11/18 We’re Brides Magazine’s First-Ever Blog Star!

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I am dead as I type this. I died of excitement and joyful disbelief on November 8th, the day I got the December issue of Brides Magazine, at my local market. Croaked right there and then, in the parking lot. I remember rising above my body, a vaporous mist of a spirit, and looking down upon the horrified shoppers gathering around my cadaverous corpse…. wishing I could somehow let them know to turn to page 158 of the magazine clutched in my cold, dead hand, so they could see what did me in. I wished and wished and wished and wished to wake up! And then, by the sheer force of my zombie-like will to live, I rose up from the slab and heaved my body, still stiff with rigor mortis, to a standing position… and walked my undead self and my magazine, all the way home while everyone looked on, in awe.

Ok, so that’s not true. But that, my friends, is JUST HOW FREAKING BLOWN MY MIND IS that Brides Magazine asked us to write their first ever Blog Star column, and share some of our sneakiest budget tips in the December issue.  What the? Who the?  How the?  ….Oh hell to the yes!

We are humbled and honored, and would like to extend our deepest thanks to editor Millie Martini Bratton and her incredible staff. Having our blog and my writing featured in Brides is a real dream come true moment for me, and I’m still pinching myself over it!If you pick up the issue, turn to page 158 and check’a me out in living color! Do y’all like those tips?

The Broke-Ass Bride
Dana is the head woman in charge here, the original Broke-Ass Bride. Learn more about her here. And, follow her on Twitter (@brokeassbride), Pinterest (@brokeassbride), Facebook (/thebrokeassbride) and Instagram (@brokeassbride). Affiliate links, which might be included in the post above, help make her a few dollars here and there to keep her off the streets and in the business of blogging for your ass. So thanks for coming! :)
  • Congrats Dana! That is awesome, you deserve it! Can I be your bff?!

  • Michelle H

    That's so awesome! Congrats!

  • Congrats Dana!!

  • That's so AWESOME!!!!

  • Well Done!

  • Go Dana!

  • Fabulous! It's great to see bridal mags incorporating advice from bloggers and taking them seriously as important players in the industry. Get on with your broke-ass self!

  • OMG! I have this issue and I didn't even catch that! HOLY CRAP! Congratulations 😉

  • Amber W.

    Congratulations! I just saw the magazine on the newstand today while I was at the market. Great job you guys!

  • Congratulations, well deserved

  • pixyofwhimsy

    This is wonderful! Congrats!

  • CoNgRaTs lady!!! That is SO exciting! So happy for you!

  • Congratulations! I'm am so happy for you.

  • Liz

    I saw the article and was like "Hey!!! I know her!" (I don't, but I feel like I do from reading the blog- in a non-stalker way!) Congrats!


  • Jen

    I saw the article when I picked up the mag this week. I was thrilled to see it since I had already been following you…I even flagged the page bc I found some great pointers 🙂
    Keep doing your thing girl.

  • Congratulations!! That is so fantastic!!!

  • Lisa Michelle

    ROCK IT!! Congrats Sweetie!!

  • Congratulations on this well-deserved honor!

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