My Mighty Life List

The ultimate TO DO list:

  1. cultivate and maintain an herb, sprouts, and veggie garden – {in process, cultivated 5/13. Let’s see if I can maintain!)
  2. learn to compost and make it a practice {in process 5/13}
  3. complete a couch to 5k program and run a 5k
  4. Do the Run for Your Life Zombie 5k in 2012
  5. go to yoga at least 3x/week for 1 month
  6. go to pilates at least 3x/week for 1 month
  7. quit diet coke, replace it with water and tea
  8. cut back on processed foods
  9. write a book proposal
  10. get a book deal
  11. write my book
  12. publish my book – {in process, to be released by Random House/Clarkson Potter in 12/13}
  13. book a segment or appearance on national programming as BAB
  14. learn to take a decent photograph with a camera
  15. attend TED
  16. climb machu picchu
  17. sail the greek isles and eat saganaki there
  18. throw a proper greek easter feast for my los angeles family
  19. do karaoke in tokyo
  20. attend cannes film festival
  21. learn to exercise moderation in my vices
  22. visit bob marley’s home / smoke a spliff at his grave in jamaica
  23. pay off my student loans
  24. volunteer in africa
  25. hug oprah
  26. take a private cooking class and have dinner with Rick Bayless
  27. write $1m check to charity for auto-immune disease research
  28. remove money as a concern
  29. create an office space that cradles and inspires me
  30. pay the people who work/ed for free on BAB
  31. re-learn to speak conversationally in: French, Italian, Spanish
  32. experience pregnancy and childbirth
  33. attend a yoga retreat
  34. practice living in the moment, not focused on the outcome
  35. rent a beach house in SoCal for a month in the summer, have a party every weekend
  36. re-learn to use a sewing machine
  37. become organized and learn to love it (or at least maintain it) – {in process}
  38. own a brand new car
  39. establish my personal brand
  40. find a brilliant COO for Broke-Ass Bride
  41. throw a huge, themed party at least once every 3 years
  42. hear a live symphony perform Vivaldi’s Four Seasons
  43. attend Loy Krathong, the sky lantern festival in Thailand
  44. set foot on all 7 continents
  45. set foot in all 50 states
  46. wear a bikini in public with confidence
  47. go camping once a year
  48. hug a koala bear in australia
  49. rescue my next dog from the street or shelter (or rescue a retired greyhound)
  50. get confident in photoshop
  51. spend a day at a spa in Bali
  52. get my palm read
  53. have street food with Anthony Bourdain
  54. eat at Per Se in NY
  55. See Peter Gabriel perform live
  56. See David Byrne perform live
  57. See David Bowie perform live
  58. See Elton John perform live
  59. See Don Henley perform live
  60. See The Police perform live
  61. meditate in an ashram in India
  62. see the taj mahal
  63. have dinner with Ina Garten
  64. have dinner with Ellen Degeneres
  65. volunteer at a no-kill shelter or with newborn babies at hospital
  66. take an african dance class
  67. take a bollywood dance class
  68. buy spices at a Moroccan bazaar
  69. dance at Carnival
  70. stay the night in a castle, preferably haunted
  71. pick a clover in ireland
  72. look for nessie in scotland
  73. see Edgar Oliver perform live
  74. Picnic on a volcano in Hawaii
  75. do the “Lost” tour in Hawaii
  76. cliff dive in Hawaii with Daffodil Campbell
  77. produce a film
  78. experience Zero G / anti-gravity
  79. take a pole dance class
  80. take a trapeeze class
  81. take a spanish web class
  82. parasail
  83. swim with manatees
  84. make peace with my past
  85. put experiences over material possessions
  86. eat fondue in the alps
  87. play blackjack in macao
  88. walk through cherry blossoms in kyoto
  89. be a zombie in a zombie movie
  90. appear on sesame street
  91. hug big bird
  92. go apple picking and make a pie with the fruits of my labor
  93. make preserved lemons
  94. stay at peacock pavillions in morocco and have dinner with maryam
  95. rent a flat in london for a season
  96. rent a loft in new york for a season
