4/18 {Playtime} Our Broke-Ass Photo Shoot

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One of the things I love most about acting is the freedom and sense of play involved with slipping first into costumes, then into characters, and dipping my sensory experience into different times and spaces than those which exist in my real life. Which probably explains why my favorite roles are always in period performances. Fishnets and petticoats and corsetting strings… these are a few of my favorite things!

I’ve always been a freak for mid-century style and design, but the rise of Mad Men has definitely fed and fueled my addiction into a full-on frenzy. (and, apparently, made me an alliteration abuser, ha!) So when our wedding photographer, Dan Chen, was in town and suggested we do a non-wedding-y photo shoot, I knew immediately the direction I wanted to go was back in time, but with our modern sensibilities along for the ride.

We enlisted our stylist friend Tabitha, and had Alpha from Sweet Fuss Hair & Makeup come doll me up before heading out for a day of sassy, retro-riffic fun. I wish my hair could look bouncy and curly like this every day. Or that I wasn’t like a spastic, drunken monkey with a curling iron on my own. One or the other.

First we shot some domesticated day-to-day stuff in our friend Amber’s kitchen. The outfit is Tabitha’s, but I wish it were mine!

Then we moved on to a couple favorite spots in nearby Echo Park: an indie book store, and…

The Echo Park Time Travel Mart (aka 826LA). I freaking love this place. It’s a nonprofit where they tutor kids in the back, and raise money selling “relics” like dinosaur eggs, robot feelings in a can, and caveman repellent in the storefront. Sofa king cute. With a tagline like “whenever you are, we’re already then”, who could possibly resist?

Do you love my chicken purse like I love my chicken purse? ‘Cuz I LOVE IT.

I got that red dress at Target after stalking it like a ravenous hawk until it went on clearance for $14 and then it was ON like Donkey Kong.

I’ve decided Hunter should basically live in cardigans now. Yum.

Our last stop was Alexander’s Brite Spot Diner. Its one of my favorites – the interior is beyond kitschy cozy and mid-century fabulous, but they’re also super vegetarian/vegan-friendly which earns them bonus points with my broke-ass!

The dress is from H&M – it cost somewhere near $20. The gold glittered kitten heels are one of my prize purchases. True vintage, found in Cleveland while there for a wedding, for $10. Eff yeah, baby!

I think this picture just says so much about me, its silly. Why, calories? WHY?

Being photographed by Dan is just the best thing ever. His ability to capture feeling, mood, movement, and life are simply awe-inspiring. I never love the way I look in photos the way I do when reflected through his lens. I almost forget I’m looking at a picture of myself… its more just like “wow, what an amazing photo.” And that’s pretty special. He makes me feel like art. We’re so lucky to know him.

By the way, Dan is generously offering a 25% discount to the next person who books with him, along with the promise to donate the funds from that package to Dishing for Dana. Because not only is he just incredibly talented, he’s also got one of the biggest hearts I know.

For more pictures from this shoot, click here. Thanks again to Dan, Tabitha, Alpha, Amber, 826LA and the folks at Brite Spot for being part of the shoot!

The Broke-Ass Bride
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  • Timarla

    I am pretty new to your site but I think you are Awesome and Your Blog is Amazing I have told all of my friends to check it out as well.

    PS the Photos are Bad Ass not Broke Ass you guys look Awesome!

  • you two are so drop-dead gorg it's not even funny. i love these shots and love the throwback feel of Dan's work!!

  • Alicia

    This is absolutely fantastic! You two look gorgeous!

  • Too cute! I love the retro feel to these photos. Great job!

  • these are freaking adorable.

  • Love em, sister! xo

  • Terrific photos indeed!! Love them!

  • Monica L

    great shoot. You know La Villa Basque in Vernon is a restaurant seen A LOT in Mad Men! http://www.lavillabasque.com/lavilla/ I can see Betty Draper smoking at the bar…

  • these are FANTASTIC. you guys are so photogenic and lovely! i love that photo of hunter checkin' out the goods!

  • hollenbrau

    these are absolutely fabulous!! you guys take such good pictures it's not even fair! all the elements came together brilliantly — the look, the outfits, the locations, the CHICKEN PURSE — A+ to all involved!

  • TOTALLY. LOVE. Fantastic pics!

  • You two are gorgeous! I'll hop right on working with your talented friends. Sending love to those who help you along the way to perfect health! xo Cassandra.

  • MrFrostings

    Love the photos, guys!

  • I adore this on SO many levels! Wow you two look great!!!!! (P.S. Not sure if you remember me but it's Charli from WeddingChannel.com) I worked with you on Bridal Blog Awards 2009! 🙂

    Still adore your blog!!

  • Sri

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  • LibbyJames

    You guys are so adorable. Fabulous photo shoot! Totally "retro-riffic" 🙂

  • I LOOOOVE IT ALL! =D. Thank you for allowing Sweet Fuss to be a part of such an awesome shoot. I had a blast working with Dana & Hunter! What an incredibly adorable couple!!! =D.

  • Wendy

    OMFG… every one of these photos is fantastic. BTW I do love your chicken purse; also, I really would like to go to that diner. Lovely.

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  • So much fun and of course you guys are gorgeous! Had a great time working with you- you make my job easy peasy! 🙂

  • The Student

    I can easily say that this is one of the most creative engagement photos shoots I've ever seen. I love it! Everything about it was fabulous!

  • I need a word for friggin wonderfully amazingly awesome pics!!! <<This will have to do.

  • Ok I came here because Charli (www.manwifeanddog.com) had it on her blog roll, I havent even read a word other than the captions under the pics of the photo shoot. AMAZING lol You look like you should be on mad men yourself lol:) I llikes

  • Susan

    I DO love your chicken purse! In fact, I love it SO much that I'm going to buy one. Seriously. Right now. And, these photos are, in a word, FABULOUS! Love this!

  • I LOVE these pics, the filter or however you guys shot it make it look so dreamy and cool- that last pic is probably my fave though. I think I've done that pose in front of many a dessert case. Lol. I've never heard of that Travel Mart store but now I MUST check it out! And I was just in Echo Park last weekend, wish I'd known about it then. Love that funny liquor store there, House of Spirits or Booze or something?