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I’ve been wracking my brain to come up with some truly epic wedding advice for you, BABs. This being my last advice post for The Broke-Ass Bride for the moment, I’m feeling some (self-imposed) pressure to get it right! 😉 I hope you enjoy it, and remember that you can always reply in the comments or email BAB directly with your questions.

It’s been my honor and pleasure to write for The Broke-Ass Bride and to answer your wedding planning questions and concerns, and I hope to bump into some of you out there in Weddingland! 😀 For now, I leave you with good vibes, best wishes for a happy wedding and marriage, and the following final tips:

Talk About Money

We talk a lot about gowns (yay!) and reception food (NOM) and pretty little details (:swoon:) during wedding planning. We talk about all the feels. And we talk about savvy ways to save on wedding expenses. But today my advice is to talk about the much bigger money picture with your partner. The wedding can be a yuuuuuuuge expense, to be sure, but how you navigate expenses going forward into your marriage is also kind of a big deal. We’ve all heard that money is one of the things married couples fight about most often, so raising the topic sooner than later will set you up for success. Do you have debts? What are your spending habits like? How do you budget for expenses? Will any of that change when you’re married? Will you share accounts, or keep them separate? How will you divide expenses? Do you expect to discuss all major expenses together, or will you make those decisions independently? Who will manage the bills? All of these questions — and more — are important to talk about with your partner, and if you’re paying in full or part for your wedding you may want to start talking about it now. Once you can come up for air in the wedding planning department, schedule a budget planning party with your partner, and hash out what your post-wedding budget will look like.

Save For Your Future

Leading up to the marriage there’s a lot of spending: buying things for the wedding, buying things for your home together, and maybe even buying things for a baby (or furbaby!) on the way. #ProTip: Don’t forget to also save. As soon as the two of you have figured out how you’ll tackle expenses and shared (or not) accounts (see above), it’s time to come up with a plan to save for your future — for medical bills, vacations, retirement, school tuition for yourselves or kids, a new house, etc. Have fun dreaming up a future together, then create special accounts where you’ll sock away money toward those dreams. You’ll be surprised how quickly the spare change adds up!

Invest In The Marriage

Once upon a time, marriages were transactions about money or power. We’re lucky to live in a time (and place) when love and choice reign, and partners are chosen for compatibility and companionship, when we get to marry our best friend and the person who just gets us. My parting wish for you is that you invest not necessarily money, but your time, care, and attention in your marriage, and in nurturing your partner, and your partnership. Because BABs, your marriage is worth way more than the wedding. ❤️

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– Party on!


Planning a wedding in Northeast Ohio? Here’s where you can find me for wedding planning assistance.

  • 10/4

    I’m 75 days into the happiest time of my life. I’m floating on Cloud 9, the new accessory on my left finger continues to sparkle and the engagement glow is bright, everything is just as I imagined it and I am itching to plan the wedding of my dreams. There’s just one small challenge … the budget!

    Professionally, I have planned thousands of events for many major brands. I am the go-to friend that plans every surprise birthday party, baby shower and bachelorette party. If a celebration is in order, I have probably planned it. The beauty in all of this experience is that I know how to plan one H-E-double-hockey-sticks of a party … oh and spend other people’s money.

    You would think that with all of this experience, wedding planning would be a no brainer. I have my checklist, I have my Pinterest board and most of all I have the love of my life by my side; what more could I possibly need? Simple answer: MONEY!

    Having the answer is only part of the solution. Making sense of how the budget will affect your peace of “planning” mind is the other part of the solution. My job here is to keep you sane, follow the three “Bs” below as you map out your wedding budget

    Be honest, with yourself, your fiancé and your family. Before you get your heart set on the perfect (overpriced) venue, share your vision with your family and allow them the opportunity to weigh in if they are able to provide financial support. Trust me; it’s better to know what you have in the bank before you start to work with vendors.

    Be intentional. Of course I selected my favorite girlfriends to stand by my side, when I wear the title of bride.I hand-picked each of them because of our special bond and their DIY skills. Some will help to design the bouquets, others will assemble the favors and a couple will be in charge of pizza ordering and keeping the wine glasses full at the DIY party! One of my fabulous bridesmaids has recently developed a knack for designing floral arrangements.  I hit the jackpot!

    Real Bride Ciji's bridesmaid flower arrangement

    Photo Credit:

    Be willing, to stretch out of your comfort zone. I HATE personal budget plans and my idea of a fun Friday night is not staring at an Excel sheet and monitoring a budget. The upside is that once you have the budget squared away, the plan in place and the DIY party on the calendar you are ready to plan the BEST.DAY.EVER.

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