  97. be able to afford a regular cleaning service
  98. hire a reliable bookkeeper/accountant
  99. visit farm sanctuary and spend a day with the animals. feed the turkeys I’ve adopted.
  100. go to david lynch’s nightclub in paris
  101. act in a david lynch movie
  102. anonymously pay someone’s bill at dinner
  103. drive a vespa through the streets of Rome
  104. pay medical bills as they arrive, with no more debt
  105. take a girlfriends-only trip with stacie
  106. take a siblings-only trip with dawn, michael and kim
  107. visit Napa/Sonoma
  108. make pasta from scratch
  109. walk across the brooklyn bridge
  110. walk across the golden gate bridge
  111. see the aurora borealis
  112. attend the Twin Peaks festival in WA
  113. attend the artichoke festival in Castroville, CA
  114. drive a sky-high highway ramp without panicking
  115. drive up the California coast to San Francisco, stop in Big Sur, Monterey on the way
  116. throw a party at Demetria Vineyard in Santa Ynez, catered by Hitching Post II
  117. stand on a glacier
  118. isvit Retro Bobby in Copenhagen
  119. do a photoshoot in the style of each decade in from 1900 – present
  120. help baby turtles to the sea for the first time
  121. visit the galapagos islands
  122. see Ben Folds perform again live {check, renewed}
  123. ride a zipline through a forest
  124. hug a chimpanzee
  125. see the Grand Canyon
  126. see Radiohead perform at RedRocks
  127. play the lead in a Brock Wilbur film
  128. explore the pyramids in Egypt
  129. excavate at an archaeological site for a day
  130. eat at French Laundry or another Thomas Keller restaurant
  131. shoot a gun
  132. live on a houseboat for a month
  133. Change my entire outfit in a restaurant booth, Crocodile Dundee style.
  134. appear on NPR
  135. write a candid memoir
  136. properly frame the art I care about most
  137. write something, anything, every day (establish a regular writing practice)
  138. Lose the 30lbs I gained last year. Replace with strength and confidence.
  139. take a tour of my favorite TV/movie locations: One PP, NY, Dillon, TX; Aurora, WA; 221B Baker Street…
  140. speak at Blogher
  141. speak at alt summit
  142. speak at Camp Mighty
  143. get new headshots
  144. cut together a reel
  145. get new commercial representation
  146. book a national commercial
  147. get new theatrical representation
  148. book a feature film – {check, renewed}
  149. book a television show
  150. take another scene study class
  151. perform on broadway
  152. perform off-broadway in new york
  153. perform on stage in london
  154. order everything off a menu in one sitting
  155. go sober
  156. visit the Magritte museum in Belgium
  157. attend a service from every faith
  158. Get a tattoo of Paco’s pawprint
  159. spend a month in Cinque Terre
  160. learn korean
  161. do a buddhist temple stay in korea
  162. marry again, this time for life
  163. fly a plane
  164. skydive

COOKING LIFE LIST (written 5/2013)

  1. croissants
  2. brioche
  3. pie crust
  4. mool naeng myun
  5. kimchi
  6. homemade dill pickles
  7. prime rib
  8. spanakopita
  9. great fried chicken
  10. sikhye
  11. shortcake
  12. madeleines

COMPLETED before I wrote this list:

  1. see wild whales, in the wild – {check}
  2. speak at a conference – {check}
  3. get flown internationally for work – {check}
  4. visit london, paris, cinque terre, amsterdam, venice, south of france – {check}
  5. go vegetarian – {check}
  6. go vegan – {check}
  7. downhill ski – {check}
  8. snowboard – {check}
  9. swim with dolphins – {check}
  10. meet Rick Bayless – {check}
  11. book a segment or appearance on the local network news as BAB – {check}
  12. take UCB 101 improv class – {check}
  13. Get my SAG card – {check}
  14. Move ‘cross country – {check}
  15. Fall madly in love – {check}
  16. Have a fabulous wedding – {check}
  17. Escape cubicle hell – {check}
  18. Have my writing published in print – {check}
  19. Get paid doing what I love – {check}

PHEW. This is gonna be fun 🙂

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