5/26 DIY or DIE: 3D Geometric Paper Garland

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Affiliate Disclaimer NewDIY or DIE 3D Geometric Paper GarlandI cooked this fun little geometric garland project up for Little Wedding Extras, but this has all the makings of a great DIY or DIE project: A.) It’s super easy. You trace, cut, fold and glue or tape. Painting is totally optional. B.) It doesn’t have to be wedding-specific. I love a project that can be recycled for home use later. (Christen is using this for #babything’s room) C.) It’s cheap! No matter what your budget, there’s nothing wrong with an inexpensive project that looks great!


Thick paper or card stock (I used watercolor paper)
– Tape
– Basic Craft Glue
String or narrow ribbon
– A ruler or straight edge
Paint if you want it
Cube and octahedron (diamond) templates

Step 1:

Trace your shape.

Tip: Rather than cut the template out and using it like a stencil, tape a printout of the shape over your paper. Trace the lines with firm pressure to leave an indentation where you need to cut (solid lines) and fold (dotted lines). Use a ruler or something with a straight edge to keep your lines straight.


See the indentations?

If you want to paint an image or pattern onto the shape, paint BEFORE you cut. It keeps you from having to handle the cutout with wet paint. If you’re going the spray paint route (I used Rust-Oleum Hammered Effects in copper on half), cut the shape out first, spray second.

Step 2:

Cut your shape out, then fold up along the dotted lines. The tabs on the end can be a little difficult with thicker paper, but placing the straight edge along the line and folding up makes everything easier.



Step 3:

Use a quick-dry glue to secure the tabs inside the shape. You can also use an invisible gift wrap tape to speed up the process. Leave one side open for the moment.


Step 4:

Cut a length of your string or ribbon and tie a couple knots on top of each other at one end. Stick the knotted end inside your shape, then close it up. Use the free end of the string to hang each shape to a horizontal length and you’re finished!


String that pretty garland up anywhere you want a little decoration (we love the idea of stringing it along the head table, over the cake or along the bar), then hang onto it to use in your home later!


To snag the free downloadable templates, head on over to Little Wedding Extras!