9/12 Brightening The Bungalow

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When my mom was in town, we went to the Bungalow Club to do some crafty re-con regarding the menu and some decor specifics. We had a few mojitos, ate a delicious meal, and did some measuring, counting and charting. Progress has been made, people!

The outdoor patio (where we’ll be having dinner) is partially covered by a peaked, corrugated plastic roof. Its not the most lovely aspect of the patio. Its also quite dim out there – mostly lit by candles… which, while sexy and moody, isn’t so conducive to wedding chit chat or photos.

Oooh, you sexy thing.I’ve always loved the look of hanging paper lanterns at weddings, so right away we decided it was a brilliant way to address both issues. We’ll make LED throwies to light them up, and enjoy the glow from above.

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We did a count of the rafters, and figure if we hang 3 lanterns on each rafter, on either side of the ceiling peak, it should be just right. Added up, it totals 66 lanterns. I’d love to do two 12″ lanterns flanking one 14″ on each bar, for visual interest… but we’ll see how the pricing shakes down. We got 36 free lanterns from our bridal fairy, Kerri, which helps lessen the blow. But, we really want colored lanterns and they’re more expensive. Unless colored LED’s in white lanterns would do it – anyone know about that?
Ebay isn’t really comin’ through for me in the lantern department, so a trip to Chinatown is in order. Hopefully this weekend Hunter and I can amble down for some research and/or haggling. And maybe some noodles… you just never know in Chinatown 🙂
Anyone else out there use lanterns to brighten their day?
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  • K

    The colored LEDs will probably not glow enough color to really stand out. They might just be a dot of color, as colored LEDs do not burn as brightly, I believe. Try it though, you might be surprised. You should keep looking on the interweb for lanterns. There are some really good places to buy many colors and sizes in bulk. ex:Paper Lantern StorePearl RiverCultural IntrigueShoji DecorLuna Bazaarto name a few.And you can also buy the bulbs and batteries needed for the throwies online, but I can't find my bookmark for that. Try Googling. (also, on a blog note, any consideration to not limiting comments to blogger/google users only? I have a Blogspot account, but it is for all my old blogs, and not my username of choice when commenting so I've switched to this one. You can change the settings easily in your blog and it'd make commenting a breeze. Of course, I totally understand if it's a control/privacy thing)Kelly / hesaidyes!

  • PR Gal

    This is unreal! I had exactly that discussion with Anat! So funny! Anyway, I have a connection to get wholesale pricing from Luna Bazaar. If you're interested, I'd split the cost with you if I can reuse them. We can totally work something out. 🙂

  • Lemiga Events

    Thanks for the comment on my blog! I absolutely love the colors and texture of peacock feathers. I can't wait to follow along and see how the wedding turns out!