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Now that we’re past the holidays, and the New Year, I feel like I can hit the ground running. Our wedding is in nine months! In the last week, we’ve finalized paper choices for our DIY save the dates, completed our registry and hired a photographer.

Let’s talk about wedding photography for a moment, shall we?

One of my largest struggles throughout this process has been finding a photographer. Wedding photography prices are simply through the roof. I come from a service-based industry — I understand the value in a service and what a challenge it is to convince someone you’re worth a particular amount of money. I also understand that wedding photography is a luxury item. I was surprised, however, at the lack of photographers who offer no lower cost options at all. My assumption is that the whole day is shot (har, har) whether they have booked three hours or 10 hours, so they simply don’t offer three hours, which, from a financial standpoint, makes absolute sense.

From (a nightmare) bridal show to online inquiries, photographers in my area were providing pricing for their lowest cost packages in the $1400 range. It was discouraging. I started kicking around the idea of reaching out to the local art college to see if any photography seniors would be interested in shooting our wedding, even though I knew that wasn’t what I wanted. I was at a loss for what to do.

Everyone wants nice pictures from their wedding. Long after your flowers have died and your dress has yellowed, your pictures will still exist in a nice frame in your house, or on your desk. I didn’t want to be disappointed by bad composition, bad lighting or bad timing each time I glance at our wedding photo.

We had a pretty specific type of photographer in mind which narrowed the field even more. Not only are we looking for someone reasonably priced (a.k.a. within our budget or at least in the ballpark), but also someone who deviated a bit from traditional wedding photography. When it comes down to it, we both hate having our picture taken. We want the posed shots kept to a bare minimum and a photographer with enough experience and artistic talent to take it upon themselves to creatively capture moments in time.

That’s what wedding photography is, after all, isn’t it? You’re capturing priceless and fleeting moments in time from the best day of your life. It’s an important thing.

Lo and behold, after a few months of discouraging searching and procrastinating, I came across Big Sky Photo. I don’t remember how, or from what Google search or website. Not only was he probably one of the friendliest guys you’ll ever meet, but the photos he brought that weren’t posted to his website or Facebook page were so well composed, artistically thought out and exactly what we were looking for.

I was so relieved when we left. This has been the biggest struggle for me so far; not my dress, not the venue. The photographer.

How have other BABs handled to steep cost of wedding photography?

  • 6/9

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  • 12/23

    BAB contributor Peach wrote a really raw post last week about not loving ... or even really liking her wedding photos. This week, she gets over it, but it's a little bit of a process. For very real reasons. So why the freaking out?  Two reasons. First, there are just so damn many pictures of me. Not odd in the big picture (pun intended). But for…

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    ** This post is brought to you by our friends over at Autographer. How 'bout a whole new perspective on your wedding day ... like, literally? Autographer, who makes rad hands-free cameras that are mountable, clippable and wearable and operate on a long-life battery, is having a huge contest. Like, huge y'all. Like, help-you-with-your-photography huge (and there might be a trip in there, too). See,…

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    Coming up with a meaningful wedding ceremony from scratch proved to be quite the challenge!  We ended up using many sources...traditional Christian ceremonies, literature we both loved, inspiration from wedding blogs, and my amazing Grandfather/officiant.  In the end, I'm so so so happy with how personal and emotional our ceremony was!  Here are a few highlights! We used "Sigh No More" by Mumford and Sons…

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  • 1/17

    Wedding photography is so important; it's one of the few things you'll be able to keep after the big day is over. But fitting a quality photographer into your broke-ass budget can be a challenge, especially in a major metro area. Luckily, LA Budget Wedding Photographer has your back! LA Budget Wedding Photographer operates under the principle that being on a budget is no excuse…

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    I wish we could say that we woke up refreshed and well-rested the day of our wedding, but what couple ever does?  The stress and work of the week prior, plus the "catching up with old friends" shenanigans of the night before led to not the best sleeping conditions.  But, on the morning of June 15, who cared?  We sure didn't!  It was our wedding…

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    Hey newlyweds! Congratulations! Your wedding is finished, you survived the big day and now you're ogling all your gorgeous photos and reveling in the memories of your fantastic party, full of heartfelt moments and sweet shenanigans. But what are you going to do with all those gorgeous moments caught on camera? And as for all you soon-to-be-weds, how would you like a sweet-ass deal on…

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  • 8/28

    Bringing personality to a wedding while still keeping costs low  is a challenge all couples face. Etan and Megan added a great amount of character to their celebration with lots of DIY décor, and a group of people willing to dig in their heels and help this self described “bookish” couple. This Los Angeles duo focused on celebrating what they absolutely loved without going overboard.…

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