Broke-Ass Month: March 2011


I’m all about finding new trends and looking for them in every aspect of design. Last week, my sister and I were watching some E! news show and we were both in love with the ombre coloring that Giuliana Rancic had going on in her hair. Her hair fades from rich brown roots, to ashy brown in the middle and the ends are colored a golden blond color. In French, the word “ombre” translates to “shaded.” It’s used when a color starts off deep and saturated, and gradually fades into lighter or whiter color. I just love it and lately, I can’t get enough of it….so of course, I had to incorporate it with some wedding inspiration!

Check out Giuliana’s hair. I feel like I should apologize for the boobalicious-ness in the photo in advance.

Here are a few of my favorite ombre things:

I also love love love Gwen Stefani’s wedding gown, which fades from white into a rich fuchsia. Can someone please make this gown, but instead of fading into pink, fade into cream/taupe? Please and thank you ahead of time.

Don’t you just love that wedding dress?! It’s pink and fun, but not overly so. The girl clearly has great taste.

Martha Stewart Weddings jumped on the ombre trend train too, with these beautiful cakes that fade from peachy cream to a nice blush color.

I’m also loving these ombrified wedding invites from Minted. How perfect are they?! Subtle and elegant, but also very fun and unique!

And lastly, this is my favorite ombre trend of all time. I’m doing this to my nails this week. What do you think? Would you rock this manicure at your wedding? I know I would!

Are you all ombre-d out now? I know I just can’t get enough of this!

  • 3/30

    Once again, this week we’re bringing you not one, but TWO gorgeous giveaways! (We do that every week, BTW.) Is it possible to OD on pretty? I’m not sure, but if you find yourself experiencing extreme heart palpitations as you check out this hot giveaway-on-giveaway action, PLEASE avert your eyes!

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    Paperwhite Designs

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    Rocking a vintage-inspired dress on your wedding day? Then of course you’ll want a beautiful hairpiece to complement your look! And you’re in luck, because this week we’re giving away an exquisite hair creation from PoshVeils!

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  • 3/29

    I have a fun request for this week's CAI/GOI post. We talk a ton about the dress, but what about the second most important piece many brides choose to wear on their wedding day? Veils of course!  And boy, can they be pricey.  More pricey than many of us brides would expect.  In fact, one time I went dress shopping with a friend and she…

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    A few weeks ago I lead a DIY workshop at The Wedding Pantry, making "favors with flava" -- homemade bath soaks and sugar scrubs. It was my first time leading a workshop, and it was hella fun! Making your own bath soak and sugar scrub is insanely easy and inexpensive it's silly, so make some for yourself while you're at it. I've been using our…

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    Like many a Broke-Ass Bride, I'm forgoing flowers entirely at my wedding.  I originally thought I wouldn't need any sort of bouquet alternative, but you know how it is when you read wedding blogs. You see a few amazing bouquets made of paper or buttons or Christmas ornaments and suddenly you need a "ball of pretty" to hold in your hands on your wedding day.…

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    Most brides-to-be are coveting fabulous heels for under their wedding gown, but the popularity of comfy flats is growing and growing. Flats can be just as flirty and fun as a killer pair of heels, and they are often more affordable. Here are some fancy flats that will be easy on your feet and your wallet! (Click images for links) Me Too from Nordstrom, $89:…

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    First off, this video will make your day. I mean it. So watch it, already! Did you miss it? Our resident wedding planner Liz doled out some killer advice to deal with the attack of the dreaded Momzilla. To celebrate her memory, BRIDEfinds compiled a slideshow of Liz Taylor’s wedding dresses - all 8 of them. Get your vintage fix with this Vintage Inspired Bridal…

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    It's the last Friday of the month, which means it's time for me to take questions from YOU. Here we go: Dear Liz: I have a large family, 2 sets of parents with all the usual aunts, uncles, cousins, etc. My future husband's family is smaller by far. I am close to 10-15 family members and want to make sure they attend our wedding. Recently…

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    You guys? I have something to tell you. My name is Maddie and I am addicted to stripes. Yes, I'll admit that recently I have developed a problem. Lately I've been dreaming about striped scarves, striped shoes, striped pillows.....stripes all over the place. At any moment, my friends and family are going to have to hold an intervention. But in the meantime, I'll bring my…

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