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Sweating for the wedding? I didn’t know that was a thing.

After I got engaged, and I started doing wedding research, I noticed a strange trend begin to emerge on my social media. First, my Facebook feed started filling up with ads for Sweating for the Wedding tank tops and workout gear. Then, the same thing started happening on Pinterest. I started to see workouts, weight-loss plans, and advice on how to get into shape before your wedding. Now, I know many brides want to lose weight before their wedding. This is nothing new, but I had no idea it had become a phenomenon.

I know I need to lose weight, but I don’t want you to want me to lose weight. Get it?

Now, before I got pregnant, I managed to lose a ton of weight. Then, I managed to gain it back during and after my pregnancy. Not all of it, but enough. I know I need to lose weight, not just for vanity’s sake, but for my health. But knowing I need to lose it and losing it are two very different things. It’s been very hard to stay motivated, and on track, I know a lot of women out there can relate. So, after I got engaged, I thought, okay, this is it. The wedding will be the extra push I needed to follow through on my exercise and diet plans.

Then, various people started saying the same thing, and I got a little bit of ‘tude about it. They were just echoing the same thoughts in my head, but because someone else suggested it, my immediate thought was I don’t have to lose weight for my wedding. Don’t tell me what t0 do! Then, I took a chill pill and said to myself, “Okay Kimberly, don’t worry about anyone else says, just do what you want to do.”

The trouble was …  I didn’t know what I wanted to do.

No, I don’t want any cake. I’ll just chew on this carrot while I dream of fitting into my wedding dress.

The main reason I wanted to try and lose weight was that I was stressing out about trying on gowns. When I was the maid of honor at my best friend’s wedding, I had a horrible time. The first store I went to didn’t have any samples in my size, so basically I had to squeeze the dress on as far as I could and imagine what the dress would look like in my size.

Wait, what?

You want me to shell out over a hundred dollars on a dress without knowing how it would look in the proper size? Um, no thank you. On top of that, I was embarrassed and bummed that I couldn’t join in the fun of trying on various gowns with the other bridesmaids. I ended up going to David’s Bridal, who had a much better selection of plus-size dresses, but the experience left a bad taste in my mouth. I still have ways to go before I start dress shopping, and I’m already feeling anxious about it. No es bueno.

BBW seeking plus-size savvy bridal salon. Must carry Allure Women gowns.

So, because I enjoy researching and making lists, I started looking up reviews from plus-size brides on various bridal salons in Connecticut. My goal was to compile a list of bridal salons that carried a variety of plus-size samples in the store to try on, as well as gowns designed specifically for plus-sized women. I even reached out to a few salons to ask questions and share my concerns. One of the salon’s that I spoke to was Mariella Creations in Rocky Hill. They were very nice and assured me that I would be able to try on a good selection of gowns. They were even going to be getting a new collection of plus-size styles in the next few months. I was beyond excited.

Once I had a few places saved in my binder that were BBW friendly, I felt a lot better about the prospect of dress shopping. Which, in turn, made me feel better about the idea of losing weight. If I’m not able to l0se weight, at least I know I can still have a good dress shopping experience.

So, I guess now I have to start sweating. Ugh.

Now that I’ve decided I’m ready to lose weight again, I have no idea where to start. The diet and exercise plan that I used before was not working out this time around. So, I turned to my true-blue friend — Pinterest. After a few days of searching, I finally settled on a few samples of HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) workouts. I wanted something that I could do at home without having to spend a lot of money on equipment because after all, I am a Broke-Ass Bride! So, I went to Wal-Mart and bought a pair of two-pound weights for about two dollars each. I already owned a set of five-pound weights so I wouldn’t have to run out and get heavier weights right away. I plan to start working out three days a week and then add additional days after a month or so.

As for my diet, I decided to start off with something simple. One thing I learned about losing weight; if the method was too restrictive or too complicated I wouldn’t follow it for very long. So, I am going to focus on portion control. I’m the first to admit that I have no self-control when it comes to eating. Why eat a half a cup of rice when you can have a bowl full I always say. I’m also going to work on reducing my carb intake. I can’t give up carbs completely, but I think I can cut down on how much I eat.

To be honest, I don’t know if I am going to have any luck losing weight. Losing weight has never been easy for me. I’m going to try my damnedest, but if I don’t, I’m not going to let it make me feel bad about myself.

