3/29 {Can’t Afford It/Get Over It} Veils… Yes, Veils!

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I have a fun request for this week’s CAI/GOI post. We talk a ton about the dress, but what about the second most important piece many brides choose to wear on their wedding day? Veils of course!  And boy, can they be pricey.  More pricey than many of us brides would expect.  In fact, one time I went dress shopping with a friend and she fell in love with a veil without knowing the price.  She was thinking that it couldn’t have cost more than $100… I mean, it’s just some tulle and a comb right? Well, not exactly. The veil she fell in love with was $700!  I mean, most ladies reading this blog wouldn’t dream of spending even that much on their actual gown, let alone on the veil. So when bride Katie wrote in wanting to get over this Cap Style Veil from Twigs and Honey, I knew I had to help a gal out.  Here’s Katie’s plea:

Let me just say, I would wear it back just a smidgen so it wouldn’t cover my eyelashes, but I am loving this cap veil from Twigs and Honey in all of it’s vintage-y glory. Can NOT justify $265 for even my pretty little head. 😉 Help!?


Can’t Afford It

Get Over It:

1. CR Boggs Designs. Retails for $145.

2. CL Costa Designs. Retails for $30.

3. CR Boggs Designs. Retails for $145.

4. CL Costa Designs. Retails for $38.

5. CL Costa Designs. Retails for $3o.

6. CL Costa Designs. Retails fro $68.

7. Head Coverings by Devorah. Retails for $24.99.

8. Amazon. Retails for $68.95.

9. Weddingdress.com. Retails for $45.

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  • Wendy

    I had no idea veils could be so expensive. I like the last one.

  • Wow, I had no clue that veils cost that much!

  • goose

    I got quite the shock trying one on at Macy's for $250 My dress cost 600!!! I went on etsy and found a smiliar style for 50 dollars. 😀

  • DaveCy

    I loooove poshveils!

  • Angela

    love that first one… You guys find the most amazing things!

  • K L

    Love looking at your blog to get ideas of companies and websites to check out. Thanks!

    • Jessica

      I forgot about looking at Amazaon!

  • Melissa W

    I couldn't justify $700 either, but the cheaper substitutes would be just as pretty (if not prettier)!

  • I love the can't afford it/get over it features with other wedding necessities! Keep up the great work!

  • Tanya

    I really like the first option. With that said, my favorite is still the GOI twigs and honey veil. Champagne tastes I guess! 😛

    I'd check out Etsy, vintage clothing stores (or specifically bridal resale stores), and places like Once Wed, YourDreamDress.com, and PreownedWeddingDresses.com. I bought my veil used (er, ok "previously enjoyed" sounds better). Honestly, people wear veils for what, an hour, two hours tops? How much damage or wear and tear could be done in that time? I've also heard that it's easier than it looks to make a veil, but I don't trust my 7th grade Home Ec skills. My veil would probably end up with hot glue clumps, lumps, and strings everywhere.

  • Emily

    I fell in love with a designer dress with a pricetag of four digits! thats rediculous and a BIG BIG No-No in my book! So with a little internet searching and talking to other brides I found some fabulous sites like isadorabridal.com and bridaldreamdress.com who make "knock-offs" or if you don't like that word, duplicates sounds better of designer dresses for superb prices! My dress looks amazing and looks like its the high end price tag when really it wasn't! and what is even better is shipping is FREE!