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Get Inspired: A Blue Budget Winter Wedding with Tons of Sparkle

Winter may be nearing an end, but it’s still fairly frigid through much of the US. Austrian photographer Karin Ahamer schemed up this gorgeous, intimate sparkly shoot that brings a whole new beauty to even a dreary snowless winter. Using items found, thrifted or bought for very little money, this styled shoot epitomizes the BAB idea living up to your wedding vision on the budget you have by thinking creatively. Here’s what Karin has to say:

Hair and MakeupThe inspiration for this shoot came from our own love for blue tones – especially Tiffany blue – and the beauty of all things sparkly.  Winter can be bleak at times, missing colours and sunlight – but it is also full of beauty, strength and the perfect time to enjoy the company of loved ones. We wanted to show potential brides that getting married during the winter can be beautiful, even if there is no snow and no blooming flowers on the ground.



 It is a simple concept that conveys beauty, romance and the love for nature, all in one. Various shades of blue — the colour of harmony, faithfulness and infinity — combined with sparkles and silvery elements symbolize elegance and sophistication.  And lets be honest, what bride doesn’t love a little bit of sparkle on her special day? 



The bride’s look sparkles with Swarovski crystals set around the eyes and glistening blue branches in her hair. The beautiful secondhand, vintage dress was only $100 and is perfectly rounded out with a gorgeous blue chiffon shawl. The complementing dark blue shoes with crystal elements were bought at a discount shoe store for only $30. And would the exquisite earrings are handmade and still will only set you back by around $40 – $80!




The groom wears his own slim-cut blue suit and suede shoes, with only the blue shirt as a new purchase for the wedding day – still a very handsome and perfect match.


Flowers and Champagne

The wedding ceremony is being held at a beautiful open field near the woods – just have a look around your area where you live, you might be able to find an area where you are allowed to hold your reception or maybe a friend or relative has a big back yard you can use.



The table is set on a big granite stone, beautifully decorated with a gleaming blue tablecloth made from the same inexpensive blue chiffon we used for the bride’s shawl. Set with white dishes and silverware from our own home, and precious crystals and silvery-white fir cones that we dug out from our Christmas decoration Box. Soft candles and rustic lanterns, set along the pathway to their wedding ceremony, emphasize that usually hard and edgy colours and materials can indeed be romantic.



All decorative elements were either sought out from inexpensive stores like IKEA, collected during walks through the woods, borrowed from friends and family or dug out from our own collections.




The only splurge was the contemporary white wedding cake that thrones majestically over the table setting.  Beautifully tied blue ribbons bring a little bit of romance and the clear-cut and airy decoration completed with the stylish stationery in its various shades of blue and its silver crystal elements.


Wish Tags



And whilst the newlywed couple enjoys a few loving moments alone, guests can write their wishes  on the Wish Cards are fluttering from the perch of the nearby lodge.

Photography: Karin Ahamer

Decoration: Raphaela Ramler

Hair & MakeUp: Alexandra Condopoulos

Stationery: Cordula Weißensteiner

Wedding Cake: Christina Krug

Accessories: Yerida Göschlberger 

Models: Lily & Christian

DIY or DIE: Winter-Inspired Centerpieces on an Uber Budget

Guys, I’d like to cordially introduce our new DIY and style guru Whitney, who blogs over at A Touch of Whitney. Homegirl has a way with setting up super pretty designs and by awesome luck, she loves budget goods, too. Whitney will be posting new ideas for weddings every couple of weeks and sharing how she makes it happen on a broke-ass budget!

Winter Photo Blog Shoot

What if I told you instead of just a small simple centerpiece for your wedding to save money, you could have all this … and it still won’t break your bank account? Stick with me. I’ll show you the ways.

I had so much fun doing this centerpiece design and putting together this shoot with Danielle Angell Photography. There are a good number of items on the table, but they’re all very easy to score for practically nothing.

Winter Blog Photo Shoot Close #1A winter theme was obviously where my head was at. I began thinking of what reminds me of winter, and nature was the first thing that popped in my head. Wood, antlers, pine, holly berries, snow, fires … oh you get the idea. Here are the key components:


I unexpectedly hit the jackpot that sent me to my full design:  I drove by a house that had trimmed back their crape myrtle tree. And they had cut the tree into these perfect log sizes to put by the road with all the branches. They were there for the taking — read: free — and I did not even have to chop them. The even better part: they favor the beauitful birch wood that is so popular in design.  I know you all won’t luck upon free logs on the side of the road, so think about who you know. Do you know anyone who lives on a decent amount of land or anyone who has many trees on their property that would not mind trimming some tress for you? Be creative with your resources.Winter Blog Logs Close


After I piled the wood in the back of my car, I noticed my mittens on the seat. I knew at home I had a matching toboggan … score! (Side Story: my dad just told me recently only us southern folk call a winter hat a toboggan What??!! {Eds. Note: True Story. I never heard that term until I moved to Kentucky — and I’m from wintery Wyoming where EVERYONE wears hats.}) These items cost nothing to use, since I already owned them and were a perfect add to the winter theme. I love the soft texture they add to the design. Hit up Goodwill, thrift shops, yard sales or band your friends together and borrow their old less-often worn items.  Keep it cheap, use your resources, and never be afraid to phone a friend.Winter Blog Shoot Hat


Thank the deer on this one. They shed these beautiful pieces right off their body, free for the taking (check local regulations). Got some hunter friends? They’ll come in handy: They can grab these for you or may already have some just lying around,  or Pinterest has several how to’s for DIY antlers.Winter Blog Antlers


Being in the wedding business and having a stockpile of awesome stuff, I get to cheat and walk into my attic to my storage area for supplies and poof! Out I come with three lanterns. Check Goodwill or local hardware or gardening stores for some great options and plop a votive inside.Winter Blog Lantern

Winter Blog Lanterns


Well this was easy, My clippers and I got the job done. Keep in mind pine trees are sappy, so either were gloves or consider your hands and clothes warned. As for holly bushes … ouch! they will poke you. Those gloves may come in handy again. These limbs are a bug’s home. Rinse everything off to avoid creepy crawlers coming as your unplanned wedding guests.

