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Real Wedding: Jareesa and William's Pi Day Nerd Wedding

Names: Jareesa & William

Occupation: Supply chain project manager & statistician

Wedding location: McNamara Alumni Center, Minneapolis, MN

Wedding Date: March 14, 2015

Budget:* $18,000

Real Wedding: Jareesa and William's Pi Day Nerd Wedding

Real Wedding: Jareesa and William's Pi Day Nerd Wedding

How would you describe your wedding: Our wedding was pretty traditional but we incorporated elements of our nerd personalities to make it our own. I also had my youngest brother do a reading of my favorite poem.

What was your favorite part of your wedding? Getting married of course! Celebrating with our friends and family is a close second.

Real Wedding: Jareesa and William's Pi Day Nerd Wedding

Real Wedding: Jareesa and William's Pi Day Nerd Wedding

What did you splurge on? Our venue and catering — our venue uses an exclusive caterer that is pretty pricey, but our food and cake were delicious! People are still raving about it.

What did you save on? Our stationery. I ordered our Save The Dates and invitations from MagnetStreet, a BAB partner. Our day-of materials (table numbers, escort cards, programs, menus) were designed and printed in my company’s print shop. They only charged us $70 to design and print all those items!

Real Wedding: Jareesa and William's Pi Day Nerd Wedding

Real Wedding: Jareesa and William's Pi Day Nerd Wedding

Was there anything you would have done differently, in retrospect? I would have listened to my fiancé more and just trusted my gut. I started second-guessing myself thanks to too much Pinterest and Instagram, and I worried my wedding wouldn’t measure up. In the end, it was perfect, but I wasted time being worried about the wrong things.

What was your biggest challenge in planning? Definitely managing my anxiety! The closer we got to the wedding, the more my worry got out of control. I worried about everything — the weather, that people wouldn’t come, that it wouldn’t be pretty. You name it, i worried about it. In the end, it wasn’t even necessary because everything was beautiful.

What lessons did you learn from planning or from the wedding itself? Figure out what’s really important, and don’t sweat the small stuff.

Real Wedding: Jareesa and William's Pi Day Nerd Wedding

Real Wedding: Jareesa and William's Pi Day Nerd Wedding

What were your top 5 favorite things about your wedding?

1. Marrying the most amazing guy ever

2. Celebrating with my friends and family

3. The amazingly delicious food! I’m still dreaming about that wedding cake

4. Getting a chance to socialize with all our guests individually, having that time made our wedding feel so intimate and personal

5. Seeing our guests react positively to our nerdy touches. Everyone really loved it and said our wedding felt authentic to our personalities.

Top 5 least favorite?

1. I was pretty stressed right up until I reached the suite to get my makeup done. At one point I turned off my phone because I needed a break from the calls.

2. By 11:30pm I wanted to keep partying but I was just so tired! Some of our guests had an impromptu after-party but all I wanted to do was get in bed.

3. I can’t think of anything else!

Real Wedding: Jareesa and William's Pi Day Nerd Wedding

Real Wedding: Jareesa and William's Pi Day Nerd Wedding

What was the worst piece of wedding advice you received?

I got a lot of unsolicited advice about everything — where to get married, the size of our wedding, what we should serve, etc. It especially came from people who didn’t know us!

The best? Several people told me to try to “be in the moment” and enjoy every moment of the day. I had that in the back of my mind and I really tried to be present for every moment. I’m glad I did, because now I think back to our marriage and I remember so many touching moments.

Real Wedding: Jareesa and William's Pi Day Nerd Wedding

Any other bits of wisdom?

  • Premartial counseling is totally worth it. We wound up finding a relationship therapist, and even though we communicate well already, she helped us learn things about each other and ourselves.
  • HIRE A COORDINATOR! We hired an amazing coordinator who made our desire to be guests at our own wedding come true. We could relax and socialize with our guests without worrying if things were going according to schedule, and that helped us enjoy the day immensely.
  • Don’t do things just because you think you “should” — figure out how to have the wedding that is authentic to the type of people you are. For us, that meant having a nerdy wedding, and for me, wearing my glasses. I couldn’t imagine NOT wearing my glasses because I wear them everyday, and I’m so glad I did.

