francophile, full-time bonne vivante, you can check out all her adventures over on her blog Winston and Main.
  • Elizabeth Camp

    Love these! And after the wedding you could save the ones that make up your home address and set them on your front porch with planted succulents or flowers in them!