2/29 {Win This} Garden Your Way To A Gorgeous Wedding! Win A Copy Of “A Garden Wedding…”! 6 Winners This Week!

One way to save a huge amount of money on your wedding is to hold the event in a garden, especially if it belongs to you, a family member, or a friend–there’s no need to splurge on decorations when gorgeous flowers are blooming everywhere, filling the air with their heady aromas.

Alternatively, you could grow the flowers for your wedding in your garden and while you’re saving oodles in floral costs, you can also take comfort in knowing that the blooms on your tables are as fresh as could possibly be. But getting either one of them exactly right can be a large undertaking–how soon should you plant? When is the growing season for the flowers you want? Plus, if you’re not careful, you can end up spending just as much fixing up your garden as you would paying someone else to take care of it. You need a guide. You need C.L. Fornari’s A Garden Wedding: Creating a Lovely Landscape for your Ceremony or Reception.

Known as “The Garden Lady”, C.L. Fornari is an expert at preparing landscapes for a garden wedding. From prep to day of to aftercare, A Garden Wedding walks you through everything you need to know to have your garden look as radiant as you feel on your wedding day. But don’t just take it from us! Here are C.L.’s top ten reasons to have a garden wedding:

Grow your own wedding flowers!

1. It’s more personal, at at the same time, pretty darn grand.

2. Planning an outdoor event is an expression of faith, hope and optimism.

3. Being surrounded by growing things is a good metaphor for marriage.

4. A garden wedding can be less expensive…maybe.

5. More flowers!

6. Having your feet on the actual ground is a good reminder to stay grounded.

7. Gardens are life-affirming!

8. Pets are welcome to attend.

9. You can throw all of the petals and rice you want! (BAB note: Uncooked rice poses absolutely no danger to birds!)

10. Your happiness just can’t be contained in an indoor venue!

This week, six lucky BABs will win a copy of A Garden Wedding: Creating a Lovely Landscape for your Ceremony or Reception by C.L. Fornari! Whether you’ve been dreaming of a garden wedding forever or whether you want to see what’s possible with the space you have, this book will not only inspire you, it will help you make your dreams a reality!

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  • This book looks lovely!

  • Lauren

    I'm having a garden wedding in June! This is just what I need!

  • Katie

    I'm already having a garden wedding in September and had decided to forgo flowers in lieu of whatever was growing in my uncle's backyard. With this I could make sure there are pretty things growing there! Or grow them in my own backyard 🙂
    kjkillian at gmail dot com

  • Allison

    Love it! ooh.allison at gmail dot com

  • Amanda Leaf

    I am growing peonies for my June wedding; I’m sure this book would be fabulous help!

  • Beth

    I'm hoping I have enough money for an outdoor wedding (I live in the city and it might end up being in my church due to finances). I would LOVE this book!

  • Lauren Phillips

    I've always wanted a garden wedding!

  • veronica

    omg i could REALLY use this to help plan our outdoor ny wedding…we dont have much saved up yet (both have very low income)and can use all the tips n hints we can to helps us out when the big day comes!

    lollipopteen1@ yahoo. com

  • Jess

    I'm just beginning to work out garden plans for our home, given that the wedding is now only four and a half months away. This book is exactly what I need!

    jessa.baker at gmail.com

  • Audrey

    What a neat idea!

  • Tricia

    A garden plot is where I'll be
    Married in sweet blissful harmony.
    Flowers abounding is what I envision
    But I'm needing help with decisions.
    "A Garden Wedding" is exactly the thing
    To make the day perfect (along with the ring!)


  • kristen

    I've just begun planning a garden to grow my wedding flowers in, this book would be so helpful! kjankowski@gmail.com

  • Susan

    We're getting married in northern Iowa in the summertime and my dad is set to assemble an arbor and grow his own flowers for it. I'd love to get this book to give him some suggestions and help along the way! My future husband and I are trying to have as eco friendly a wedding as possible, so doing our own local plantings would fit that theme perfectly as well! SSBar@aol.com

  • Abie

    Oh man! This would be amazing!!

  • Monica Hudak

    I'm getting married at an arboretum this fall and my dream is to own and tend a garden for others to get married in! I love the idea of this book because plants are such an important part of our lives and what better guests to have on the most important day of your life??!? Twitter handle… thegreenmonica

  • Ashlie

    We are having the wedding on my parents property, southwestern PA next summer. It is somewhat far away but this book would be perfect to help plan and figure out what flowers would bloom best for the big day. I have always planted flowers with my mom and we are so excited to grow our own flowers for my wedding.

  • Harley

    oooh, this book looks fab. I would love a copy. htrimm@rocketmail.com

  • What a great giveaway! I'm not getting married yet so I'll leave it to those who need it. A garden wedding is really fabulous. Good luck to the winner. 🙂

  • Olivia

    My brother is getting married and I would really love for them to have a beautiful outdoor wedding! There plan is to have the wedding outside in front of our house because we have a fantastic view of the Catskill mountains but I thought it would be so wonderful to plant beautiful plants everywhere for them. My mom and dad are trying to get the house painted in preparation for the wedding but unfortunately my mom and I are not the best gardeners so we wouldn't even know how to begin. The wedding is in NY during the end of June in 2013. They are both finishing up their college degrees so they both have a lot on their plate. Thanks for listening!

  • Ninamoorer

    I'm having a garden wedding September 1,2012… I really could use the help on creating a gala outdoor affair, one that my guest won't forget