6/20 Catering Your Own Wedding? Do It on the Cheap with Sam’s Club

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Original photo: Shaina Sheaff Photography

So you’ve decided to tackle the wedding food on your own (or a very gracious friend with mad skillz has stepped up to the plate). Go you! It’s a great way to save some money and add a very personalized touch … but it can be a helluva task. Timing, preparation, serving and not to mention cost … the biggest cost, of course, is making sure you have enough food for all your guests — which unless you’re having an itty-bitty party, is no small task.

But it’s not impossible. Especially not if you get your food in bulk from Sam’s Club. The membership warehouse is a great place to stock up on large quantities of food — think rolls, meats, spices, dairy, produce and more — without splashing down a ton of money per head. I recently coordinated a wedding that one of my ultra-foodie friends had offered to cater. He roped in a few of our other homies (I would normally be part of this crew, but I had other important duties) for prep, and two pounds of garlic, eight pounds of onions, 15 pounds of cabbage and oh, so much more later, there was a huge spread of food to feed 100 guests (with both veg and carnivore options). Total cost? $420 — $300 of which was spent at Sam’s Club. And that includes the chafing dishes, serving utensils and warming pans.

Catering Your Own Wedding? Do It on the Cheap with Sam's Club|| Photo by Shaina Sheaff Photography

Photo: Shaina Sheaff Photography

When you splash down cash on catering, you’re paying a lot for labor as well — likely also things like uniforms, service fees, gratuity, etc. But when you decide to cater your wedding yourself (or together, with friends), you can save a huge chunk on these things, and even more when you head to Sam’s Club to get all the ingredients and other goodies.

Bringing in your own booze? Sam’s Club has that corner covered, too — get bulk beer and wine for significantly less than you’d pay at your local liquor store, and hang on to the leftovers for future cookouts and other celebrations. And don’t think you’re stuck with run-of-the-mill yellow beers — Sam’s Club has a wide assortment of domestic and imported brews and a whole helluva lot of bubbly options for you Champagne lovers (aren’t we all?).

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