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Um, yeah… that would be the same designer who let me barter away 50% off the cost of my wedding dress. Now you, too, can enjoy the same stunninglybeautifuljawdroppinggorgeousness that are Deborah Lindquist gowns, along with the infinite bad-assery that comes with donning an eco-bespoke gown, sans the sore thumbs from cutting fabric and typing invoices!

This was my gown! Le Sigh.

Traditional, exotic, long and luxe, or short and sassy, Deb’s got a style to fit every bride. Good luck choosing a favorite!

Sure, even at 50% off, they can be a bit of a splurge – but take it from a Lindquist Bride: for a made-to-measure, eco-friendly, couture gown that’s gorgeous enough to wear over and over? File that under WORTH IT in my book! So, go on – blow your wad!

Enter code EWD at checkout for 50% off and FREE SHIPPING.

(Ps – If it hadn’t been so fun to work with Deb, I’d be hella jealous of this deal :))

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The Broke-Ass Bride
  • 3/30

    The Green-Ass Bride & Groom have struck again! Dishing our best tips to help you save more green while being green, yo, and saving green on your green wedding!

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    Go on, put some green-ass in your broke-ass! All the cool kids are doing it 🙂

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    Here at Team Broke-Ass, shopping is serious business, and so are sustainability, good value, and giving back whenever possible! That's why we are luuurving on companies like  Seven Hopes United, one of many rad Fair Trade green wedding and gift registries and shopping sites. Fair trade is the Bibimbap Biggity Bomb, and it gives back to the craftsman and artisans who create the goods. Seven…

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    If you've rolled with me long enough, you know that around here, the true spirit of Broke-Ass is not just about spending smarter, but also stepping outside the box to and let your light shine in ways that are creatively and uniquely you (and maybe even be greener in the process). Who doesn't love a unique wedding? Well, this video, submitted by readers Juliana and…

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