9/28 Brideshare Brilliance

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I was recently contacted by a fellow Bungalow bride, whose wedding is 2 months after ours.  She very sweetly explained that she had happened upon my blog, and loved our design ideas so much that she offered to share most of the decor and split the cost.  I was healthily humbled and flattered to be approached this way, and saw it as a fortuitous money saving opportunity: Brideshare, the carpool of budget wedding planning!

The best part?  We’re not only saving money with this mutually beneficial arrangement, but we’re also getting to reuse or recycle almost every extraneous purchase that we’d have no use for after the day.  Eco and budget friendly?  Somebody pinch me.  I’ve heard about brides splitting costs of Chiavari chairs or tents over a weekend, but this is so much more!
I met with my brideshare buddy on Saturday for drinks at the Bungalow Club, and gabbed for hours about colors, details, and plans over mojitos and martnis.  It was so fun to connect with a bride who had such similar vision and sense of style!  It will be really fun to go through the process together over the coming months.  We may even have a gocco party together!
I’m so glad she contacted me.  I’ve heard brides complain about people borrowing from their wedding design or ideas, but to me its the ultimate flattery…. and I’ve made a fun new friend in the process.
Try it yourself!  Scan the web to see if you can find a blogger who shares your venue and reach out.  You might just be able to tap into the bridal karma honeypot, and help eachother out in a big way!
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  • redframe

    I think that is the coolest thing ever! How great. (Though I also thinks it works cause yours is first!)

  • bekapaige

    Genius! I love it, what a great idea!

  • Blablover5

    My church coordinator is actually a good friend who is getting married two weeks after me so she's gonna use all my church flowers.I also offered to her whatever else she wants, like my veil or the like.It's kinda nice to know that they can all go to someone else and it saves on them having to do it.

  • Dani @ Weddings Fres

    love it!!! what a fantastic idea–but perhaps not for everyone 😉

  • PR Gal

    Hey girly! I'm so glad we connected and that you don't mind sharing your fabulous style with me. In a way I see it as being our little money saving secret! Our guests won't ever know it was reused and since I'm after you and don't blog myself you can have all the glory. 😉 I love that I actually have someone to talk to that understands all of the little details and enjoys tossing around ideas…Saturday night was so fun!!! xoxoxo

  • AmyJean

    That is a fabulous Idea!!!!!!!!

  • Lindsey

    I wish I'd looked into that for MY wedding.

  • Ten Thousand Only

    i reeeeeeeeeally like this idea. it's green and it's lean (on the wallet).

  • .reese.

    i love it! smart and friendly to the earth and budget! I need to find someone in so cal with my color scheme!

  • Amanda

    I absolutely love this idea! I, too, would be completely flattered if someone wanted to share my ideas.

  • Mojito Maven

    once again, I wish I had thought of this idea BEFORE i got married haha.

  • Desaray

    that is so great. you have the best wedding luck ever. it was meant to be! the dress, the photographer, and now the venue. plus that whole finding your mate part. so rad!

  • bekapaige

    Tag, you're it! You've been tagged at http://fromdiamondstovows.blogspot.com/2008/09/im

  • NotQuiteaBride

    WOW, this is a FANTASTIC idea! I never would have thought to do it, but what an ingenious way to money and eco conscience!Bravo!

  • Ellie

    Methinks someone could make LOTS of money starting up a business to cater to exactly this.

  • EBM

    this is the best idea ever!

  • neema

    Hi bridesharers!you might also enjoy this forum:http://kvetch.indiebride.com/index.php?t=thread&frm_id=30&rid=0&S=678a87c11a31de9de9c3d9ae6a646fb1it's a whole area on a bride's forum about cutting costs. there's even a thread on brides sharing/reselling goods.craigslist also offers up some awesome deals from local brides

  • Kjerste

    You people are GENIUS. Absolutely GENIUS. Love love love it.