I will enjoy wedding planning, I will enjoy dressing shopping, and I will be a beautiful bride on my wedding day.

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    Shaving. It can be kind of a pain in the ass, but we have to do it. Even if you have a beard, there’s some maintenance that needs to be done. For your wedding day, I’d 100% recommend you have a professional barber clean you up, but not all of us have that kind of time or cash. So, I’m going to share some ways you can get the next best thing at home.

    The Clean Shaven Man

    The most knowledgeable of clean-shaven dudes will know that taking shortcuts in your shaving routine will show. You can prevent frequent knicks, cuts and bumps in a few steps:

    Take a quick second to apply a pre-shaving oil. This allows the blade to cut a little closer to the skin and lifts the hair, so the end product is a smoother feel.
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    There are a lot of razors out there to choose from. Dollar Shave Club and Harry’s are both great because you can get them shipped to your house and at a fraction of the cost. Did you know Target has subscription-eligible items you can order directly from them?

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    Shaving gel or cream?

    This mostly depends on personal preference — either will get the job done if you use it right. If you’re real fancy, you’ll use a shave brush and shaving soap. It’s going to give you the absolute best shave in the world, but it is more of a commitment.
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    After shave

    This seems always to be thought of as optional, but it’s really one of the most important steps. Its main purpose is to help keep the skin from getting irritated and bumpy and typically works as a good moisturizer post-shave.
    Art of Shaving After Shave
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    The Bearded Bear

    Having a beard doesn’t mean you get to slack off. Beards need daily cleaning and maintenance, but it can all be done pretty quickly. All you need to do is make sure you’re brushing through it, hydrating the hair and skin (that’s what an oil is for) and keeping it trimmed and tidy.

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    The Busy Bee

    Sometimes we just don’t have the time to fuss with shaving. We’re not here to judge! Instead, here are a few good options at Target you could choose from.

    ConAir Electric Razor
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    Grooms or groomsmen on your list? Spinster Sisters, Jack Black and Etsy have affordable gift options that have everything the guys will need.

    What are your favorite shaving brands? Let us know in the comments or on our Instagram!

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    I want to talk about body image. The pressure to look "perfect" in your dress on your big day. Bridal boot camps! Shredding for the wedding! Your 28-day pre-wedding detox diet! Finally drop those last 5/10/20 pounds for your big day! Blah blah blah. I’m going to get real with you for a sec. I have more than my fair share of body image issues.…

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    It's not too super often that I get super amped about fancy schmancy skincare stuff, but when it happens you better believe it's good. And guys, this is good: Like spa-at-home-for-a-great-price, good. I'm pretty basic when it comes to my own skincare routine -- Dove beauty bar, exfoliating tool, moisturizer and done. There's not a whole lot of fancy going on there (I mean, for…

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    Whether you're trying to turn the corner from the gross effects of winter -- because cold, dry weather can really take a toll on your mind, skin and body -- or you're trying to boost your already beautiful self in preparation for your engagement photos or wedding day, you might be in search of some new pampering goodies to get you started on the right…

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    Way back when, in the early days of BAB, we had a series called Flab to Fab, which chronicled some health and weight loss tips that had worked for us. Those of you paying attention on Instagram a couple weeks ago might have noticed this pop up as a hashtag as I embarked on a three-day juice cleanse. Health, happiness and general badassery have always been a…

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        But seriously, right? Print via Etsy seller Mooredor Creations Let me start this off by saying I don’t think you need to be any particular size to be a beautiful bride. I don’t think that a number on a scale always denotes your overall health. Beautiful, healthy brides (and grooms) come in all shapes and sizes and ultimately, how you look on the…

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    The nastiest question too many newly-engaged brides hear is, “How much weight are you planning to lose?” Um, are you saying I NEED to lose weight? What if I don’t plan to lose any? What if I plan to put a little on? It should be out of bounds, but apparently, it’s not. Here at BAB, we like to promote a body-positive image. We love…

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    So it's almost the end of January: have you been slacking on your resolutions already? The ones where you promised to work out more or take more time for you? BUSTED. Here's something that will help you get back on track with both: YogaDownload. We're been working with Yoga Download for a while already, so you may know the drill, but I'm going to recap…

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