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Sponsored Post DisclaimerJewelry bargain wedding band setBuying the ring for that first question — that all-important question that gets couples started down the road on their next chapter together — tends to come with a lot of pressure. What style? What size? And especially, how damn much will this cost?

It’s that last question that can really send any broke-ass couple into a tailspin — especially when you start hearing things like “an engagement ring should cost the equivalent of three months’ salary.”

Um, say what?!?

Just a big fat nope.

Which is why we turn to shops like JewelryBargain for gorgeous and affordable engagement rings. As manufacturers of estate reproductions and custom pieces, JewelryBargain is able to cut out the middle man to offer gorgeous baubles that won’t break the bank. Since they offer an online shop, There is no extra retail markup or snooty salesman to make couples think their picks aren’t good enough.

JewelryBargain Emerald Engagement RingWhen the company’s owner witnessed how hard it was for young couples to afford a beautiful engagement ring at high retail prices, especially after the economic decline in the late ’00s. He saw no need for couples to settle for a ring that was less than what they envisioned just due to budget constraints, so as a third-generation jewelry manufacturer, he took matters into his own hands.

JewelryBargain was born, as was its tag line of “Same Quality – Better Prices,” a slogan the company steadfastly stands by.

JewelryBargain Cluster Vintage Engagement RingWith a huge range of antique-styled reproductions, authentic vintage and estate rings, there is no shortage of unique, high-quality options to pick from. All of JewelryBargain’s pieces are made with the finest materials, because they believe that you should have the ring of your dreams without having to go into serious debt.

After all, you have a wedding and the rest of your life to budget for!

JewelryBargain Vintage Diamond Engagement RingAnd, because they’re serious about their love for Broke-Ass couples, JewelryBargain is offering a special discount, just for you!

Click below to shop JewelryBargain and use code BAB15 for 15% off any non-sale purchase!

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  • 10/25

    Affiliate Disclaimer NewI want to talk a little about our broke-ass approach to our engagement. Ever since I saw the movie “Blood Diamond” in 2006, I decided that I wanted an engagement ring with an ethically sourced stone. Mind you, i was 19 and single at the time, so my thought process pretty much stopped there. Flash forward nine years, Evan and I had been living together for a while and we had began to discuss marriage, so I began to explore my thoughts on sparkly rocks a little bit more. I was happy to find that there were lots of alternative gems out there, thanks to articles like this. For me, even without ethical concerns, I just didn’t see the appeal of a diamond. I had never owned diamond jewelry before and never felt that I was missing out. Knowing that if I chose a different stone, I could spend a lot less money and still get a pretty and meaningful ring, well, it, to me it just seemed like an obvious choice. That is what my partner and I chose based on our values, as everyone should do for themselves! Some people don’t even do engagement rings at all, and that’s great too! Do you! I just think it’s important that we are given the capacity to make an informed choice — to know that diamonds aren’t the only possibility, and that how much money your partner spends on a ring doesn’t indicate a direct correlation to how much your partner loves you. Forget that!

    Plus, the idea behind moissanite is SO cool to me. Being a huge sci-fi nerd, having a gem that’s synthesized based on particles FROM SPACE is pretty freaking cool. So, I told Evan that’s what I wanted. He picked out an absolutely beautiful gem for a very reasonable amount, and we saved the rest to furnish our new apartment without going into debt. Nobody has been able to tell that my ring was not a diamond based on how it looks, but I’ve also been very open about it — my intention was never to fool anyone into thinking my fiance dropped stacks on my engagement ring. I’m happy to report that not a single person has judged me for it (I wouldn’t stand for it if they did, obviously), and two of my friends were so taken by the idea they asked their significant others for moissanite rings when they pop the question.

    Oh, right — maybe you want to see it.

    Real Bride Holly's moissanite engagement ring

    Do you have a story behind the ring that you and your partner chose? I’d love to hear it!

  • 8/12

    Hey there, dudes! It’s time to talk about rings. We've covered the baubles for the ladies, and now it's time to focus on you. I won’t go into a long diatribe about their significance, the symbolism of eternal love and blah, blah, blah. Instead, I’ve done a bit of shopping and I’m gonna share the loot I’ve found. The list is separated into three categories:…

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    9k Gold Wedding Ring Set available from Etsy seller RingsbyRita At one of the many bridal shows I attended, I saw a local jewelry store was doing a trunk show for wedding rings, so I thought we would check it out. We started with mine because I have a uniquely set engagement ring that has a design in the profile, so most wedding bands would…

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    BABs, let's talk rings. Yeah, that ring. As Broke-Asses, we typically like for our ring to match our lifestyle -- classy but savvy, fun but smart, stunning but brilliant. And that means finding the most bang for your buck with that all-important engagement ring. You know what you like, now you just have to find the one that makes the most sense for your taste…

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    Y’all, we did it. We pulled off a beautiful wedding within budget that was full of love and meaning and all of the everything I had ever hoped for. Since our amazing photographer Shaina has already shared a few dozen pictures from our most special of days, I’m excited to give you a little glimpse into the event and share my very favorite story of…

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    Choosing the right wedding band can be a tricky decision for some -- especially those on a smaller budget. Couples often don't want to throw down serious skrilla on a piece of jewelry for fear that they may lose it or some other stroke of bad luck may hit. And once the couple has nailed down how much they're comfortable spending, it's often difficult to…

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    Guys, let me tell you: It's super easy to find the national average of what couples spend on engagement rings (a single search yielded steady results ranging from $4,000-$6,000+) but wedding bands are a whole 'nother ball game. After four search attempts and even asking a group of other wedding bloggers, the best I could come up with is a post from 2014 on…

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    While we're on the subject of rings this week, we should totes shift the attention from the high-octane bling to that little circle that takes center stage on your wedding day. Now, when it comes to bands, especially wedding bands for the mensfolk, there are a huge variety of options. -- gold, white gold, platinum, titanium, palladium, tungsten, cobalt chrome, ceramic ... I mean, whoa.…

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