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It’s not really feeling like fall here in Los Angeles. The farmer’s market is still stocked with fresh summer berries, the days still feel long and hot, and the flowers are still in bloom. But today on a walk I noticed a few leaves on the trees beginning to change. So since I can’t really enjoy all of fall in LA, I’ve been enjoying it on Pinterest! Fall weddings provide the perfect combo of bright fall colors and comfort foods! Enjoy these fall wedding inspiration photos I’ve been loving!

I’m loving all of the colors in this photo. Makes me miss the Midwest.

Mums and fall floral colors look especially bright when paired with the yellow billy balls and orange clementines!

Layers of spiced cake with frosting only on the inside give this cake a rustic look. And the sugared fruits and leaves add a playful element!

Centerpieces are a breeze for fall weddings. Grab some branches of leaves and spray paint them gold! Such an easy and simple DIY. Put them in a vase and you’ve got a simple and elegant centerpiece.

Send your guest home with one of my favorite fall treats! Yum!

Are you having a fall wedding? What is your inspiration? Let us know!

  • 10/27

    A while back I posted a wedding inspiration right here on how to make your wedding as fabulous as the Royal Wedding. And then not too long ago, we had a reader write in about having a bridal shower with the theme of a royal wedding. This is the BEST idea, and it would be so much fun!

    Ridiculous hats were one of the biggest parts of the Royal Wedding – so why not DIY your own? With just a few supplies and a little creativity, your bridesmaids and gal pals can make their own! Pick up some head bands, feathers, netting, rhinestones, faux flowers, and that trusty old glue gun and go to town! Have your girls make their own frou-frou fascinators or hats complete with bows and flowers. The more ridiculous, the better!

    Serve up some tea and finger sandwiches so your guests  feel extra British for the day. And don’t forget to send them home with a little favor! I would deck out a blue ring pop with rhinestones, so it would look just like Kate Middleton’s famous sapphire ring!

    Will you be having a themed Bridal shower? What do you plan on doing with your lovely ladies? Let us know!

  • 10/20

    Halloween is right around the corner and I can hardly contain my excitement! First of all because I bought a totally awesome costume for my dog, secondly because we bought a house and will have trick-or-treaters this year, and last but not least because I LOVE a good theme wedding. Now, I know you can go all traditional halloween colors, but orange is just not…

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    I don't know a whole lot about comics, so when a request came in for a Comic Con edition of Wedding Inspiration, I had a bit of research to do....and now I'm LOVING comic books as inspiration for a wedding. I would dress my bridesmaids in bright colors and gold shoes and let my groomsmen wear little details like Batman cuff links, or rock their…

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    Right now I am head over heels for this little color combo that I was inspired by on Pinterest. I saw a photo of a bride holding bright fuchsia peonies with some great turquoise jewels. Simple and so pretty. Perfect gold accents, bridesmaids in long maxi skirts hanging by the beach. Are you feelin' it? I know I am. What do you think of this…

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    Ah, September! I love you so. The air turns crisp and you see the first hint of fall and of course-school starts. It was only after I was finished with school that I truly missed shopping for school supplies. A new box of sharpened crayons (the 64 pack with the sharpener in the back if your parents spoiled you), the new 3 ring notebooks in…

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    This week's wedding inspiration is a little bit different. We recently received an inspiration request from a bride who wants a rustic country wedding and wants centerpieces that don't use living florals, but also won't break the bank. Time to get creative! Think that faux silk flowers are the only alternative to real ones? Wrong. Silk florals are pricey and if you find ones that…

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    Every now and then it's fun to change up weddings a bit and throw people a curve ball. Sure, you can get your wedding inspiration from your favorite color or flower or whatever season you're getting married in, but why not have fun with it?! How about a wedding based off of your favorite movie? Of course it would be fun to have a Cinderella…

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    You may not be able to afford a royal wedding, but you can take away one tradition from England and incorporate it into you big day for less. How about a high tea wedding? You save plenty of money by not feeding your friends and family any dinner or full bar (score!) and this inspiration is totally cute and chic! Deck your bridesmaids out in…

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