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I’ve always been a sucker for details. Little extras. Special additions. Something nice turns into something great with a little extra oomph and as I prepared to send out my formal wedding invitations, I needed that little something extra, so I armed myself with another calligraphy pen, some awesome vintage stamps I purchased on eBay and the sweetest little way to add an extra personal touch: the Epson LabelWorks Ribbon Printer.

calligraphy envelope and Epson LabelWorks printed ribbon

Since there was no inner envelope (hello, extra $$$) in my invitation suite, I was looking for a way to band my enclosure cards together. LabelWorks lets you choose from a buttload of fonts before you add symbols, borders and special characters. The simple script font coordinated well with our invites, but you can go as casual, fun or professional as you want with the choices!

LabelWorks Script Font

The printer works with special cartridges that combine a half-inch ribbon spool with a coordinating color foil for writing. The gold on navy went perfectly with my suite, so after inputting our names and choosing a font and border, I hit print to test it out. The characters filled up about four inches of space and the screen tells you the finished print size when you hit start, but I needed the ribbon to be long enough to wrap around the cards with room to fasten in the back. All I had to do was hit the advance button twice before and after each print before pressing the easy cut button which leaves your ribbon with a nice clean edge. I just used a little craft glue to secure the ribbon and let them dry before stuffing envelopes.

Overall, this machine is incredibly easy to use. You’ll want to grab the instruction book for your first time, but the directions are simple to find and follow. One of my favorite features is the ability to save your work if you need to take a break. Your first design is automatically saved, but if you have multiple uses for the printer, you can switch back and forth with ease!

Epson LabelWorks monitor

The cartridges are a little pricey. A $20 spool yielded 26 ribbons at about eight inches long, so in the end, I chose to wrap the ones being sent to friends and family who would appreciate the extra frill. A short Thank You ribbon for favors will go a lot farther. It may not be a super Broke-Ass way to add a little extra shine, but after hand addressing over 70 envelopes (again!), it sure felt easy, and if you’re a regular crafter like me, it’s a worthwhile investment.

Are you looking for some special personalization to your wedding? What have you tried? Let us know in the comments below!

  • 8/25

    Sponsored Post Disclaimer Minted-wedding-stationery

    We love Minted — we’ve always loved Minted — because they have stunningly amazing stationery. But when we got word through a little birdie (in the form of an email from Minted) that they were launching Print-It-Yourself wedding stationery, we kind of died a little (in a good way). Because, you guys, this super affordable option to get the gorgeous designs Minted offers up without spending a bajillion dollars is totally a Broke-Ass dream come true.


    How’s it work? Well, darling, I’m glad you asked:

    1. Choose a design and plop down the cold hard cash ($50)
    2. Play around! You’ve paid for it, so now you can edit to your heart’s content
    3. Satisfied? Good. Download that sucker (in PDF format)
    4. Get some card stock — your pick but a minimum of 80 lb cover weight paper is best
    5. Print that shizz!

    Uh, easy, right? Right. That’s what we thought, too. Minted’s Print-It-Yourself invitations and RSVP cards take a lot of the hassle — read: cost — out of wedding stationery without sacrificing design and style … because who would want that?


    Speaking of design, because you’re printing these pretties yourself, that also means you pretty much have endless say over the personalized elements you can add to them. Need to get inspired? Minted’s got your back there, too, with this fun DIY idea on their blog.


    Head over to Minted and check out the Print-It-Yourself design options, then come back and tell us which is your favorite in the comments!

  • 8/14

    Soft Bouganvalleas

    Happy Friday, y'all! Whew ... what a week! I can't believe we're already midway through August! With fall peeking its head around the corner, it's the perfect time to ogle gorgeous, shiny foil stamped stationery ... and we're in luck, as it just so happens that Wedding Paper Divas is knocking a cool 30% off their foil stamped pretties + 20% off the rest of…

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    2015-05-02 19.40.53

    As my wedding date comes closer, I decided I should check in with my invitations. I ordered them way back in January, because I got a killer deal at Zazzle through Groupon (and it looks like it's still going!).  I love them, but they are just a flat card, and need some dressing up. I couldn't mat them, because to save money and paper, I…

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    RubyMay Etsy

    For you brides that got engaged over the holidays and are looking at a wedding this summer, you've very likely starting to put your feelers out for invitation styles that you enjoy. As I've sat browsing through some of the new styles this season, I keep finding myself drooling over bright, bold and beautiful designs. Eye-catching jewel tones and simple but striking patterns make a statement…

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  • 2/24

    Nix the Fuss with Send 'n' Seal Invitations from Ann's Bridal Bargains

    A standard invitation suite has a whole helluva lot of components: Outer envelope, inner envelope, the invitation itself, RSVP card, reception card and that random piece of tissue paper that is seemingly v. important ... but no one can figure out its true purpose (poor tissue paper). And each one of those components costs money -- which is how invitations to your truly amazing, but…

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    How 'bout some freebies this Wednesday, BABs? To celebrate their recent launch, Hoopla House is sharing free printable downloads with you guys (find the first set of printables here) —but it’s not that simple, because why would it be? Nope. The printables include favor tags, Mr. & Mrs. signs, bridal shower bingo, “Will You Be My Bridesmaid?” cards and blank banners that are awesome for “Thank You!” or…

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    Wedding Paper Divas Deep Romance Save the Date

    Ready for your weekly roundup of sales and deals? Dig in, BABs! 1. Ready to announce your wedding date? Wedding Paper Divas is taking up to 20% off Save the Date orders with code DATEJAN20. The simple, bold design of the Deep Romance save the date is totally gorgeous. 2. Fab is having a rare flash sale, with 30% off furniture until tomorrow. 3. Need some…

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  • 12/9

    Hello! Sorry I've been a little quiet, am-dram life took over for a while and wedding stuff just had to go on hold! But, now I'm back and starting to pick things again. Time is flying...eek! With just under a year to go to our wedding, we've now handed out (most of) our Save The Dates! This is one thing that brides can go ker-azzzy…

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