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Affiliate Disclaimer NewA few months ago, we had received some invitation samples from Minted and fell in love with their Delicate Dots design. I loved the extra elegance foil adds, and since we have a relatively short guest list, we decided to splurge on the invitations a little.

We were finally able to get our order in this past weekend, and I can’t wait to receive them! My plan is to get burgundy paper or ribbon to use as bands, wrap some of the same jute string around them as I used for our Save the Dates, then use a wax seal to hold the string in place. We’ll see how DIY I’m feeling, given my overly ambitious Save the Date fiasco. They turned out great, I just spent way more time and effort on them than I had intended.


What’s perfect about this design is the kraft paper pulls in some rustic elements, the gold and lowercase type font feels a little vintage, and the modern calligraphy and gold brings out the industrial elements. I don’t think that you could say our wedding is rustic, or vintage, or industrial — it’s very much a mix of our favorite elements of each. These are a perfect indication of what guests can expect at our wedding, and I love that!

Do you feel like your invitations were a good representation of what guests can expect from your wedding?

  • 6/22

    Affiliate Disclaimer NewDisclaimer: A very easy way to save money = skip save the dates. I know this. Social media makes it super easy to spread the word of your wedding date and location, and wedding websites are an amazing way to keep people informed. As a Broke-Ass, I was obviously looking for ways to cut costs, so we did consider forgoing a save the date. But because we have a fairly large guest list (180+!), and most of them have to travel to attend our wedding, we decided that it was worth it to spend a little dough to make it officially official. Plus, I love getting save the dates! I’ve seen several people say that it just gives invited guests even longer to come up with an excuse to not attend the wedding, but that has never even crossed my mind. To me, it’s a great little peek into what a couple has planned, and I love seeing them on my fridge all cute and happy and filled with love.

    Once Russel and I agreed on sending them, I started thinking of ways to keep it cheap. My mom and I love to craft, so I knew we’d do the bulk of the work. I wanted something carnival-y to really set the tone, so I started looking on Etsy for a printable that I liked. Once I found one that looked like a carnival ticket, I knew it was perfect. Before I contacted the seller, I actually scoured the web for envelopes that were the right size and also a fun color. I wanted pink or aqua, which narrowed my choices considerably. The best option wasn’t quite right, size-wise, but I went ahead and bought them knowing we could change the size of the ticket if need be. Envelopes: check ($21). When I finally contacted the Etsy seller, I asked her if she could adjust the size of the ticket to compensate. It was super simple, and $20 later we had our customized save the date ready to print. It couldn’t have been easier. We took them to Office Max to print, and with the help of a coupon, we paid less than $30 for 150 of our cute little tickets.

    I had to pick up a few other random things, like the giant paper trimmer Russel borrowed from his office, and hot pink gel pens (middle school flashback), and then it was time for a weekend visit at my parent’s house so we could finish them up. The aqua envelopes and pink pens actually looked really great together, but I decided I wanted a little more pop on the front. Using our personalized address stamp, I embossed 100+ envelopes. It took forever, but I am really glad I did it. Apparently people don’t know what embossing is, so when they see it, it looks super fancy and impressive. If you are one of those people — embossing is simple. I stamped the envelope with our address stamp, covered it with embossing powder and then used an embossing gun (an easy to use heat tool) to melt the powder. It becomes shiny and 3D after it cools, which only takes a few seconds. It really does look awesome, though, so I was glad other people appreciated it when they saw it.

    My mom and I sat around trimming tickets, and then cutting the corners with a corner punch. We stuffed the envelopes, and then she addressed all of them by hand with the Gelly Roll pens. I am sure that was the worst part, so shouts out to her for being the best mom ever. The end result was perfect.


    I’d show ya’ll the envelope, but then the entire internets would know my home address. So no. We got these via Etsy seller JKDesignOrlando.

    The trip to the post office for stamps was the most expensive part of our save the dates, which is annoying but also necessary, so what are you gonna do? I actually saved a little, tiny bit on that by hand-delivering as many as possible. Sorry friends, some of you were not worth the cost of a stamp. I love you, though! And your invite will be mailed! Between the customized ticket design, envelopes, printing, gel pens, embossing powder and stamps, I would say we spent about $120.00 total. When I see some of the save the date options online ($$$$), I feel like we did a pretty great job of keeping the cost down. And they are adorable! The response was fantastic, and I’ve even seen a few of the envelopes hanging on fridges right along with the ticket.

    I don’t know what it is about save the dates, but it made everything feel really real. We had been planning behind the scenes, and a lot of people knew the date/theme/location, but once those little guys went out, 180 people were on notice that this shindig is happening and that we wanted them there to help us celebrate the happiest day of our lives. Eeeek!

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    Our first official wedding correspondence is going out in a week or two (as soon as I get around to DIY-ing them) -- our Save the Dates. Everyone we’re close to knows that we’re getting married. It shouldn’t be a secret or surprise to anyone when they arrive in the mail. It’s also not as if our wedding and getting married doesn’t already seem real;…

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    Wedding Paper Divas Warmly Written Save the Date

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  • 8/25


    We love Minted -- we've always loved Minted -- because they have stunningly amazing stationery. But when we got word through a little birdie (in the form of an email from Minted) that they were launching Print-It-Yourself wedding stationery, we kind of died a little (in a good way). Because, you guys, this super affordable option to get the gorgeous designs Minted offers up without spending…

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