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So you’re planning a wedding.

Duh. You’re here.

It’s a little overwhelming sometimes, isn’t it? Chances are, this is your first merry-go-round and you’re kinda sorta just learning as you’re going. And man, that can be tough. You probably had to wade through one of those big ol’ websites that have ALL the information, and then you probably narrowed down your specifications by budget, aesthetics, ideas … and somewhere in all that Google-fu, you landed on The Broke-Ass Bride. Yay! So you’re getting some awesome tips on how to have a badass wedding on a broke-ass budget. I’m here for you.

So here for you, in fact, that I’ve got another tip for you: If you haven’t found your photographer yet, get thee over to Photographer Central. The super pretty, super new website is a registration-free (yay! No random emails! No extra password to remember!) database of shutterbugs, searchable by style (portrait, plants, kids, weddings, etc.) and location, then can be further narrowed down by style, price, distance and then some.

Screen Shot 2014-08-09 at 5.08.07 PM

Guys, seriously? This is great. If you tried to run these kinds of criteria through a search engine, you’d have to wade through a holy mass of websites to maybe find what you want.

By the way, when I said “registration-free” I really meant ALL THE WAY free. Like, FREE-99, yo. It costs you exactly zero, zip, zilch to use this site and find the photog who will be snapping away on your wedding day. And you don’t have to click all over the place to try to find relevant photos that show off their styles — because rather than itty bitty thumbnails, Photographer Central‘s interface displays the sample images front ‘n’ center. BOOM.

Screen Shot 2014-08-09 at 5.52.51 PM

You can save your favorites for later reference, suss out minimum coverage prices and get other key information, including contact deets, and compare all the pertinents. Ya dig?

Wedding planning doesn’t have to cost a ton of money or be uber complicated. Photographer Central knows this. Check ’em out, and keep up on Facebook and Twitter.

  • 10/15

    Hey newlyweds! Congratulations! Your wedding is finished, you survived the big day and now you’re ogling all your gorgeous photos and reveling in the memories of your fantastic party, full of heartfelt moments and sweet shenanigans. But what are you going to do with all those gorgeous moments caught on camera? And as for all you soon-to-be-weds, how would you like a sweet-ass deal on a fabulous keepsake that does double duty as home decor?

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    65% off 16x20 photo canvases. $45 includes shipping!

    Head on over to Canvas on Demand and enter the code FTSGEK9S7UWRE5K to snag this amazing deal and get those beautiful moments from your big day on display in a beautiful way. Or just print whatever photos make you happy! Or give a gift! The holidays ARE right around the corner… *cough*

    But you didn’t think that was all, did you? No, friends, we’re better enablers than that! We’re giving away one free 16″ x 20″ canvas to a lucky BAB reader!

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  • 7/11

    Editor's note: Our little Carrie is MARRIED, y'all! She just returned from her honeymoon, and we're giving her a little time to bask in newlywed-dom, but she wanted to pop in and share the good news with our fabulous readers! Join us in wishing her a hearty congrats! Greetings from married life, BABs!  I want to wait for our professional photos to come back before…

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    Editor's Note: Today, Carrie is dishing about the wedding photographer that made her change her mind about hiring a pro. I just wanted to take this opportunity to shout this from the rooftops - a professional wedding photographer is ALWAYS worth the splurge. (You'll notice I said a "professional" wedding photographer. While hiring a newbie or handing the task over your cousin Buzz might save…

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    The big day has come and gone, and now you have a number of beautiful photographs just sitting on your hard drive or a cd...what to do with them? Why not go digital with a tablet photo album from Star Wedding Albums? Star Wedding Albums takes the photos you provide and turns them into a beautiful digital album, the files of which you can have…

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  • 8/21

    We just introduced you to our new sponsor, Wedding Republic, a couple of weeks ago. Now they're back and they've teamed up with Blurb to bring you a ballin' giveaway. One slammin' couple is going to be lucky enough to score a free wedding photo book when they submit their favorite engagement photo. HUZZAH! What's at stake, you ask? Well BABs, Blurb is throwing one wedding photo book…

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    You might've noticed that matting and framing your photos isn't cheap - and it's definitely not always within a broke-ass budget. If you ponied up the cash for snazzy engagement photos, and you need a simple yet elegant way to display them at your wedding, or forever after, check out The Perfect Card Box! Your favorite photos can double as fabulous wedding centerpieces or bridal…

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    Full disclosure: I was that girl. You know, that girl whom, after a number of years of dating/cohabitating, becomes a dreadful nag about engagement. To be clear: I wasn't the girl who cared about what "people" would think if we didn't, or about Holy Ceremony, or even about the diamond. I was the girl who wanted to throw a terrific party to celebrate her overflowing love…

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  • 6/24

    Back in March, I won a free engagement session contest for Best Proposal from Kelly Lynn Photography.... which I found out about on the Weddingbee boards! Kelly was great at making us feel cute and comfortable, and we had a great time shooting with her. But honestly, doing an engagement shoot is just so fun! You get all dressed up.... special make-up**, hot outfits, and…

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