11/2 Ask Liz: Wedding Tradition Breaks & How To Swing Them

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Wedding Registry -- Wine Glasses

Hi Liz,

My fiance and I will be married next year. We’ve been living together for a few years in a large metro area and have been working on making our rental our home. We feel we don’t really need the traditional items for a registry, and, not to sound greedy, we would really rather have money for a down payment for a home. I’ve heard of down payment registries before, but I don’t know how to present this to family and friends. I would love to know your thoughts on this!


Mortgage Minded

Dear Mortgage,

Oh, we are big fans of the cash registry around here. And, seriously, more couples are living together before they get married, so less couples need plates and kitchenware. Deposit A Gift, Hatch My House, Our Wishing Well, and other websites are available to help you out with this. As far as letting people know after you’ve registered, I’ve found that a two-pronged attack works. Get a free wedding website and put a link to your registry on there. And then, put a note in your invitations with the link to your website. Keep it as the only option, be enthusiastic about it, but remember to promote, as opposed to recruit. More “we’re asking” less, “can you/do you want to … ?” Which means, no signs or prodding on your actual wedding day. As with a “traditional” registry, you get what you get, and you remember to say “Thank You!”

Dear Liz,

I am getting married next April and I am very excited. My fiance and I are still in college and we are a very laid-back couple (on a budget!) so we thought it would be perfect to have a nacho bar for our reception however, everyone around us thinks that a nacho bar is too informal and a little tacky and that we should opt for a more formal sit down dinner. We really like the nacho bar idea but I don’t want to take away from the importance of our day. Help!


Nacho Problem

Dear Nacho,

Having more “informal” catering, like a taco bar, or a food truck, is becoming a really popular way to save some cash on your wedding day. I say load up on the Shout wipes and go for it, especially if you feel that it reflects who the two of you are as a couple. But, you can also “formalize” other aspects of your reception, too. Serve it all on real plates, with real silverware and real cloth napkins, centerpieces at each table. Add anything else that feels like a wedding to you, or anyone else whose opinion you care about. Pinterest, has a slew of  cool – and pretty – examples. Show those to the doubters, too.

What’s been your experience with registering for cash? Are you having a food truck wedding, or have you been to one? Pretty cool, huh? Or not. Let us know in the comments below!

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See you at the end of the aisle,

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  • Kcaudad

    One of my new husbands friends had a taco bar at their wedding. It was one of the only things the groom insisted on… And everyone loved it! It was apparently awesome and people still talk about the taco bar years later!!