3/5 …And Then There Were Three

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Originally, we had 4 people on each side of the bridal party. Now, not so much.

The other night Hunter’s best friend and “homey of honor” in our wedding, El, called to share the news that he had been cast in a very exciting and promising off-broadway version of Neil Gaiman’s book (and now movie) Coraline. We are so proud of him and were totally thrilled to hear it. But, he said, the director wouldn’t allow him to miss a performance to be in our wedding. Not a one. No. bueno.

I don’t think I’ve ever seen Hunter more devastated. Young boys don’t dream much about their wedding day, but ever since he was a young boy, Hunter looked forward to the day his best friend stood next to him at his wedding. This is his duuuuude. You know what I mean. Every high school story begins with “this one time, me and El….”

The look on my poor man’s face was enough to break a nation’s worth of hearts. Of course, it couldn’t be helped. Of course, we 100% support El in this incredible opportunity and are beyond happy for him. But of course, having a best friend miss out on standing next to Hunter – or moreso, having Hunter miss out on his best friend being there, is a difficult letdown to reconcile.

There’s just no replacing El. Sure, our bridal party will be uneven, but who really cares? Its not about numbers, its about love. We sure will miss El’s love that day… but I know his spirit will be toasting the moment with us all.

Poor, poor Hunter, though. If MaPo were to step down, I can’t imagine how disappointed I’d feel. It’s just so sad for him. I can’t even fathom.

Ah, showbiz….. Let’s hope El wins a Tony, y’all 🙂

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