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Hey everyone! Sorry for the week off, I was dealing with some family issues but I’m back! So when we went to the bridal expo a few months back, we signed up to do our wedding registry at Bed, Bath & Beyond. I’m not going to lie, I didn’t even know if we were going to do a registry, but they tempted me with the lure of free stuff.

I can’t say no to a free coffee mug!

So I signed up for a day a few months in the future. Unfortunately, I thought we were going to have to cancel or postpone it because Chris had Army stuff that weekend, but he ended up getting back in time, so we packed the kids up and off we went.

Now, I know I say this a lot, but taking my kids was not ideal. I adore my children, but their idea of a good time is not walking around a big store where they can’t touch anything and hearing me whisper/hiss “stoptouchingthatdon’ttouchyoursistersohelpme … ” We’re going to have to go back at some point, just Chris and I, but we did get a lot of the basics onto our list.

I was hesitant about making a registry — we already live together and have everything we need — but after talking to a few of my married friends who also lived together and had registries, it makes sense to have one. So we put down a lot of things that we could upgrade. New dishes, cups and silverware; upgraded kitchen supplies; upgraded bedding sets … it was kind of fun to go through everything and decide what we would really like to have.

The process was pretty simple.

We met with the lady in charge and she briefly explained everything to us, gave us a few pamphlets (and the mugs!) and sent us on our merry way with the cool scanner gun thing that I couldn’t get to work. Obviously user error, since Chris started showing off how he could scan things upside down, behind the back … the girls were at least amused!

So now we have a registry that hopefully we remember to go back and update at some point.

It was fun to pick things that we’d have to start our married life together. I think I’d also like to do an Amazon registry, I had a baby registry through them and it was great, and I also love me some Amazon. I feel like things will start snowballing soon — we have less than five months to go until the big day and I’m trying to hold off the impending freakout!

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    Affiliate Disclaimer NewSo the wedding registry process is NO JOKE!  So many options and so much advice, not to mention I need to select things that I think I will like — rather love — for a long time … seriously?!

    Thank goodness I have a fiance who has an appreciation for the finer things in life and was down to join me at a couple of stores to start the process.

    We are deadline based people. Without a deadline, tasks on our wedding planning to-do list are at the risk of not getting done. It’s not that we don’t want to add check marks to our list, it’s just that we prioritize life based on the most urgent deadline. After our engagement party and several gift inquiries, I realized that the task of building the registry needed to move to the top of the list.

    I did some research and landed on using as our “hub,” an easy-to-use site that would work for our guests who wouldn’t dare set foot in a store when online shopping is an option and our guests who MUST have an in-store-and-hopefully-catch-a-good-sale type of experience.

    The website is great and you would think that all we would need to do to wrap up this part of the process would be to select our items, but nothing is really ever that easy! We both needed to touch and feel items to confirm this magical wish list, so I started doing research to see if any of our favorite stores were hosting a private registry event. Everyone likes an event, right?

    The Crate & Barrel registry event was a great start! We were welcomed with a smile on a Sunday morning before the store opened. A handful of couples enjoyed a store tour and let me just say, WOW! I’ve only been inside of Crate & Barrel a couple of times and I somehow missed how amazing this store is. After the tour and overview, the sales associate gave as an iPhone and equipped with instructions, we started our adventure. Two hours later, a few tastings from the Vitamix team (who knew that a blender could make hummus?!?) and a crucial decision made to add porcelain vs. bone china, we felt on top of the world. Not to mention: we left with free goodies!

    IMG_5680The Goodie Bag was icing on the cake!

    Next stop, Bed Bath & Beyond. They have a really cool registry event but unfortunately I was unable to find one in our city in upcoming months. Little did I know that this would be a benefit as we were able to have a 1:1 experience with an amazing wedding consultant. Seriously, the wedding consultant never left our side and we loved it. She walked us to each and every section of the store and shared her suggestions for items, explained the brand comparisons and even double-checked some of the prices. She was a wedding registry angel! Once we were done, she hooked us up with a mug & luggage tag set, we left the store giddy with excitement.

    B6D186AA-EBE3-4204-A30B-09AAF1DC5EC9#HappilyRegistered at Bed Bath & Beyond

    Two stores done and we feel pretty accomplished. We still have a few more items to add, but now that we have the foundation we can wrap up everything else online … unless of course I find more registry events in the near future, especially the Macy’s Sip & Scan.

    Last but certainly not least we linked and synced both registries to our My Registry account and I couldn’t have asked for a more seamless process and our guests have lots of gifting options.

    Overall, we had a blast and picking out items for our wish list was much better than the individual decisions that we have made in the past.  Oh and we picked out a pretty cool blender, iron and deep fryer!

    What’s on your wedding registry checklist?


  • 9/2

    Gift Boxes available from Etsy seller PenandFavor So you've broken down and started a registry -- or two -- but now you're not sure what to add. Maybe you're all adult-like and already have the basics like bedding and cookware. Maybe you've never lived on your own and have no idea what you might want or need right now ... and don't really care. Or maybe…

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    Aside from determining the guest list, registering was one of the most uncomfortable and awkward parts of the wedding process for Matt and I. When I was younger, I would write up page-long Christmas lists and distribute them to family members. I did this in part for the obvious reason, which was the fact that I was hoping to find the items off the list…

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    Whether you're a foodie or not, there are some definite kitchen staples you need. And if you're swingin' solo until your I Dos and don't entertain much as is, you might be uber surprised by how much you're gonna want to entertain once you're all hitched and shacked up together (plus, as broke-asses, it's cheaper to holler at some peeps to come over than have…

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    Who doesn't love gifts? Esp. if they come in adorbz paper like this. Available from Etsy seller JDesignPaper Registering for your wedding is hard when you're trying to be budget-conscious in other areas. You have to get yourself out of the broke-ass mindset, and allow yourself the idea of some luxuries and splurges. We already own  a home and have lived together for a few years,…

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    Amidst all the hustle, bustle and must-dos on your list now that you're in the throes of wedding planning sits one single little nugget of awesome -- your registry! Now, of course it's not "proper etiquette" to discuss gifts, but you're "supposed" to inconspicuously set one of these bad boys up then let it be discovered by your guests through word of mouth. Everyone knows…

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    There are a ton ... nay, a fuckload of registry options out there. And let's be real: Registering for gifts can be a little awkward. Maybz you and your partner have been together forevz and have all the ish you need, so the cash-money could come in SUPER handy. Maybe you need a few smaller-dollar thangalangs for the abode, but are all about stashing some…

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    With our wedding day fast approaching, we've started to pay more serious attention to our registries. As a second time bride, I can't emphasize the following enough: REGISTER FOR THE WAY YOU LIVE. From bridal websites and magazines to the consultants in the stores who take advantage of your excitement over holding a scanner gun,  there is a lot of pressure to register for a…

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