10/26 A New Fresh Hubby Video to Thank The Amazing Dan Chen!

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Dan Chen is the man. Ask anyone in either Dana’s or my extended family and they will not stop singing his praises. Many of you already know of his amazing talent as a wedding photographer, but you may not know that he is just as generous as he is gifted. Since the moment we met Dan he has been nothing but kind and giving. Oh yeah, and Dan is a pretty awesome guy to simply hang out with too. I wrote this song and put this music video together to thank Dan for his generous donation to Dishing For Dana, which has helped Dana destroy her medical debt.

We shot the video during Hurricane Irene in Astoria Queens. All trains and bridges were shut down and we weren’t going anywhere. So when I said, “Lets make a music video.”, my best from from high school Elliot Villar and his (also kinda my) little brother David were ready to play. So a big thanks to My Brothers Villar!

The Music? Ah, the music. K.U. aka Kustoo aka Jacques Slade is my producer (and one of my favorite rappers). I’ll let the awesomeness of Jacques work speak for him, but I will just add this: There is really no way to overstate how lucky I am to have such talented, kind and giving people in my life.

I hope you enjoy this, ’cause I’m happy to say there’s a few more “thank you raps” coming at you soon…

O.K. I’m gonna stop babbling so that you can rock out to this bit of fun:

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  • Genny

    Awesome! Love it!

  • Sarah

    Haha!! Best part was watching Dan's face while he watched this – thoroughly embarrassed and full of giggles. This is the best! Thanks, Hunter!

    • FreshHubby

      Ha Ha Ha Awesome! So happy you guys like it Sarah!

  • Jessica

    🙂 awesome…

  • Sanjay Nagar

    Love this one too.