1/30 Another Kind of Inspiration Board

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If you read a lot of ANY wedding blogs, you’re probably familiar with inspiration boards.  You know the drill: cute cocktail dress, shoes without feet in them, decor details that coordinate with the close-ups of pieces of jewelry, all evoking a particular wedding theme and crafting a stunning milieu of PRETTY.  [If for some reason you don’t know what I’m talking about, check out some of the stunning work of the Broke-Ass Bride’s own inspiration genius, Maddie.]

Inspiration boards are fun, and great when you’re initially trying to build a plan for your wedding.  But as I move past all the exciting, pretty parts of planning that populate your standard inspiration board, my mental real estate is more and more eaten up by another sort of collage:

It’s my wedding perspiration board.  A gruesome portrait of my building wedding panic.

But enough with the panic! It’s not going to check anything off my wedding to-do list.  So I’ve decided to fight back against my wedding anxiety by countering with an inspiration board still relevant to this stage of wedding planning.

Broke-Ass Nation, I present my Chillaxation Board:

THIS is what I want wedding planning to feel like. I want to be excited for my wedding, counting down from 167 with joy instead of fear. I want to be confident I can get everything done, and done well. I want to be relaxed and comfy while I do it. And most of all, I want it actually DONE.

Anyone else need inspiration to be less stressed?  What would you put on YOUR wedding planning chillaxation board?

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