1/11 {Can’t Afford it/Get Over it} A Groom’s Request for His Bride

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I have gotten tons of Get Over it gown requests from brides, but today I’m answering the sweetest request from a groom. Yes, a groom!  His bride is in love with Bianca by Ulla Maija, but unfortunately their wedding wallets can’t squeeze out an extra $5000 to afford it.  Here’s what cutie groom Jeff wrote:

Hello everyone,

My finance is driving me crazy in her pursuit of this dress BIANCA http://www.ulla-maija.com/.
Can anyone please help me??

Desperately waiting for your reply,


Have no fear, Jeff. I’m here to answer your desperate plea. I found 20 Get Over it gowns for your beautiful bride to feast her eyes on.  On behalf of all fiancees reading this, I’d like to say thank you to Jeff. Thank you for taking an active role in wedding planning, and a special thanks for understanding how important the wedding gown is to many of us brides. You get a Gold Star, Mr. Groom. Now let’s get to the gowns!

Can’t Afford it:

Get Over it:

1. Allure Couture. Retails for about $1000

2. Youlin. Retails for about $1500.

3. Terani Couture. Retails for $560.

4. Destinations by Mon Cheri. Retails for under $600.

5. Maggie Sottero. Retails for about $1000.

6. Lo-Ve-La by Liz Fields. Retails for $858.

7. Jacqueline Exclusive. Retails for about $1000.

8. JoJo’s Shop. Retails for $289.99.

9. JoJo’s Shop. Retails for $249.99.

10. Terani Couture. Retails for $770.

11. Mignon. Retails for $458.

12. Walking on Air. Retails for $128.

13. JoJo’s Shop. Retails for $299.99.

14. Jovani. Retails for $830.

15. Terani Couture. Retails for $650.

16. Montage by Mon Cheri. Retails for $317.99.

17. Dave and Johnny. Retails for $263.

18. Terani Couture. Retails for $590.

19. Jovani. Retails for $830.

20. Sottero & Midgley. Retails for $1120.

**Bonus Short Get Over it Gown**

21. Sue Wong. Retails for $398.

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  • hitchdied

    I saw that dress in Brides magazine last month and gasped, because the neckline looks just like the neckline on my altered dress. I bought Blue by Enzoani's "Bria" dress (I think it retails for something like $1250? I got a discount for buying the store's sample), but am having one of the lace halter straps tucked across the chest to create the one-shoulder look. But, fair warning, radical alterations aren't cheap. I'd check out Britt's brill suggestions first! Good luck.

  • Awesome, I'm loving seeing more one-shoulder dresses! anything but the same old BORING "mono-boob" strapless gowns that nobody looks good in!

  • It's a much more modern version of the idea, but I thought of this one from Nordstrom for $277: http://shop.nordstrom.com/s/aidan-mattox-metallic

  • Jenne

    Not a fan of the nude lining on the original dress…1,5 & 10 are far more stunning. Hope she appreciates all the gorgeous alternatives 🙂

  • mysanfranciscobudgetwedding

    I love that Destinations dress. If I were looking for a one-shoulder, I think I would start there.

  • Jeff

    Thank you Britt and Dana and everyone else who helped in this search.My mrs is over the moon with the alternatives. I think she looks great as is but you know there is no turning back once a woman falls in love with a dress! I hope this post also helps all you other to-be-brides in search of something similar.

    Many thanks from Amsterdam, Jeff

  • Stacy

    Thanks! It is nice to know a beautiful dress doesn't have to break the bank…

  • Amber W.

    I think it's cute that he accidentally called his fiance his "finance" lol.

    • Taleitha

      my man calls me this all the time in text email whatever..lol it is cute.

  • limadean

    I'm curious whether anyone has bought a dress from Jojo's Shop. They have a lot of dresses I like, but I'm not sure about spending that much and waiting 25 days without a recommendation!

  • http://www.cheap-wedding-gowns.com/shopexd.asp?id

    How about this option…. $229.00

  • Wow! I'm not normally a fan of lace, but that dress is stunning. #8 is nice, too.

  • Tanya
  • Benita Wheeler

    Dont' get over it, get someone to sew it. Old school. I have a friend when she walks down the aisle, it is expensive until we find a way to sew it.

  • Hi! I am so excited that I found this blog!!

    Question~ has anyone gone into Couture De Bride, In Teaneck, NJ?
    This is their website http://www.weddingdressfantasy.com

    Their claim to fame is they have sizes 0-40!!! YES ZERO TO FORTY!
    Had to repeat it, and they have over 60 colors in 3 to 5 different fabrics, and they will make you any dress in any color. I want a green dress…But I have spent Hundreds of hours looking at dresses for plus sized brides, and I think these guys may have some amazing deals and I am planning on going..they even have a YouTube channel that showcases their dresses and what colors they have. http://www.youtube.com/user/WeddingDressFantasy.

    I honestly didn't see anything over 500 dollar range, but you may have to pay more if you want sleeves etc. The cheapest dress I saw was $299.00 But I didn't even hit the clearance..There are a gazillion dresses on this site ladies, so if you are in the NY NJ PA tri state, even MD or CN, I would suggest checking them out.

    So has anyone been there for a fitting? Shopping? dealt with them online?

    Thanks Shawna ;-}