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If the new year brought you a new big step in your relationship, congratulations! We’re so happy to have you! As you jump into the world of wedding planning, know that it’s totally normal and very much ok to be feeling a little … overwhelmed about where to start, to say the least.


If your head is feeling like a giant cloud full of tulle and fondant at the moment, take a deep breath, smile and remind yourself that this is going to be great. Then, take a look at our suggestions to get you on the right track to a sane, prioritized planning process.

Focus on the big picture.

Take some time to think about what your wedding *feels* like. Is it a big, backyard bash with all of your favorite people? Maybe an intimate cocktail party with your closest family a friends? Make sure to have open conversations with your partner about this so you can suss out any areas you’ll potentially need to compromise. Thinking about the overall size of your wedding helps with other big decisions like the venue and budget.

Identify YOUR priorities and where you’re willing to splurge.

Maybe you know exactly what you want to wear or have long dreamed of a specific venue. It could be that you really want to hire that band you saw together on a special date. If there are big ticket items that you know you’ll regret not having as a part of your day, pick them out, write them down and look into what it will cost, then start building your budget around that. It may mean spending less on other areas, but making room for the things you both want is worth it!

Check out venues and build from there.

Even if you don’t feel like the venue is the most important choice you’ll make, it’s still a good place to start. Reserving a venue secures your date and having a date allows you to book all of the other vendors you want. Venues are also likely to have rules that could end up being a deciding factor on other vendors or elements you want to include. Things like sparklers, including pets in your ceremony and pretty much anything that includes an open flame may be a no-go. It’s up to you whether the location is worth sacrificing something you wanted to have in your wedding.

Don’t put too much stock in checklists.

Timelines and checklists can be great at keeping you organized and helping you plan how to space out big purchases, but they’re not the end-all-be-all of wedding planning. If you’re the type of person who starts the day by making a to-do list, by all means, find one that fits you! Just don’t brand yourself a failure if your stationery isn’t chosen six months out. If you feel confident about a purchase at a time a great deal comes up, think of it as meant to be, regardless of whether or not a checklist tells you it’s “time.”

Above all, trust yourself and your partner because this is going to be a fun ride! Don’t be afraid to ask for help or advice and find your favorite ways to share your love story.

Are you having a hard time figuring out the next step to take in your wedding planning? Let us know what has you stumped in the comments below!

  • 12/19

    diy real wedding

    Credit: Juniper Photography

    I’m sure many people have ideas about how they want their weddings to be even before they start planning them. Maybe they know for sure they want to get married on the beach, or they’ve always known they would wear a family heirloom that has been passed down for generations. I had ideas like that too — my matrimonial must-haves, if you will. One was that I wanted to get married outdoors. I knew that I wanted to look really, really hot in my dress (I know! SO WEIRD, right?). I also knew that I wanted a smaller wedding, with just close family and friends.

    I have attended smaller weddings in the past and appreciated how much more time I got to spend with the bride and groom. I had also been to larger weddings where the extent of the interaction that I had with the happy couple was a quick “Hey! Congratulations!” before they got swept back up in all of it. For me, I really want to be able to have enough time to see everyone, and do all the fun wedding things, if thats possible.

    For some couples, this may not be doable — they may have a very close, large extended family. However, for us, it wasn’t an issue. The degrees of removal from our extended family had natural borders: We invited aunts and uncles and cousins, but nobody necessarily expected inviting second cousins. When we chose our venue, we chose one with a maximum capacity of 75. We had run the numbers prior, and knew with that limit we could just accommodate all of our close family and close friends, and we would save a lot of money having a smaller guest list.

    However, our engagement coincided with a move to a new city, and in the last year we’ve begun to make some new friends. We are now realizing it would be really nice to include these people in our celebration, but 75 is beginning to feel a little snug. We’ve already sent save-the-dates back in September, and there’s nobody we want to take off the list. We don’t want to risk inviting more people than we can actually hold, in case everyone actually RSVPs “yes.”

    Our safest bet will probably, unfortunately, involve having a conversation with our new friends that we made the list before we got to know them well. It will be a bummer, but it won’t be the end of the world, surely they will understand. We will plan a fun night out with them in lieu. 

    Take note, BABs. Give yourself extra wiggle room with your g-list. The time between booking the venue and when the invites go out might be a long time, and in that time, new people may come into your life! 

  • 12/12


    So the wedding registry process is NO JOKE!  So many options and so much advice, not to mention I need to select things that I think I will like -- rather love -- for a long time ... seriously?! Thank goodness I have a fiance who has an appreciation for the finer things in life and was down to join me at a couple of…

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    Cyber Monday Deals for Your Wedding

    Happy Monday, darlings! I hope you all had a great, restful Turkey weekend. As per usual, the holiday shopping has been kicked into high gear, and since finding a killer bargain is essential to any Broke-Ass wedding, I'd be remiss if I neglected to share these awesome Cyber Monday deals with you. Since Black Friday was a mashup of all the things, Cyber Monday's deals are concentrated…

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    Brides planning their own wedding often get inspiration from wedding-related shows and movies. You can check out a number of different wedding shows in order to learn some helpful tips, gain some insight into the industry, and even help decide your own theme, dress style, color scheme, and other wedding choices. There are 5 main wedding shows to watch that will inspire your dream day.…

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  • 11/2

    BlissPaperBoutique Printable Envelope Template

    Howdy my fellow Broke-Asses! Envelope template available from Etsy seller BlissPaperBoutique It's official, we are officially getting married. I just dropped off the Save the Dates at the post office. With a huge wink and promise of future cookies to the post master, he lovingly hand-cancelled each of my postcards. I feel like a mother bird watching all my fledglings leaving the nest. Who knew…

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    dinosaur centerpieces

    Weddings -- planning them, paying for them, putting them on -- are kind of an ordeal. Even the simplest of soirees can have a lot of moving parts and when those parts get to rolling, the unsolicited advice starts coming in. Seriously: death, taxes, unsolicited wedding advice. Plenty of people out there have already explained that it's important not to take these opinions (or thinly veiled…

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    Cash Wallet by BlackArrowStudio

    Cash Wallet, $56 by Etsy seller BlackArrowStudio I've been wracking my brain to come up with some truly epic wedding advice for you, BABs. This being my last advice post for The Broke-Ass Bride for the moment, I'm feeling some (self-imposed) pressure to get it right! 😉 I hope you enjoy it, and remember that you can always reply in the comments or email BAB directly…

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  • 10/4

    Real Bride Ciji's bridesmaid flower arrangement

    I’m 75 days into the happiest time of my life. I’m floating on Cloud 9, the new accessory on my left finger continues to sparkle and the engagement glow is bright, everything is just as I imagined it and I am itching to plan the wedding of my dreams. There’s just one small challenge ... the budget! Professionally, I have planned thousands of events for…

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