Meet Team Broke-Ass!

what is the broke-ass brideThe Broke-Ass Bride empowers brides and beyond to spend wisely, live richly and thrive creatively — crafting a bad-ass wedding (and life) on any budget …

… because its not about how much you spend, its how you spend it!

Since 2008, The Broke-Ass Bride has served as a creative, sassy and irreverent inspiration source for crafty couples all over the world as they embark on their journey to the end of the aisle. Broke-Ass Brides (and grooms) come in all shapes, sizes and financial situations. Whether you’re planning a wedding for $500 or $25,000, if you’re down to stash some cash and scrimp some skrilla, we’ve got your back. Creativity is our currency and we don’t want you to sacrifice your wedding vision just because you don’t have beaucoup bucks. Got it?

Meet the Team

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Dana LaRue Park is the creator of The Broke-Ass Bride, empowering couples to use creativity as currency to rock bad-ass weddings without breaking the bank.

Her sassy, savvy approach to weddings and money delivers entertaining and informative outside-the-box planning inspiration. Because it’s not about how much
you spend, its how you spend it!
She lives in Los Angeles, Calif., with her husband, Paul, and furbabies Paco and Watson.
book cover
“The Broke-Ass Bride’s Wedding Guide” is the ultimate wedding planning handbook for the modern couple on a budget, empowering couples to focus on the aspects that are truly important to them in the whirlwind of aspirational  imagery being shoved at them left and right from the day they announce their engagement. “The Broke-Ass Bride’s Wedding Guide” does away with the “charge it and worry about the bill later” ethos, teaching couples how to maximize their budgets, have a truly special wedding day, and still be able to afford  to live happy married lives ever after. Packed with tips, tricks, recipes, DIY projects and more than a dash of sage advice, buying “The Broke-Ass Bride’s Wedding Guide” should be every couple’s first step toward the altar.

The Broke-Ass Bride Editorial and Accounts Manager ChristenChristen Moynihan is the Editorial and Account Manager / Unicorn Wrangler for The Broke-Ass Bride.

After joining Team Broke-Ass in 2012 as the Real Wedding Contributor, she’s worked her way up to the almost-highest rung (fine by her, as she’s totes afraid of heights) and now oversees the vast majority of BAB operations. When she’s not thinking of fun, pretty and brilliant new ideas for the blog, Christen can probably be found teaching other bloggers about affiliate marketing over on Bourbon & Sparkle, swimming in the nearest body of water, whipping up some sort of delicious and woefully cheese-free something-or-other in the kitchen or sipping on a lovely bourbon or glass of bubbly on a patio. She lives in Denton, Texas, with her boyfriend and ever-expanding brood of cats. She’s also really good at high-fives.