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vintage blue suitcase wedding decor


Suitcase available from Etsy seller VintageAtmosphere

Have you wondered what you’re going to do after the wedding with the loads of fake flowers, chalkboards and whatever other delightful piece of wedding décor you couldn’t bare to part with? You may even have magical ideas of turning it into a wreath for your front door or re-purposing it for the holidays. Of course, some make great home decor, but some are just … eh.

Let’s be real: The odds of it ending up in a plastic bin in your basement and repeatedly getting moved and then eventually thrown away or rummaged is probably pretty high. For a budget-conscious couple, that’s money being thrown away.

We’ve come to realize the answer for some of the fun, funky decor we want would best be acquire through renting rather than buying. The company that we’ll be using, Relics Vintage Rentals, works this way: Make an appointment to check out their fabulous warehouse full of awesomeness, choose the items that suit your style, receive a quote, then pay a deposit to hold your beloved items until the big day. You can either pick them up, or they can deliver. Relics even has an in-house artist who helps with lettering on those chalkboards Pinterest fanatics love. (Time saver!)

In many cases, you can rent everything from small decor items and full sets of china, to furniture and large scale architectural pieces. Your local rental business may even help with full wedding design as well.

Before you make an appointment, you’ll want to have some information already decided upon with your partner:

  • Venue and date. (Duh.)
  • Your wedding style: Many decor rental businesses lean heavily in the vintage or rustic direction, however, don’t discount these places if you’re going for a really shiny glam or bright funky look. You might luck out on an item you wouldn’t naturally consider that will create a really eclectic and unique style.
  • Approximate number of guests: How else would you know how many pieces of table décor you’ll need without knowing how many tables you’ll have?
  • Your list: Come armed with a list of what you need, with a little wiggle room built in for that impulse piece you just have to have. (Don’t worry, you’ll figure out what to do with that vintage typewriter later.)

Another piece of advice is to keep your excitement in check. Less is more. Our venue, for example, is in a historic building that really doesn’t need much décor (which ended up being a really budget-friendly decision, in and of itself). Seriously consider your venue before you go crazy on all the cool pieces you’ll find at these warehouses. You want accents, not clutter.

Now go forth, and dream big! Your décor budget just got a little more friendly.

  • 4/20

    Hey, BABs! Spring has sprung and it’s time for another batch of FREE (!!!) printables from our homies over at Hoopla House. These gorgeous pieces perfectly complement Hoopla House Creative’s Rustic Revival invitation, which are totally perf for a backyard wedding, garden soiree or farm fete. All you need is these PDFs, a printer and your desired card stock and BOOM! Gorgeous little extras that won’t break the bank.


    Click here to download the Rustic Revival Mr. & Mrs. Chair Signs

    Click here to download Rustic Revival Bridal Shower Bingo


    Click here to download Rustic Revival Favor TagsHH-Rustic-Revival-Bridesmaids

    Click here to download Rustic Revival Bridesmaid Card

    Click here to download Rustic Revival Maid of Honor Card
    HH-Rustic-Revival-Name-Banner HH-Rustic_Revival-TV-Banner

    Click here to download Rustic Revival banner

    (customizable with Thank You or your names!)


    Rustic Revival Invitation and Save the Date, available on Hoopla House Creative’s Website and customizable with colors and card stock. Starts at around $1.30 per invitation.

    Rustic Revival not your style? Check out our other free printables from Hoopla House Creative!

  • 3/9

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    While the last wintery centerpiece had longer banquet or family-style tables, this cozy style is better suited for the roundtops typically found at a wedding reception. Simple, natural and super budget friendly, this one is just a slight spinoff of the last design. Step 1: Start with the piece of fabric that says "winter!" I stayed with the winter feel by using red plaid. But feel free…

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    Rustic weddings are gorgeous. Duh. There's a pretty whimsical feel to them that helps make your wedding day a little extra special and romantical. And they tend to be pretty DIY-heavy, which adds a great personalized touch. Maggie Lord, the schamazing mastermind behind Rustic Wedding Chic is kinda sorta the guru of rustic weddings. Remember when she did this rockin' tutorial for us? Welp, that's just one of…

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    I'm a big lover of garlands and bunting for weddings, as they add a festive vibe without crashing your cash stash. And this year, especially, I've seen tassel garlands take over -- a couple years ago it was polka dot and/or striped bunting, and then there was burlap and flowers. But this year is all about the tassel. And lucky us! In advance of our…

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    Happy Friday, BABs! You know how much we love BHLDN, so I'm sure you can only imagine how excited I was when the gorgeous wedding retailer got in touch to collaborate on this Five for Friday! The team and I brainstormed to bring you not just dresses or accessories, but 5 full ensembles for your wedding day, for budgets ranging from $500 to $1500! Because…

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