Budget breakdown?* (These are all very approximate)

Officiant: Shon Crowley – $0 (friend who gifted his services)

Photographer: Studio 220 Photography – $2,000

Venue: McNamara Alumni Center, University Hall package – $1,800 ($1500 standard fee + $300 room flip fee)

Catering: D’Amico Catering – $7,000 (included limited bar, cocktail hour appetizers, plated dinner and wedding cake)

Day of coordinator: Ask For The Moon Events –  $550

Grooms Outfit: Men’s Wearhouse – $100 (free tux rental, purchased shoes & tie)

Wedding Gown: Luxe Bridal Couture – $400 (alterations only, gown purchased by mother as a gift)

Flowers/Decor: Festivities – $1650 (includes all flowers, ceremony & reception decor)

DJ: Instant Request – $595 (reception only)

Hair: LocStarz Natural Hair Salon – $60

Make-up: Creative Beaute Agency – $80

Save the dates: MagnetStreet – $170

Invitations: MagnetStreet – $340

Favors: mini-pies from Cossetta’s in St Paul, MN – $170

  • 4/24

    Hi BABs! Apologies for being AWOL – February and March went by in a blur! As we got closer to our Pi Day wedding, I felt a lot of stress and pressure coming at me from all sides. Despite my now-husband’s best efforts to calm me down, I worried a lot about our wedding and making sure everything was perfect. I know, I know, it’s such a cliché for a bride to be worried about having the perfect day, but deep inside every bride wants to see the day she planned come out perfectly.

    The Tuesday before our wedding was a tough day: my company held layoffs, which affected my colleagues and several friends. While I wasn’t laid off, it was a very difficult day for me, saying goodbye to many people I’d worked with. It was a very somber situation, and I took some time to process my feelings before I shifted focus onto our wedding.

    The days leading up to the wedding seemed to go by in a flash. One highlight was getting a chance to reconnect with my bridesmaids who live out of town, just having drinks and catching up. The day before the wedding my bridesmaids, my mother and I had a relaxing morning at the spa, which was much needed. Nothing like a little pampering to get yourself ready for the wedding excitement!

    Friday evening we had a very smooth wedding rehearsal, followed by a rehearsal dinner hosted by my mother-in-law. We had so much fun with our guests, we moved the party to the hotel bar. In honor of our Pi Day wedding, my husband and I wore matching Pi Day shirts to our rehearsal activities. Cute huh?

    Pi Day Shirts

    Our wedding day turned out to be a beautiful day, starting with the weather. Minnesota weather is notoriously tricky in March, and we didn’t know what type of weather we were going to get. Luckily, it started to warm up a few days before the wedding, and we were blessed with 65 degrees and sunny skies on Saturday. Our day started and stayed on schedule, from my initial hair appointment, to our first look and beyond. In fact, everything went extremely smoothly, which was such a relief. Our awesome coordinator Maddie from Ask For The Moon Events made sure everything stayed on schedule, solved problems, and allowed us to be guests at our own wedding, which is what we wanted.

    All day I was filled with joy, which you can see in each of our wedding photos. I enjoyed every moment of our wedding day, celebrating our marriage with our friends and family. It felt like the Universe conspired to bring us the day we’d both dreamed of, and every element felt perfect. I felt beautiful in my wedding gown, and I was overjoyed that I married the man of my dreams. Each of our nerdy details, from the chemical element table numbers to the mini-pie favors, turned out great and our guests loved them. We ate delicious food, devoured our yummy wedding cake, and partied all night with our guests.



    We had such a great time at our wedding, I didn’t want the fun to end! At the end of the night, I was amazed and thankful that we’d had such an awesome day. After 10 months of planning and lots of stress, we had the wedding of our dreams!

  • 2/16

    I’m going to let you in on a secret about the wedding industry – it’s deceptive. And tricky. Wedding magazines and blogs show you amazing photos of the cutest weddings, and the whole thing was done on $3 and full of amazing DIY projects. You get sucked in, you find some how-to’s, you pin some things on Pinterest, and you think “I can do this!…

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    Hey kids! How’s it going? Me, oh I’ve just been stressing about flowers for my wedding. *sigh* Why is this such a struggle??? Let me back up and start at the beginning. Hi, I’m Jubilance and I love receiving flowers, but can’t identify anything beyond a rose and a carnation. My favorite flower is the yellow tea rose, only because that’s my sorority’s flower. In other…

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    Back when we first got engaged, I had a specific plan in mind for our Save the Dates and wedding invitations. I initially wanted our Save the Dates to look like a tweet (because we met on Twitter) and for our invitations to have a nerd theme. In those first exciting days of our engagement, I started Googling, looking for possible ideas that matched what…

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    It’s October, which means that our wedding is between 5 and 6 months away (it’s like 5 months and 12 days but who’s counting?). I've officially begun to freak out, because we have SO.MUCH.LEFT.TO.DO. We spent September being lazy, but now we have to kick it back into high gear to get back on track. What do we have to do? Oh just a few…

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    Hi there! I’m Jubilance and I’m absolutely delighted to join the BAB community as a Real Bride contributor! I’ve been a reader since before I was officially engaged (shh, don’t tell!) and I love all the great tips and ideas I’ve gained. I’m very excited to get a chance to share with everyone the excitement and drama of planning our wedding. I’m 32 and I…

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