Winter Blog Shoot Snow Close

Winter Shoot Blanket


Few things are more romantic than hanging by the fire snuggling with your baby and your favorite blanket, so naturally a cute fleece fabric is a great addition. I got this piece at Hobby Lobby and got a discount from a coupon spending $9  I got roughly 60 inches cut, then I added slightly more to make sure I had plenty.  And I wanted long enough to become a blanket for my home after the shoot.  Winter Blog Candle


Ok, ok there really wasn’t a true fire … but, there were candles. The candles give you a flickering flame, light, and the feeling of warmth on the table, which just adds to the ambiance.

Winter Blog Shoot Snow Close


No, I did not pay someone to come blow snow for the shoot. That would not be budget-friendly at all. And no I did not get lucky enough to get free snow falling from the sky … I made the snow! However, this is a story for another day … stay tuned.

So a quick list to sum it all up:

1. The WOOd: Free

2. The MITTENS: Free (bought long ago, so Free for the shoot)

3. The TOBOGGAN: Free (bought long ago, so Free for the shoot)

4. The ANTLERS: Free (borrowed)

5. The LANTERNS: $5 a piece (bought long ago, so Free for the shoot)

6.  The PINE, PINECONES, HOLLY, & BERRIES: Free (thanks nature)

7. The BLANKET-$9 total yardage with a coupon

8. The CANDLES: Average $10-$12 for at least 12  (overall price varies by store, coupons used, and sales)

9. The SNOW: $3-$4

I hope you find this helpful and just know this “discount winter wedding design” tutorial is not over!! I have two other possible designs to come and more on the candles/snow.  Can’t wait … TO BE CONTINUED

{Can’t Afford It/Get Over It} A Faux Fur Winter Cover-Up For Under $150

A change in wedding plans means this bride is on the hunt for some new wedding accessories…

I love reading the Can’t Afford It/Get Over It feature, and I would love to see something on winter cover-ups!  I am getting married on December 15th in Los Angeles, and wearing the Avila Bay from Dolly Couture. We were originally getting married in May so I wasn’t worried about being cold, but now that we are having a winter wedding I’m not sure what would go with it to keep me warm. The weather here at that time of year is usually in the 50’s, so I won’t need a coat but I will need a sleeve (and I have taken a liking to faux fur shrugs, but I’m not sure how it would look). Help!

This was a unique challenge for me to take on. I wasn’t sure sure if you want to keep it all white or add a pop of color. Personally I wanted pops of color in the mix, so just in case you’re like me, I gave you both options.


A cover-up for the Avila Bay Dress


Coast Eliana Faux Fur Cover Up (£75 at House of Fraser)

Satin Mid-Length Cape with Faux Fur Trim ($125 at David’s Bridal)

Heartfelt Comfort Jacket ($64.99 at Ruche)

Eliza J Collared Faux Fur Bolero ($138 at Nordstrom)

Calvin Klein Faux Rabbit Fur Jacket ($138 at Zappos)

Vince Camuto Faux-Fur Jacket ($132 at Dillard’s)

With so many faux fur options, the biggest challenge will be picking a style. What will it be? Anyone else have a great suggestion to throw in the mix?

Wedding Inspiration: Winter Wonderland Weddings

Ummm…..ok. Remember last week when I was all “I need to have a peacock themed wedding?” Well, I changed my mind.

I found a new wedding inspiration. After seeing Black Swan (seriously, have you seen it yet? Go see it!) and countless performances of the Nutcracker during the holidays, I decided that I absolutely need to have a winter wedding complete with Tchaikovsky music, blush pink and grey colors, and a ton of winter wonderland elements.

What do you think? I’m a little bit in love with it if I do say so myself.

Find the dress here. Find the ivory coat here. Find the pink pump toe shoe here. Find the Lela rose lace belt on the dress here. Find the flat ballet shoes here. The earrings and necklace are from amazon and Kohls. Score! Similar versions are still available.

I would serve my guests up a big, white, fluffy confection of coconut wedding cake. I think it looks all snowy and lush and it doesn’t hurt that coconut cake is de-li-cious!


If I were having my dream winter wedding, I should have one of my dream rings, right? Take a look at this beauty! Rose cut diamonds aren’t as popular as they used to be (because they don’t have the sparkle diamonds nowadays can achieve), but I’m absolutely smitten with this little grey rose cut diamond ring! What do you think?

Le sigh! I love this ring so! It can be found here for $1,900 big ones.

Last but not least, we can’t forget about centerpieces! I’m partial to these inexpensive and simplistic arrangements of just babies breath. I know, I know… babies breath is often given a bad name, but here? Here it looks like tiny trees covered in snow and it’s kind of divine, don’t you think?


What do you think about a winter wedding?

Are you having a themed wedding of some sort? Got a favorite color you’re planning your wedding around? Let us know! We’d love to hear from you! And, if you would like a mood board or inspiration post centered around you and your big day, leave a comment and I’ll create one for you.