9/26 Ask Heather: Are Wedding Favors Necessary?

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Seed bomb favors from Beau-Coup

Dear Heather,

Is it absolutely necessary to have favors aside from goodie bags you give to your traveling guests?


Dear Brittney,


I’m so incredibly tempted to just leave it at that … you have no idea. However, I’m guessing some of you would appreciate a little elaboration.

When it comes to a legally-binding wedding, the only things truly necessary are (1) people who want to get married, (2) a marriage license, and (3) someone to marry them (but not always — you can do a self-uniting ceremony in Pennsylvania, which doesn’t require an officiant). Other than that, it’s all optional. But you certainly wouldn’t know that from reading most wedding blogs or buying into the WIC.

When I was engaged, I got wrapped into the whole “OMG, must find the perfect favor!!!” mind trap, just like many of you. And you know what my perfect favor ended up being? A whole lot of nothing. That’s right — I had a wedding and *gasp* didn’t give my guests any favors. And nobody complained. They were too busy eating, drinking, dancing and socializing.

In addition to not needing to provide favors, you also don’t have to give goodie bags to your traveling guests. It’s a nice gesture, and will likely be appreciated by folks who get to their hotel and just want a bottle of water that doesn’t cost a fortune, but it’s not required. This is especially true if this will end up breaking the budget. Trust me — if I had to choose between inviting a couple more guests or providing out-of-town folks with a bag full of goodies, you can bet I’d choose to celebrate with those additional guests!

Are you planning on providing favors for your guests? What are you using? Or are you rebelling against the WIC and going without? Let us know in the comments below!

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