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Hair trial

I have reached a weird point in my wedding planning. It’s March, and all of the boxes are basically checked. Venue, check. Dress, yep. Hair trial, been there. Vendors, nailed it. It’s basically empty nest syndrome for wedding planning.

I keep glancing over my shoulder and looking around expecting some giant forgotten thing to come knock me on my ass. All you ever hear are horror stories about planning a wedding — how super stressful and nerve wracking it is. Don’t get me wrong, I have had some stressful, hair-pulling, tantrum-throwing moments in this whole planning business that have kicked my butt. But, my wedding is not until September and I’m pretty much done. All the things that are left to do are smaller decoration type things.

So … now what?

Yeah sure, I still have to make all of the wedding paper things like the program, escort cards, and possibly menus. The centerpieces still need to be finished, and some of the bases need another coat of paint. That will have to wait for warmer weather. The bridesmaids have to pick and order their dresses at the end of this month. I have my wedding dress alteration appointment at the end of March also. I have finally nailed down a officiant, the last giant outstanding item that I was stressing over.


Wooden Roundabout Centerpiece

I’m still working on the problem of Michael and I living in completely different states. Short of standing on a rooftop with a stack of resumes and a giant fan, I’m doing all I can to hunt down a job. I don’t want to start a large-scale project like making the programs, cards or the rest of the centerpieces and then suddenly get uprooted. I keep reminding myself that they are one more thing to pack. Any new projects I start, I make sure that they are easily stored flat or that they rate a place to live at my mom’s house until the wedding. A few days ago I casually assembled a roundabout and a ferris wheel while I was home sick with a fever. They both fit happily in a shoebox so they can go live with mom.


Wooden Ferris Wheel Centerpiece

I keep getting filled with the desire to tackle some large item only to realize there isn’t anything large left. I wonder if this is normal.

Are any of you other brides experiencing this empty nest problem?

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    Affiliate Disclaimer NewMadHatterPartyBox Camp Bubbles Party Favors Etsy

    Camping Bubbles Party Favor, starts at $1.35 each from Etsy seller MadHatterPartyBox

    Decorating your wedding is a big job on its own, but reader Kacey came to us looking for some Broke-Ass advice on how to make 60 rustic camp cabins feel a little more like home for her wedding guests. She writes:

    Dear BAB,

    I want to say we’re soul sisters but don’t want to come off too strong. Budgeting is my life and crafting is my happy place. I am getting married next fall and even for a crafter at heart, I’m running into a little dilemma.

    My fiancé rented a beautiful camp for our wedding weekend. The camp comes at a hefty price but it includes cabins, camp essentials and food for the weekend. The camp suggested we charge 1/2 the price of what a hotel would charge for the whole weekend — $120 per person. This would include all their food, drinks and stay Friday-Sunday. We would cover the rest of the costs. My family tells us they think that is a really good deal, but forever being on a budget, I just want to make sure our guests are getting their money’s worth. With that being said …

    Sleeping arrangements are the big issue. Not only do we need to decorate our function hall, we need to figure out a way to decorate 60 CABINS.

    [I] Feel like we need to do something. I think some people might pass out walking into a bare bones cabin in the woods with no electricity. Decorating 60 cabins on a budget is a whole other ballgame than just decorating a function hall. How do I make these cute little cabins not a nature nightmare for our guests ?

    Thanks so much, the over thinker bride.


    Hi Kacey,

    We’re totally down with the “soul sister” title; commitment is kind of our thing! It sounds like you’ve got a daunting task ahead of you, so the first step is to set a budget. As you well know, multiplying even small numbers by 60 quickly gets into the hundreds of dollars, so make sure you’re realistic with a number that makes you comfortable.

    Once you’ve established a spending amount, focus on ideas that make a cold cabin feel like home. Things like light sources or personal messages add comfort and familiarity to an otherwise rustic. Search online for free printable templates or print your personal photos and pop them in dollar store frames. Stock up on inexpensive LED tealights or string lights so the space doesn’t feel so dark once the sun goes down. When it comes to candles, think about inexpensive display options like paper lanterns or candle plates that allow you to place multiple sizes or styles in one place. Keeping things simple and looking for those dollar-or-less items makes it perfectly reasonable to work within a budget of just a few dollars per cabin.

    If you want to add a splash of color for pennies per cabin, look for paper DIYs. Tissue paper garland, origami or crepe paper flowers and colorful rosettes give a festive pop to the wooden walls. The handmade elements not only provide that punch, but give your guest cabins a loving touch.

    Hit up thrift stores for vessels and vases, and don’t be afraid to use items for things outside of their original purpose. Vintage glassware sets can be picked up for a fraction of the cost of retail vases and still look super cute holding a few paper posies. While you’re there, check out stuff like old curtains, table cloths or duvet covers. Spending a few dollars gives you yards of fabric to repurpose into throws, fabric bunting or other decorative touches to make your guests feel at home.

    Remember that you don’t have to have a set plan. Wandering aisles and websites for great deals can provide you with inspiration for ideas you didn’t realize you had! Keep in mind the amount per cabin you’d like to spend, be realistic about the time you want to spend crafting, and know it’s more than fine to want to go that extra step for the people who are there to celebrate with you.

    Have you had any big decor issues that have reared their ugly heads? What’s your plan of attack?

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    The time has finally come to see Real Bride Amy's intimate Chittendon, Vt., wedding. Amy and Rick escaped to a gorgeous lakeside lodge with a few of their nearest and dearest to tie the knot. They did away with all the extras and prioritized their dollars on what made sense for them -- the true broke-ass way. Boucher Visuals did a wonderful job of capturing…

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    My Pinterest board is filled to the brim with ideas. I've considered everything from building an altar from used pallet boards to growing my own rose garden and assembling the bridal bouquet. It's time for an intervention! I've known for years, well before I was officially engaged that I would be a "do it yourself" bride. Not just because of the cost savings but also…

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    I mentioned a while ago that we planned to use fake flowers when it came time for bouquets, bouts, corsages and decor. So that's what we did. Other than my bouquet, every other piece of flowery goodness was made with artificial flowers, and we were insanely happy with how they all turned out. We had two separate seating areas since dinner was outdoors, and dancing…

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    As I mentioned in my first post, I've planned to make my own wedding cake. I realize this is not an easy undertaking, and have been warned by multiple friends that this could add additional stress to my wedding day. DIYing is awesome, but making a cake is something you have to do basically the day before and can end in multiple disasters. However, I…

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    Our wedding was the best day ever, so naturally we wanted some really fun ways to remember it. I talked about my way too expensive Instax guestbook a while back, and while it did cost a pretty penny, I am SO glad we ended up doing it. I am obsessed. There was a time when we had no idea where the guestbook was going to…

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    On top of having super yummy carnival eats for dinner, we had some sweet treats for our guests, too. Even though funnel cakes and elephant ears are some of the best desserts on the planet, I knew I wanted a wedding cake to cut as well. I can take or leave the actual cutting of the cake while everyone stares. And the whole smashing thing?…

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    Aite y’all, so I finished painting about half of the centerpiece bases before I ran out of warm weather to work in. How dare spray paint not be able to dry in weather below 30 degrees right?! Taping off bases After the first coat of white dried, we taped off the tops and the edge above the flaps. I found entire sheets of painters tape…

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