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Essence Photography

Credit: Essence Photography

Wedding planning can be stressful enough with plenty of time to plan, but when you’re short on time and also short on the perfect vendors to fit your vision and budget, the stress can get real and real fast.

Perhaps your ideal photographer booked up quickly or ended up being outside of your budget, and you put off your search until you could dedicate more time to finding the right fit — and now you’re less than six months away from your big day and you’re still photog free.

Or maybe you just don’t want to wait to get hitched, but you don’t want to elope, either. It can be tough to find all the pieces to the puzzle as time ticks away.

Stephy Wong Photography

Credit: Stephy Wong Photography

Enter: Last Minute Wed, a website that bills itself a mix of Groupon and a larger traditional wedding website where you can find talented pros to help make your big day come to life. Created by a husband and wife team, Last Minute Wed is a one-stop-shop for wedding deals of all kinds, ranging from coordination and planning to photography to hair and makeup and beyond.

Susan Shek PhotographyCredit: Susan Shek Photography

Whether you’re taking your damn time and have a year to go before you walk down the aisle or you’ve got a fire under your feet and are less than six months out, you’ll find customized deals exclusively on Last Minute Wed to help you get all the little details in order and within your broke-ass budget. Simply use Last Minute Wed‘s wedding concierge page to specify which wedding professionals you’re in search of and when your big day is and then let them come flocking to you with deals catered to you and your nuptials.

Monika John Photography

Credit: Monika John Photography

Don’t think that just because you’re working on short time you need to sacrifice quality. Last Minute Wed allows amazingly talented professionals to share their unbooked dates so you can work with the very best without spending the very most.

Head on over to Last Minute Wed to check out the deals in your area or connect with vendors to receive your own custom offers.

  • 11/22

    And other yummy treats!

    I detailed our food plan a while back, and if you recall, I was missing a fairly important detail: the total cost. We worked with our caterer to come up with the perfect menu, and we had a general price range of $12-$15 per person. We never had a contract and we didn’t have to pay any sort of deposit. Kinda scary … but we knew we were dealing with really awesome and honest people, so we were okay with it. Basically they were just going to keep track of how much food we went through, and then add it up and we’d pay the total at the end of the evening. Easy peasy.

    So how did it all turn out? Effing amazing! You guys … our food was so legit. It was delicious and fun and fantastic and about 65 other adjectives. Not only did Russel and I love it, but our guests did, too. People were commenting on it all night … and for days and weeks afterward. The final final menu ended up being shredded beef sandwiches, sausages with peppers and onions, corn dogs, french fries, funnel cakes, elephant ears and frozen chocolate-dipped cheesecake. We also had homemade baked beans and Napa cabbage salad, which were prepared by some super awesome and loving family members and friends.

    Rachel's carnival food

    The stands looked so amazing once the sun went down! Bonus!

    Guests pose with Rachel's carnival-themed food

    Our friend Nolan with an elephant ear and cheesecake.

    Guests pose with food from Rachel's carnival-themed wedding

    Funnel cake! Nom nom nom!

    I wish I had more pictures of the deliciousness! Everything was so good.

    So not only was the food the best ever, our caterers were the best, too. They set up the trailers on Thursday, which made for one less thing to worry about the day of the wedding. They also served food from the time dinner started (about 6 p.m.) until 9 p.m. For years I had planned to have late night pizza delivered because I know people get hungry after drinking and dancing for hours, but since they served so late, we didn’t have to. Again, less for us to worry about!

    I’ll be totally honest, as the evening went on and we saw how much food everyone was eating — people were making trip after trip after trip — we were a little scared to settle up. I was prepared for the worst, but when Russel found me afterword and told me our total was a whopping $2,100, I was ecstatic! I can’t say for sure how many guests we ended up having (a few people who said they were coming didn’t show up), but including our vendors I think we fed around 160 people. A little over $13/person for amaaazing food? YES, PLEASE. Literally my only regret is that I didn’t eat more food. I had a sandwich and an order of fries … that’s it! I need a re-do so I can have six helpings of everything.

    Broke-Asses: Have a carnival wedding! And have authentic carnival eats! Your guests, your taste buds and tummy, and your budget will all thank you!

  • 8/5

    Etsy bomobob ferris wheel carnival photograph

    One of the main requirements that Russel and I had when it came to choosing a venue was the ability to choose any caterer/food option we wanted. There were several reasons for this: 1) You can't have a carnival wedding without fun carnival food and I don't think most traditional caterers are down with all fried everything; 2) We knew that a lot of companies…

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    Ring Security Polo Shirt by TheKnottedPalm

    Ring Security Polo Shirt, $22+ by Etsy seller TheKnottedPalm Will your ring bearer be the only security at your wedding? Hey guys, keep your advice questions coming! Dear Lisa, My MIL says I need to hire security for our wedding reception, but I don't really want to pay extra for security and it's a squeeze for our budget, plus I think it would offend our guests. Do…

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    And that's okay! We're a little over two months out from our wedding, so Russel and I decided to check out the progress at our venue this past weekend. It was actually a triple-duty trip to Amish country -- we worked on our invitations, stopped by the fairgrounds, and spent QT with my parents. Our summer has been insanely busy, so we haven't been able…

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  • 6/9

    owning your wedding

    The thing with planning a wedding that gets to a lot of couples is that it feels like there are so. many. decisions. that, in the grand scheme of things, seem pretty inconsequential, but when it comes to the event that is your wedding actually make a big difference. It really is OK to waver back and forth between linen colors and wonder if you should…

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    Etsy TheAngelPaperie These are My People Quote on Canvas

    Quote on Canvas available from Etsy seller TheAngelPaperie I recently re-shared a post I wrote last year about fear-mongering, shaming and budget weddings because I've been noticing a trend that concerns me -- not necessarily among our readers, but more among wedding businesses. Recently on BAB's Facebook page, one of our advertisers was harassed and bullied due to the nature of her business. See, she…

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    Photograph available from Etsy seller StovallPhotography Whelp, BABs. Turns out the hotel contract that I raved about in my previous post got pulled. Last week Monday, I gleefully took my lunch hour to walk up to the hotel to drop our contract off. The hotel was more beautiful than the pictures. The historic look of the hotel would be perfect for our photos. I ended…

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  • 5/3


    Photo available from Etsy seller KevinKlimaPhoto Hotels have been my largest vendor disappointment to date. Last year, I was really excited to learn that a brand new, boutique-style hotel was being built directly across the street from our ceremony location and venue. Couldn’t get much easier than that, right? I knew it would be a bit pricey, but was prepared to shell out some cash…

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