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Pnina Tornai gowns are a certain kind of special.  They are expertly crafted, sexy yet sophisticated and detailed to the bone.  There’s a reason why their price tags are so high.  But that doesn’t mean us broke-ass brides can’t get the same look for a fraction of the Pnina price.   Let’s see what bride Taralin had to say:

Love this dress but can’t seem to find anything similar – and definitely can’t afford the Pnina.  Any ideas? Thanks!

Can’t Afford It:

Get Over It:

1. Kitty Chen.  About $1000.

2. Impression Bridal. About $1000.

3. Blu By Madeline Gardner. About $1000.

4. Moonlight Collection. About $1000.

5. Alfred Angelo. About $1000.

6. Mori Lee by Madeline Gardner. About $1000.

7. Modeca. About $1000.

8. Moonlight Collection. About $1000.

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  • 12/20

    I am in love with this week’s request because it deals with two of my favorite things: Halloween and “Beauty & the Beast”.  Today’s featured bride is having a “Beauty & the Beast” themed wedding on Halloween.  How fun is that?  Let’s see what Natalie had to say:

    I am ABSOLUTELY in love with this dress. “Beauty & the Beast” is my favorite story and my fiance and I are kind of running with that theme for our Halloween wedding.  I am looking for something way cheaper though because a designer gown just doesn’t really fit in our budget.

    Thanks so much,

    I did a little digging and discovered the “Belle” dress costs around $1000.  So I found Natalie some lookalikes for under $600.

    Can’t Afford It

    Get Over It:

    1. Unique Vintage. $530.

    2. Faviana. $378.

    3. Unique Vintage.  $268.

    4. Unique Vintage. $139.

    5. Eden Bridals. Under $600.

    6. Voyage by Madeline Gardner. Under $600.

    7. 1 Wedding by Mary’s Bridal. Under $600.

    8. Eden Bridals. Under $600.

    9. Wtoo Brides. Under $600.

    10. Mary’s Bridal. Under $500.

    11. David’s Bridal. $399.99.

    12. Bonny Bridal. Under $500.

    13. 1 Wedding by Mary’s Bridal. Under $500.

    14. Oleg Cassini. $499.99.

    15. Davids Bridal. $599.99.

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