1/13 Budget Getaways: Sun, Sites and Good Eats in Tulum, Mexico

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I don’t know about y’all, but I’m NOT a fan of the cold weather. Like, at all. Give me all the 70-degree temperatures and sunny days — AKA: margarita weather. That’s why, after Thanksgiving, my galpals and partner decided to escape the cold Texas rain and head to warmer weather. Destination: Tulum. You guys, BEST IDEA EVER. While our friends and family were teeth-chattering through their coffee, we were sitting on the beach, sipping fresh pineapple juice and digging into all those unread books.

If you haven’t been to Mexico, I strongly encourage you to make the trip. Cheap flights are so easy to come by (we flew to Tulum for less than $300!) and I can’t stress enough how easy it is to make it a budget-friendly trip. For the couple trying to pinch pennies, Tulum makes a great honeymoon spot — you can feel the romance in the air. Here are some the eats and the sites we experienced during our week-long vacay.

The Eats

El Pollo Bronco Tulum

El Pollo Bronco
The first placed we stopped. You literally buy a half or whole chicken and a bunch of sides and build tacos. We got a side of cheesy potatoes to put in them — WHAT. So amazingly delicious!
Diamante K Tulum Restaurant
Diamante K
We made a quick pit stop here for drinks and a little nibble before dinner. It’s along the coast, but it’s tucked away amongst cute huts and thatched roofs. If you go, get the octopus!
Pineapple Juice Tulum
Burrito Amor
This was a common spot for us as it was super close to our AirBnB. It’s on the main strip in town and is a completely open-air restaurant. The tacos are KILLER and the juices are freshly squeezed and better than you can imagine (the image is of our pineapple juices—we drank a lot of them during the trip). Another great thing about Burrito Amor: They’re open late!
Campanella Cremerie Tulum
Campanella Cremerie
We got the pleasure of meeting the owner of this cute gelato place — SO nice and welcoming. This is another place on the main strip in town and is probably the best cup of coffee you’ll find there.
Hartwood Tulum Dinner
If you’ve done any research about Tulum, you’ve heard about Hartwood. Well, all the hype is true. It’s SO GOOD. We got to spend my birthday there for dinner and it was super great. You can set reservations now and I recommend you do. The line builds up quickly.
Cilantros Mezcal Tulum
This was a fun little find one night on our bikes. Cilantro’s is a bar set in one of the main resorts and has some of the friendliest staff I’ve ever met. Mezcal flight? YES PLEASE.
Tacos Tulum
It’s no surprise the tacos in Tulum are the best around. We’re not talking about your typical tacos either—they’re serious.
Posada Margherita Tulum Dinner
Posada Margherita
This may have been my favorite place on the whole beach. It’s so cute and romantic. And the food — OMG. It’s set right along the beach, so as you’re eating you’re delicious pasta, you hear the roaring of the ocean waves beneath tea lights. This is a must-see if you’re with your sweetheart.

The Sites

Tulum Ruins Coastline
The Ruins
We had a ton of fun at the ruins. Not only were the structures amazing to see in person, but the creatures you get to see are remarkable. Be sure to wear comfortable shoes!
Tulum Public Beach
Public Beach
You can see the public beaches from the cliffs of the Tulum ruins. As far as public beaches go, they’re super clean and very pleasant. If you want an inexpensive, casual afternoon, BYOB and enjoy the sun and water.
Tulum Town Streets
We stayed in a house just out of the south side of town, so we spent a lot of time strolling and biking through town. If you’re looking to do some shopping, I recommend hitting up the markets in town before going to the shops near the resorts. You can save a lot of money and find more authentic items there.
Papaya Playa Tulum Beach
Papaya Playa
I can’t say enough good things about Papaya Playa. We spent SO MUCH time here, we might as well have just bunked on the beach. It’s a beautiful resort and the view from the restaurant is breathtaking. If you want to enjoy the quieter side of the coast, splurge on a drink or two and kick back in the beach cots. Order the ceviche if you want to eat some of the best fish ever.
Tulum Coast Sunset Couple
My partner, Kris, and I found Tulum to be incredibly romantic. The sunsets, my god. At night, the restaurants are lit either solely by candlelight or by dim yellow light, so walking through the resort area is euphoric. I’m not sure how anyone living there could be single.

There are so many wonderful things to see and experience in Tulum that I could go on forever. I didn’t even get to mention the cenotes, the amazing culture or the vibrant atmosphere, but I’ll leave that for you to see for yourself.

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