3/1 Ask Liz: Wedding Postponements & Pizza

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Frances Thank You Card from Fab

Frances Thank You Cards, $16 for 8 at Fab

Hey Liz,

We got married in August and have not had a chance to send out our thank you cards. We traveled until the end of September, my father in law died in October, then amongst the holidays, we started the process of buying our own coffee shop, which is opening next week. Obviously, we’ve had a crazy few months. So, this week, a few disgruntled in-laws decided to publicly comment on how rude it is that I haven’t sent out thank you cards yet. Holy moly! All my friends and most of the things I’ve read say that we have till our year anniversary to get those out. It’s not like I don’t want to send them or that we aren’t incredibly grateful. I just had a plan for sending everyone something special and we have not had the time to do it! I mean, we have over 300 of them to do! 

 Am I being the rude one here? How am I supposed to respond to these people?


Thankful and Busy Bride

Dear Thankful,

Yeah, traditionally, you have a year to send them out, so the comments you’re getting are vaguely obnoxious. But if you’re starting to feel pressure, I’d start working on the gift list, little by little. It’s practically March now, time is not going to slow down, and you are not going to be any less busy any time soon. Start slow, by giving yourself a deadline in the next couple of weeks for getting the material together for your Thank you’s. Next couple of weeks, get the list of gifters in one place. Is there anyone, friend or family, who can help you with any part of this? Don’t be afraid to delegate.

Dear Liz,

Can I serve pizza at an evening wedding and have it still look fancy?

Sliced About It

Dear Sliced,

Oh, yeah, like any nice Italian restaurant that serves Pizza, or even CPK, it’s all about the atmosphere. Check out Pinterest – Real silverware and china, centerpieces, candles. Stay away from tin dishes and containers. Make it pretty and your guests won’t blink if you don’t.

What do you think? Any advice to add to my own, or do you think I’m off on the etiquette? Let me know below! And, if you’d like to find out a little bit more about me, visit my website at www.silvercharmevents.com.

See you at the end of the aisle,

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