11/1 {Can’t Afford It/Get Over It} The Gold-Beaded, Vintage-Inspired Mystery Gown

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Today’s CAI/GOI gown request comes from a bride who has no idea who or what made her dream dress.  She simply saw a picture of it and knew it was the one.  For her, it was love at first sight… Sort of like the first time my pre-teen eyes gazed upon Corey Feldman as Edgar Frog in The Lost Boys…  a moment I can only describe as pure sexual magic. Not sure if today’s bride would describe her dream gown as “pure sexual magic”, but you get the idea.  So let’s cut the sarcasm and get to the gowns.  Here we go:

I have no idea where I found this picture, but I am completely and utterly in love with this gown! I am having an October 2012 wedding and the vintage feel of the gown and the ivory color and gold beading will fit right in. Can you help? I am looking to spend under $2000 if possible. Thanks a.. well.. thanks under $2000!!
-The Future Mrs. Murray
Can’t Afford It:
Get Over It:
1. Mon Cheri. About $1000.
2. Simone Carvalli. About $2000.
3. Sue Wong.  $478.
4. Sue Wong. $458.
5. Sue Wong. $498.
6. Mignon. $458.
7. Mignon. $518.
8. Aidan Mattox. $450.
9. Sue Wong. $545.
12. Adrianna Papell. $298.
13. Pisaro Nights. $158.
14. Sue Wong. $545.
15. J.Crew. $1500.
16. Sue Wong. $490.
17. J.Crew. $1800.
18. Basix. $910.
19. ABS. $258.99.
20. BHLDN. $1400.
22. Tadashi Shoji. $500.
23. Sue Wong. $488.
24. Pattis. Around $2000.
26. Martina Liana. Around $2000.
27. Youlin. Around $2000.
28. Allure Couture. Around $2000.
29. Youlin. Around $2000.
30. Sophia Tolli. About $1000.
31. Galina Signature. About $1000.
32. Atelier Diagonal. About $1000.
33. Mia Solano. About $1000.
34. Nicole Miller. About $1000.
35. Mon Cheri. About $1000.
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  • Any of those Sue Wongs (that sounds duurrrrty) are stunning. Stunning, I say!

  • Sue Wong is my favorite designer. I got an amazing roaring 20's style dress on sale and it's my go-to show-stopper.

  • The gown is Jenny Packham, who I believe is a British designer, with 2 shops based in London. This particular dress is the Eden collection. In case she was wondering exactly where to get it 🙂

  • I love the bridal gowns. They are so very very very nice!

  • Future Mrs Murray

    Thanks SOOOO much! Now I have to choose from all of these gorgeous gowns. I am really liking the Simone Carvalli and the Allure Couture! And thank you Rachel for the info on the original gown. Now I have to go to England to see it in person! lol

  • I fell in love with the (no-longer-a) mystery gown, too! Thanks for sharing this, I spent a good portion of my day yesterday drooling over it.

  • Karlie

    I know how hard it is to plan for a wedding while trying to keep costs low and it is so hard! That first dress is gorgeous by the way. Maybe if you save on photography you can spend more on the dress? That's what did! Instead of hiring an expensive photographer to print my pictures I just used an online wedding album through http://www.weddingspics.com.

    Hope this helped!


  • Bridey

    Sue Wong IS amazing. I am probably about to buy one of her gowns for my wedding. I found it at a Nordstrom and can't find it anywhere online, so I would recommend going in person to Nordstrom or Bloomingdale's.

  • liz

    you can also find Packham at Bisou bridal in vancouver

  • Mahsey

    I am wearing my new Jenny Packham Eden dress to my wedding in two weeks…I plan to sell it afterwards for a used price. If you are interested in purchasing one please let me know!!!!!

    • Guest

      Hi Mashey,
      Please email me, I am interested in the dress.