4/2 The Power Is YOURS!

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Get pumped to celebrate the worlds favorite holiday! Nope, it’s not Christmas and it doesn’t involve chocolate bunnies, it’s EARTH DAY! Earth Day is on April 22nd and I just can’t wait to open up my Earth Day presents. I remember last year I got an “Ozone-Hole Patch Kit” and “World Peace In a Can”. If only I could find where I put them…

Sing along now: Captain Planet he's our hero, knocking bad guys down to zero...

In honor of Earth Day’s big four-oh (she looks good for her age, right?) YourDailyThread.com, your green life style hook up for the City of Angels and beyond, is revamping their website with an online boot camp that can turn “Eco-Zeros” into “Eco-Heros!” Hoorah! Green is the new black, yo! And a green wedding? Tres tres eco-chic! So, when it comes to saving green, we do it while being green. It’s easy to rock your Broke-Ass while learning how to minimize your carbon footprint. Not only will you be living a greener life after this boot camp, you will also have a clearer understanding of why going green is so good for our earth.

DON'T GIVE ME TWENTY!!! Just put that bottle in the recycling bin, if you wouldn't mind.

Never recycled before? No problem, there is a first time for everything! Recycling and re-purposing can be fun and fulfilling! Our friends at Your Daily Thread are making it soooooo easy by making you a green starter kit to kick off the festivities. Orders from your drill sergeant will arrive via email Monday through Friday starting on Monday April 5th. So get your fabulous behind in gear and sign up to be an eco-conscious boot camp cadet today. That’s an order, soldier!

The boot camp is going on for twenty days and you can sign up for it here: www.yourdailythread.com/bootcamp By the time Earth Day rolls around you’ll have graduated from boot camp, and will be an eco-hero celebrating Earth the best way possible, by appreciating her.

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