3/15 Customize Your Wedding (Minus the Glue Gun) With Zazzle

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Sponsored Post DisclaimerThere’s long-held idea that a Broke-Ass wedding means a DIY, craft-filled fete. And sure, some of us are absolutely skilled at making the pretty from scratch, but others of us (like yours truly) don’t have a single crafty bone in their body (for serious: I consider taking a can of spray paint to something a major DIY accomplishment) and are still totes focused on making our weddings ours and doing so on the cheap.

Zazzle Banner

This, darlings, is where our homies Zazzle come in. We’ve crushed hard on them for a while because of the ability to customize, well, anything, but when it comes to weddings Zazzle has this ish on lock. They make it so you can have the custom feel of DIY with out all the glue, mess and headache, which is pretty rad if you ask us. Whether you’re looking for small custom touches like cookies or napkins or want to make a big splash with a monogrammed fabric backdrop for your ceremony or photo booth, you can find it all at Zazzle.

Customizable invitations and wedding stationery is kind of a no-brainer, but what about the other ways you can add personal flair to your wedding day? Here are our favorite things from Zazzle that bring that one-of-a-kind feel without breaking the bank or causing a craft nightmare:

Glitter Coasters from Zazzle

Glitter coasters, y’all! These bad boys run about $5 for a sheet of 20

Custom USB Flash Drive from Zazzle

Have a killer playlist all set up for your crowd? Send ’em home with a pre-loaded, customized USB flash drive full of your favorite songs. $17.95 each.Customized Sunglasses from Zazzle
Who wears their sunglasses at night? Anyone cool enough to score some custom ones from your wedding, that’s who! $11.95 per pairGold Trucker Hat from Zazzle
One of my best gals and her hubs had trucker hats made for their wedding party that we all rocked at the rehearsal dinner. And guys? I love that hat. $14.95 each.Customized Bridesmaid Wristlet from Zazzle
Don’t feel like loading up your crew with flowers? Customize cute wristlets for them to carry around their ish (because you know they’ll need to do touch-ups during the day) and use well beyond your nuptials. $35.95 each.
Chocolate Dipped Oreo Pop from Zazzle
Helloooo, sweet tooth! We’re huge proponents of favors being useful or edible, and these chocolate-dipped Oreos fall nicely into the latter category. $39.95 per dozen.Custom Paper Plates from Zazzle
When you have plates that look this good, no one will give a hoot that they’re paper (and that you’re saving a headache by not worrying about rentals or breakage). $1.60 per plate.

See? All sorts of customized goodness for your wedding day with nary a glue gun or craft instruction in sight! Now, doesn’t that make your non-DIY self feel way better?

Oh, and we forgot to mention: Zazzle LOVES having a sale — which makes our Broke-Ass hearts flutter in some kind of way. Keep your eyes peeled, BABs, and happy planning!

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