11/24 Broke-Ass Test Labs: The P90x

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It’s a very exciting day here at Broke-Ass Headquarters….. We are begining a new series called Broke-Ass Testing Labs! Here we will test out and review all sorts of products from must have registry items, to Flab to Fab makers and things that, well… just tickle our fancy. Consider this our beta launch, ’cause we’ve got lots of ideas a-brewin’. But the one thing that will always remain true iswe’ze gonna give it to ya straight – no amount of moolah can buy a good review ’round these parts!So, cut that ribbon ’cause The Broke-Ass Testing Lab is now open….. where we give you The Down Low, Straight up.

First up The P90x, by Beachbody:

The introductory disclaimer says it all “P90x is an extreme workout”. Indeed it is, and your host for this adrenaline fiesta is a Mr. Tony Horton. I kind of feel like Tony Horton is a lovable, bulked up Michael Scott. There you are, trying to get your work done, but he’s hopping around to his supporting cast saying things like “He is the one man band man. I don’t know if that makes sense,” or with a kind of German Accent “Itz za German Potato Zoup!” Based off of the no non-sense marketing I expected a host who was too cool for school, but I got to say I appreciate the goofiness of Tony Horton’s lets have fun personality.

He’s a wiiild and craaazy guy!!!

My main issue with this series is that many of the exercises require you to have equipment such as bands, weights and pullup bars.This creates a problem since only a small DVD box set arrives, with no equipment. Sooooo the normal cost of P90x is $120, plus $20 shipping and comes with no equipment! Sure there are ways to modify the exercises, but I’d rather not worry about it. The video is set in a fully stocked gym, and the average workout is 1 hour, or (mostly) longer. The P90x promises a ripped body in 90 days; but if I’m spending $140 to get in shape, I would personally rather get a multi-month gym membership, where the classes AND the equipment are included.

That said, the P90x makes no false promises. The yoga workout was great, and the ab ripper is will definitely get you ripped. I felt like it ripped me, yo! If you are an intense exercise video fiend who has accrued equipment throughout the years, then I have no doubt following the P90x program will make you one ripped mamma jamma. I have friends who rave about the results. It even comes with a very easy-to-understand manual which helps you schedule your workouts (6 days per week) and puts you on track with a healthy diet plan. But if you are looking for a magic pill, then save your money, because otherwise you”ll be spending $140 on a small paperweight. The P90x is daunting, and for us, it’s just too over the top. We are definitely more of the Jillian Michaels Shred it for 20 minutes type of folks.

So if you like spending an hour to an hour and half exercising every day, but have no desire to go to a gym, then maybe the P90x is right for you; but I would buy the Jillian Michaels Shred for $10 and then get myself something really nice with the 140 bucks I just saved.

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